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photo Andrew and Esther Schaeffer

  • Burkina Faso flag Serving in Burkina Faso

photo Jason and Erica Linscombe

  • France flag Serving in France

photo Michael and Lia Strand

  • Bosnia flag Serving in Bosnia

photo Bob and Joy Brougher

  • Paraguay flag Serving in Paraguay

photo Todd and Danielle Jorgenson

  • Cambodia flag Serving in Cambodia

photo Tim and Marilyn Westergren

  • Spain flag Serving in Spain

photo Raymond and Mary Ebbett

  • Spain flag Serving in Spain

photo Barry and Terry Newman

  • Gabon flag Serving in Gabon

photo Zac and Julie Stutler

  • Dominican Republic flag Serving in Dominican Republic

photo Tony and Raeni Roos

  • France flag Serving in France

photo Donald and Rachel Kramer

  • Taiwan flag Serving in Taiwan

photo Val McLoughlin

  • Germany flag Serving in Germany

photo Jose and Sonia Martinez

  • Spain flag Serving in Spain


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