The Alliance Arts Festival
Council 2023, Spokane

What is the Alliance Arts Festival?

The Alliance Arts Festival exists to glorify Christ, to celebrate and elevate the arts in our movement, and to foster community among its creatives. We believe that God’s Creation was the first work of art. Being made in His image, our creation reflects the Creator and is an expression of worship. We recognize the arts as a part of our heritage in the Alliance, and desire to value them in our movement. We believe that that a strong, Christ-centered creative community has the potential to transform our culture. For these reasons, we invite you to join us for The Alliance Arts Festival at Council 2023 in Spokane!

There is no theme requirement, but as a festival that desires to highlight the arts as worship, entrants will be asked to describe (in writing) how their work is an act of worship. Entries are not required to be expressly evangelistic in nature but must be God-honoring. Categories for entry are cinematic, visual, and language arts—detailed category descriptions and requirements are included below.

Participants must attend an Alliance church, or currently be enrolled in or working at an Alliance-affiliated school. Presence is not required at Council 2023 for participation. Submissions will be accepted between February 1 and April 7, 2023. To qualify, all works must have been completed after May 2021 (the date of the previous Alliance Council). Entries may be disqualified if judges deem the work to be vulgar in nature or contrary to the spirit of the festival.

The cost per submission is $15. Multiple submissions may be entered.

Entry is not a guarantee of inclusion in the festival. Finalists will be notified, and their work will be displayed at Council 2023 in Spokane, Washington. The top three submissions from each category will be promoted in the July/August issue of Alliance Life and on social media.


Cinematic Arts

Films of various categories, including but not limited to: fictional/narrative short film, non-fiction/short documentary, conceptual, music video, and animation

Entries can be no more than seven minutes in length and can be submitted in any language. English in-frame captions will be required for non-English submissions. Films must have a minimum resolution of 1080p, landscape or portrait, and must be encoded in .mp4 or .mov formats. All music and other non-original/copyrighted material (images, videos, etc.) used in entries must be properly licensed and credited at the end of the film.


Visual Arts

Photography, mixed media, illustration, painting, drawing, and other works of 2-dimensional art

Entries must be submitted in high-quality .jpeg/.jpg formats with a minimum resolution of 2400 x 3000 pixels (300 ppi @ 8×10 inches). Other dimensions are acceptable but must be of equal or greater resolution.


Language Arts

Poetry, short stories (2,000 or fewer words), and other written or spoken word submissions

Written entries can be submitted as text files (MS WORD preferred). Spoken word entries can be submitted in audio (.mp3, .m4v, .wav) or video (.mp4, .mov) formats. Music and/or other non-original/copyrighted material (images, videos, etc.) used in spoken word entries must be properly licensed and credited at the end of the film.

Submissions Now Open

Deadline for submission is April 7, 2023.

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