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Name of Church: Lancaster Alliance Church Church location description: LAC is a growing Alliance Church with a passion to reach people for Christ. Lancaster Alliance Church is located in the city limits of Lancaster with many unique amenities and opportunities. There are several music attractions within the community including Sight and Sound, American Music Theater, Servant Stage, and four dinner theaters. Music is a big part of the community. Join a pastoral team of three others and a support staff of ten in serving the Lord in a church that places high value in being a multi-generational congregation. Lancaster is a city of 60,000 in the center of a county made up of 250,000 people. Tourism continues to be a major influence on the area. There is a strong arts and music community as well as the home of Franklin and Marshall College, Millersville University, Lancaster Bible College, and The Art Institute. A minor league baseball team, the Barnstormers, makes their home here as well. Major industries including Kelloggs Cereals, Nissan Asian Food, Mrs. Paul Frozen Foods, Hershey Foods, Utz Chips, Herrs' Snack Foods and Rich Food Productions are located in the county. Title of job position: Pastor of Connection and Worship Full/part-time: Full Time Position Contact: Send cover letter and resume to: Purpose The primary responsibility of this individual is to give general oversight to Lancaster Alliance Church’s connection initiatives as well as worship ministries. This role also requires investment in personal spiritual formation and focused discipleship of volunteers (small group leaders and guest services), staff leadership, leader multiplication, and volunteer mobilization. This position requires a team-oriented individual. This position is considered full-time exempt. Qualifications • Must evidence a mature spiritual life and patterns of growth and discipline consistent with a leader in the church as required by the scriptural instruction. • Must be (or commit to becoming) a licensed worker in the Christian & Missionary Alliance and be in convictional agreement with the Christian & Missionary Alliance confession and mission. • Must have educational preparation and training consistent with the role being assumed with a pattern of ongoing learning and enrichment in their area of expertise. This would mean the candidate will have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field of study. • Minimum of 5 years of effective ministry experience in worship ministries as part of a multiple staff church preferred. • Must be willing to align with the current direction of the LAC and be supportive of the vision and direction of the current leadership. • Must have a passion for and an ability to relate well to the cross-section of congregants. • Must have the ability to recruit, equip, and lead an adult volunteer staff. • Must be committed to incorporating the gospel into the worship and connection ministries of the church as well as contribute to the overall ministry of the church. • Must show evidence of a strong marriage relationship and a healthy dynamic with their children, if applicable. Responsibilities • Actively recruit and provide training for both paid and volunteer staff in applicable ministries. • Establish a yearly ministry calendar and budget. • Shall oversee the coordination, scheduling, and managing of people and resources related to applicable ministries. • Lead in the development of a sense of community within the ministry that is welcoming, but also willing to call people to accountability for their spiritual growth and development. Worship Ministries • Have general oversight of Worship Ministries to include the planning of services, musical selection, choirs, ensembles, media, technology, drama, and worship dance. • Design Sunday morning worship services according to the following directives: o A blend of hymns and contemporary worship songs o Consistent with LAC beliefs and values o A production level that is predominantly measured by maximum participation o Integrated with pastor’s message/topic as applicable • Provide leadership to the praise team by: o Ensuring musical/vocal quality in services o Managing the appropriate budget lines as assigned o Leading effective and efficient rehearsal times o Facilitating rotations (praise teams, choirs, brass, etc.) that ensure maximum participation o Providing pathways for congregational members to join Worship Ministries • Provide support and musical leadership to: o Christmas programs o Easter programs o Other special events • Shall aid in the coordination of the scheduling and communication of weekly Sunday services and special emphasis services: Missions focus, missions trips commissioning, special announcements from outside ministries, baptism, communion, testimonials, etc. • Shall supervise the organization and maintenance of the music libraries. Connection Ministries • Shall provide oversight of the assimilation of people into the LAC community by: o Giving leadership to the team of people devoted to greeting and welcoming people on Sundays o Coordinating with those responsible for small group ministries so that new people can be connected o Coordinating assimilation events such as LAC’s “Discover & Connect” event o Overseeing the production and distribution of pertinent literature to the assimilation of new people • Shall provide oversight of the first responders' ministries • Shall provide oversight to the home group ministries of the church • Shall coordinate appropriate annual special events for the sake of relational connection LAC Team • Partner with the A/V tech ministries team leader • Be considered a part of the Pastoral Leadership Team contributing to the overall direction of the church in cooperation with other staff members • Meet weekly with the Lead Pastor to pray and set direction for connection and worship ministries • Assist with weddings, funerals, hospital or home visitation, and other pastoral duties as required within the church staff and their responsibilities • Provide peer input in our efforts to integrate and cooperate with the other age defined ministries within the church • Relate well to non-believers and seekers and enter discipleship with them as well as long time believers • Assume other duties as requested Accountability • The Connection and Worship Ministries Pastor reports to the Lead Pastor and is accountable to the Eastern PA District Superintendent and to the Church Leadership Team through the Lead Pastor • Shall participate in an annual review by the Lead Pastor • Shall submit written reports as requested Requirements/qualifications: College education Compensation type: Salaried. A parsonage is provided as part of the compensation. The ideal candidate must love the Lord wholeheartedly. With a strong Biblical foundation, this Pastor would need strong people and organizational skills. Three to five years of experience is desirable as the ministry is large and growing. Working with ministry teams is a plus. Church information Church size: 630 Church history: The church celebrated its 125th anniversary as an Alliance Church three years ago. The church was started as the result of a family who was healed at special meetings held in New York City. Many missionaries have been commissioned out of the church over the years and international missions remain a vital part of the church. Church ministry style: LAC enjoys a blended worship style. Youth ministry is divided by a 56 group of grades five and six, middle school and high school groups. The youth pastor has general oversight of all youth ministries and would work with a volunteer staff of 12. Currently, there is a part-time administrative assistant working in youth ministry. Church vision: Lancaster Alliance Church exists to lead an increasing number of people to the life-transforming work of Jesus locally and around the world; this mission encompasses three core values that find their source in God’s unchanging word: Exalting, Engaging, and Empowering. The Pastor of Connection and Worship would play a vital role in connecting people to the truth of Jesus and to move forward in using their gifts in serving the Lord. Church ministry style: LAC has a blended style of worship that utilizes vocalists and instrumentalists. Working as a team is a high priority. Special groups of musicians, senior adult vocalists, youth vocalists help to make up a variety of music styles that are presented in the public services. Biblical preaching is the priority in the services as the teams work to emphasize a unified theme for each service. The volunteer base is large and leadership is critical to maintain and direct the numerous volunteers in the Connection and Worship areas.


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