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Where We Are: Watertown, SD Current Attendance: about 55 Overview: We aspire to be a committed community of believers who are humbly growing together to be witnesses (Acts 1:8) in our community. We do this by studying God’s Word and praying for and serving each other, the Church and those who don’t know Jesus yet. In this way, we hope to equip all in our local church body to understand and use their God-given gifts (2 Tim 3:16-17, 1 Cor 12:21-30) in fulfilling the Great Commission through their Christian walk. We desire that this would manifest God’s love in our community, nation and world and would draw others into the Body. Worship services: Our worship teams are careful to inspire thoughtful, reflective worship and not to be the center of attention and distract from the Object of our worship. Our church worship space (sanctuary) has rows of chairs in the front and large tables in the back. This facilitates our inter-generational approach and opens opportunities to talk to others with whom one may not normally connect. The tables make it easier for families with small children. Equipping: The Bridge focuses on the Word so that we do our part to “thoroughly [equip] for every good work.” To that end, we have a regular Sunday morning Bible study and periodically have home-based small groups. Attendance/interest in these varies. We want to get more of our regular attenders involved in regular Bible study (something like 20% of regular worshipers also attend at least one Bible study). Outreach: Until recently, the Bridge offered a single parent study periodically. This was to offer Biblical help in the challenges of single parenting and to build relationships between church attenders and the single parents. While we still hope that these parents would choose to worship with us, our primary expectation is that God would lead these parents to Himself. Other outreach efforts have included providing car maintenance and repairs for single moms, doing yard work, helping people move to a new house sharing garden produce with the church, surrounding businesses, and a nearby women’s shelter. We hope this makes us more winsome and opens the doors toward relationships through which we can help lead people to Christ. Sometimes, evangelical churches in Watertown cooperate in outreach and try to keep each other informed about needs and events of interest to Christians in the community. Prayer: In addition to prayer time during the worship service, we support each other in prayer throughout the week. One of our members compiles local, national, and international prayer requests weekly and sends them out. Many of our regular (and some not-so-regular) attenders contact her during the week with urgent prayer concerns that she forwards. We have weekly prayer meetings. Growth: We welcome numerical growth, but not at the expense of spiritual growth. As we grow in size, we also want to be careful that we don’t become impersonal. We were seeing slow growth until COVID and our previous pastor’s departure to the mission field. Church staff: We don’t have an administrative assistant, but we are open to hiring staff/interns as God leads and provides. We involve the leadership team and other members in some of the tasks of caring for the church facilities and other business. What we are looking for in a pastor: Minimum Education Level: BA or BS with some Bible/theology training from an orthodox Christian institution Preferred Education Level: Seminary/grad school Strengths: -Preach and teach the Word of God expositorily in a way that all levels of spiritual maturity can understand. -Devoted to prayer -Collaboratively, with other church elders and leadership team, further develop the Bridge’s vision and direction -Help clarify our strengths and weaknesses and reasonable areas on which to focus -Provide pastoral care to include pastoral counseling and visitation -Exhort us toward being well-equipped for effective outreach and evangelism -Approachable/seeks to relate to all generations and people from all economic/societal backgrounds -Help us enhance rich multi-generational fellowship, particularly with families with small children. -Intentionally approaches coaching, mentoring and equipping leaders within the body -Supports missions from local to foreign -Desire, ability and discernment to work with other evangelical churches -Administratively capable enough to be the church’s only employee. Non-Strengths: � Doesn’t need to be a musician � Doesn’t have to be a youth pastor � Doesn’t have to manage multiple church employees Family: Married; wife/family free to use gifts. Must Have: Previous pastoral moves free of regret and unresolved problems.


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