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North Central District C&MA

PURPOSE To foster genuine appreciation, submission, and wonder for Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To oversee and facilitate musical praise and worship at special events and our Sunday Service. To ensure that the correct individuals are being developed and deployed into the worship ministry at the local church. To develop and deploy new team leaders and teams for corporate gatherings. To ensure worship at all the gatherings of the local church complies with copyright laws. To introduce new songs regularly into the congregation. To pursue the highest musical, visual, and audio quality possible for our corporate gatherings. TASKS The Local Church Beliefs -Develop music sets that deepen our understanding and expression of our beliefs. -Discern which songs express Biblical truth and musically convey that truth appropriately. -Know and disciple each individual team leader and be aware of their personal worship leading beliefs, practices, and abilities as they relate to the developing the beliefs of the local church. Music Leading -Responsible to lead others in worship by singing clearly and within a comfortable range. -Responsible to lead the worship musically with an instrument (preferably piano or guitar). -Responsible for rehearsal, sound checks, and final performance of worship team. Worship Teams -Responsible for the selection, development and deployment of new team leaders and teams for Sunday worship services. -Responsible for pastoring team leaders. -Responsible for including people by plugging them into appropriate ministries. Song Selection -Responsible for weekly gathering's worship song selections. -Responsible for introducing new songs. -Responsible for updating and distributing worship song resources, tools and support information/systems. -Responsible for complying with all copyright laws. Attend Weekly Staff Meeting A/V -Responsible for sound system. -Responsible for Computer Video Projection. -Responsible for A/V technicians. -Responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of our piano and other musical/audio/visual equipment (tuning, cleaning, organization, updating, etc.). -Responsible for keeping a prioritized and updated list for the Lead Pastor with prices of music supplies and equipment to be purchased. -Assisting with the live-streaming of church events. Worship Department Finances -Responsible for financial oversight and operation of the sound system, worship team equipment, worship training materials, and worship conferences, as approved by the Lead Pastor. -Responsible for developing a yearly budget for the worship department. -Responsible for developing project budgets as needed. Hours: Part-Time (8 hours/week)


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