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We are located in Cambria County in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania, approximately 70 miles east of Pittsburgh. The population in 2018 was 19,467. Johnstown is rich In cultural heritage. It was a booming steel town in the 1800s and had an Influx of immigrants during the Industrial Revolution. The people of Johnstown have survived three major floods, the first, in 1889, being noted as the worst natural disaster of the 19t h century. Johnstown is the home of the world's steepest vehicular inclined plane. Much has been accomplished to attract tourism in recent years. Hiking and bicycling trails, arts and music festivals, water adventures on our rivers such as tubing, kayaking, and white-water rafting, are just some of the outdoor activities to be enjoyed. We have a beautiful parsonage with a fenced-in backyard located just down the road from the church. It is in the Richland Township School District. The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ) and Penn Highlands Community College are less than 4 miles away. The church also owns a smaller home next door to the church building that we have been renting since 1979. Our property/facilities are in excellent condition and easily visible and accessible. We have a large, newly paved parking lot and our sanctuary has a seating capacity of 250. We are known as a friendly and welcoming congregation. We use our gift of encouragement, we offer community-based activities to reach our neighbors, we are firm believers in the power of prayer, and we have a biblically-based doctrine. We have a vision to grow a larger congregation with mixed age groups, to remain biblically-centered, to continue to be a praying church, and to expand our footprint in the community. Our facilities are adequate for present ministries; however, we need upgrades for the physically� handicapped. Our mission and purpose at JAC Is two-fold: to love God passionately and to live a Christ-like life. Our theme is: GRACE, which includes salvation, forgiveness, and healing GROWTH, the truth of Scripture and discipleship GOING, using our gifts and talents to fulfill the Great Commission During our 126 years of ministry, we have been privileged to send 25 individuals and families into the ministry, both overseas and here on American soil. They have been/are serving the Lord in missionary work, pastoral work, or evangelism ministries. God has blessed us! We are looking for a pastor to help us reach out to our community, which is our local mission field. Although few in number, we desire to use our gifts as the Lord directs. Our strengths are belief in prayer, the truth in Scripture, and the gift of encouragement. Over the past 5-10 years, the leadership has realized that in order to preserve the church and it's continuing ministries, we have had to step up to take responsibility for our church. We have done that, with God's strength and enabling, and continue to do so. We are currently without a pastor (since January 2020) and have no additional staff. When asked by the Western Pa. District what we believe to be important to us In a pastor, we agreed on 4 qualities/talents: (1) A director for evangelistic outreach (2) A mentor and recruit for lay leaders (one-on-one discipleship and facilitating committees and boards) (3) A communicator of the Word of God for Inspiration, Instruction, Exhortation, and Correctness (4) A pastor who would perform visitation, baptisms, weddings and funerals, and participate in community and national events Most importantly, we would desire for our pastor to commit to spending much of his work week in prayer. A leader who is empathetic, open-minded, energetic, and practical would be a blessingI


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