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SENIOR PASTOR Alliance Missionary Church Mountain Lake, MN Will be working with 3-4 other church staff Coming in at an associate level for a period of time before taking over Lead Pastor responsibilities Education & Previous Experience: -C&MA training & ordination or be willing to obtain these credentials. -Mdiv or higher preferred. -Some experience in a multi-staff church. -Experience in preaching, teaching & shepherding people. -Has shown the ability to relate to multiple generations. -Does not need to have music, youth or children’s ministry experience, but should be able to relate to all. Relational strengths: -Self-aware -Self-disciplined -Teachable -Team-oriented -Shepherd’s heart -Servant attitude -Good listener Ministry skill sets and strengths: -Preaching and teaching gifts with strong communication skills. -Creativity in utilizing arts, technology, etc. in communication. -Able to understand cultures and cultural shifts, and is interested in engaging the current times for the Kingdom. Willing to innovate and adapt our services and programs to disciple the church body and to expand our reach. -Gifted in developing and mentoring others towards the outcome of delegating and releasing others to minister for the kingdom. -Able to relate to a wide variety of people (farmers, businessmen, teachers, factory workers, etc.) of all ages in a rural context, including peoples of other cultures and languages currently living in our region. -Has administrative skill sets adequate to lead a staff. Leads through influence and example. Spiritual maturity and intimacy with God: -Humility -Genuine love for God and others -A healthy personal life and relationships -Strong prayer warrior Any non-negotiable must haves: -Loves Jesus to the core -Strong relational skills and understands the Midwest culture -Strong communication skills -Ability to empower, equip and coach others -Commitment to Bible based, grace-filled preaching and teaching -A desire to lead our people to be equipped to reach the dark places in our region Our Vision … is to be a community of healthy followers of Jesus Christ who are impacting our community, region and world for His Glory. We accomplish this vision when we intentionally connect people in four ways: -With God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit -With His Word - the Bible -With Each Other - the Body of Christ -With the World - Our Neighbors History and Development of our Congregation: -The Alliance Church in Mountain Lake was one of the outcomes of Evangelistic Tent Meetings in the City Park in the early 1920’s. These meetings led to a revival that impacted churches in the community for many years to come. A Tabernacle was built during this era for the purpose of evangelistic and deeper life regional meetings, and the Alliance Church began in the Tabernacle Basement. Hundreds of young men and women entered missionary and pastoral ministries in the years that followed this revival era. (See the “Great Revival of 1920 in Mountain Lake, MN by Rev. J.A. Schmidt). -The Tabernacle was dismantled and a small church built in 1937, that has been added on to twice in the years since, and serves as our place of worship today. The building comprises a 1960’s sanctuary, a 1990’s gymnasium, offices and education classes, with the youth facility housed in the upper level of the original church building. -Our church grew from the small church environment to requiring additional staff in the 1990’s. While there has been growth through new believers, much of the growth has been from other churches in the community that have struggled to retain unity, or from churches in the region struggling with cultural, theological concessions, resulting in people being willing to drive a distance to be a part of a Bible Believing, Christ Honoring, Congregation. -Over the past 20 years, our congregation has fluctuated between 350 to 500 people regularly attending and meaningfully involved in our ministry. Two services were begun in the 1990’s, one in the gym and one in the sanctuary which for a time catered to two slightly different audiences but today are very similar in format and style. -During the last year, we have been blessed to have a small Lao fellowship ask to become members of our congregation. In addition, a Hispanic fellowship recently began using our facility. We are seeking ways of building relationships and ties with both of these groups. Ministry Context: Our Church Building is located in Mountain Lake, a small farming community of approximately 2,000 people. Our congregation is regional in nature, with members and people attending from 10+ area communities, and a geographical radius of approximately 30 miles. The region is primarily comprised of farming communities ranging in size from 500 - 4,500 people per town. The area is largely German and Scandinavian with more recent Laotian and Hispanic immigrants as well. Mountain Lake was settled by German Mennonites and Lutherans, who are known for their work ethic, honesty, and successful farming of rich farmland. Yet according to state records average incomes in the area are below the state average. Generally speaking “Minnesota Nice” is a cultural characteristic, meaning communication is indirect, people are friendly and helpful, and differences are often concealed. Primary ministries in the church at this time: -Children’s Ministry -Junior High and High School Youth Ministry -Women’s Ministry -Men’s Bible Study -Music, Media and Worship Ministry -Adult Life Learning Classes on Sunday Mornings -Small Group Ministry -Care Team Ministry, involving Visitation, Prayer, Work Teams, and Cup of Cold Water to support those wanting to assist their neighbors in need -Small Laotian group, meeting in Lao during Life Learning, attending Sunday morning services, and interested in membership -Cross Cultural, Multi-Generational, Mission Team Opportunities, two out of every three years Current Additional Programming: -College of Prayer -Revive MN -Community-sponsored AWANA program -Small Hispanic Congregation, Utilizing our facility on Sunday afternoons for Services in Spanish, interested in the C&MA, and further involvement with our congregation - being assisted by Pastor Ricardo, our Worship Pastor Staffing: -Senior Pastor, who is responsible for leadership of staff, and is our primary preaching pastor -Associate Pastor - no one in this role at this time -Worship & Media Pastor -Youth Pastor -Children’s Ministry Director - part-time -Administrative Staff -Janitorial Staff Governance: -We have two main Boards: the Elder Board, and the Board of Administration. Our congregation is led by an Elder Board comprised of 6 Lay Elders, and the Senior Pastor as the 7th Elder. Elder Board Meetings are chaired by the Senior Pastor. -We follow what has been referred to as a Carver Lite form of Governance. The Elder Board is responsible primarily for Vision, and the Senior Pastor and his Staff responsible for implementing Mission. Elders do not micro manage staff, nor do they have authority outside of the Elder Board Meetings. The Elders exercise authority as a Board. The Senior Pastor is accountable to the Elder Board, both individually in his role, and for the implementation of Mission through his staff. The Board of Administration is responsible for buildings, grounds and money, and in this sense also focuses on Mission, and operates under the authority of the Elder Board. -The Elder Board ultimately calls the Senior Pastor, while providing opportunity for congregational interaction with the potential candidate, and feedback to the Elders. -Our current pastor has faithfully led our congregation for 12 years, and has provided solid Biblical teaching and Godly care of our body. At this time, we are entering a three year transition period in which the baton will be passed on. Strength and health of our church: -We are grateful for the way God has used our local body to minister to Mountain Lake but also to surrounding communities and for the strong support of C&MA worldwide missions, financially, and through short term missions projects. -We are grateful for the strong Biblical teaching that we have received both from the pulpit and in Life Learning & Small Group settings. -We have had consistently strong children’s, youth and worship ministries in our church and are grateful for the care and expertise of a Godly, gifted staff. -God has blessed our body with strong leadership with spiritually and financially healthy people and families. -Many young families attend the church providing a good generational mix. -Recent interest shown by the Laotian group and Hispanic Congregation mentioned above. Weaknesses/threats: -We recognized at a recent leadership and brainstorming weekend, led by our District Superintendent, that while our church services are very well done, intentional outreach in our church is weak, and we are not as aware of areas for outreach in our community as we need to be. We want to fight against becoming inward focused which may cause us to miss making an impact on our communities. -In recent time, there has been some changing of pastoral leadership in our local communities which has caused some shifting of church attendance among area churches. Working Vision (in Process) We are working toward a shift in emphasis and church culture to more intentionally impact our community and region in the next ten years. The following is not intended to be a comprehensive ministry statement, but rather meant to guide us in this developing shift in emphasis. We are anticipating a collaborative effort with the new Lead Pastor in the determination of this direction. Strategic Approach: -Creating environments that communicate and cultivate faith, hope & love -Grace-filled proclamation and application of the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and its implications for all spheres of life. -Posture of embracing and engaging people and the communities we serve. Core Values / Non-Negotiables: -Bible-based, grace-filled teaching, preaching and equipping. -Priesthood of all believers - all believers called and equipped for the work God has called them to do, both in the World and in the Church. Core objectives: -Encounter God -Bringing people from across the region together to develop and maintain intimacy with God. -Specific and strategic challenges and opportunities: -Further explore how an inspiring worship service might help us encounter God, and what that could or may look like moving forward. -Explore what it means to be a regional church by answering questions such as: -How can we more effectively support people attending our church in reaching their communities? -Could small groups be done strategically to include others in these communities? -Might we consider church plants in a particular community? -Could we sponsor strategic community church services or outreach events of some kind in these communities? -Further explore ways to develop more meaningful spaces for prayer throughout our body, church services, and ministry programs. -Equip people -Bringing people together from across the region to engage the Bible, and know the truth, with the result of increasing an awareness and developing the skills of our gifting to reach our spheres of influence and to be light in the darkness. -Continue to train our people in grace-filled apologetics. -Continue to facilitate the discovery of spiritual gifts and callings in life, and provide encouragement, training and support in living Christ-filled lives in our spheres of influence. -Continue the leadership training recently begun with young men, and expand this training into other areas (women’s ministry) as well as mentor men who in turn mentor other men. Specific and strategic challenges and opportunities: -Discern together how to utilize our people and resources to reach the dark places in our communities. There are places we are not present now but where a deepened awareness of the need could lead us. -Be more intentional in evangelistic outreach in all of its forms and expressions, and to equip our people to reach people in their communities, neighborhoods and places of employment. -Encouraging Deep and Healthy Relationships -Bringing people together from across the region to live in community that promotes discipleship, healthy marriages & parenting, and sincere, intentional and authentic love for our local body and for our communities. -Specific and strategic challenges and opportunities: -Be intentional in shepherding and caring for our people with a care-giving pastoral and lay team that is trained and sees pastoral ministry as their calling within the body. -Strengthen and expand our definition and understanding of small groups to encourage deep and healthy relationships. Possibly we could widen our definition of small groups. For example, small groups for people sharing similar vocational callings, needs and concerns, that meet to encourage each other, learn from each other, and pray for each other. -Explore the possibility of a citizenship ministry to Laotian and Hispanics in our area. -Explore additional opportunities to support, encourage, and equip the Laotian group and Hispanic Congregation, currently attending and utilizing our facility. Desired Outcomes: -People experiencing joy, power and rest as a result of embracing life with God, overflowing into heartfelt desire to partner with Him in His kingdom purposes, and the extension of these purposes into our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods and all spheres of influence. -Intentionally encouraging and equipping toward an outward focus, motivated to reach out to others, and unwilling to simply maintain programs and stay safe within our church walls.


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