Adult Education/Small Groups/Discipleship Ministries

Mon Nov 20 00:00:00 MST 2017

Western PA District C&MA

Community Alliance Church Location: Butler, PA (45 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA) Size: 1,000+ in attendance in 2 Sunday morning services Position: Pastor of Discipleship Community Alliance is a Christian and Missionary Alliance church with a rich history of over 100 years of ministry in the small town of Butler, PA. People of all ages attend CAC and families with young children and teens are particularly drawn to our church. Sunday morning worship is contemporary and lively. We are a staff-led church looking for an individual to be part of our team and grow our ministry to adults. Our culture offers a lot of freedom to use one’s gifts to develop the ministry God is calling us all to create and lead together and accomplish our vision to be “People being transformed by faith in Christ, growing in wisdom and intentional in relationships and service.” Characteristics and Core Competencies: • Servant leader of leaders • Self-starter • Problem solver • Able to inspire individuals of influence and communicate vision to them, then motivate and equip them to get involved in and lead key areas of ministry • Gifted and experienced in leading a small group ministry • Able to clearly articulate vision and a specific strategy to accomplish the vision • Lead volunteers well in a variety of roles • Possess strong organizational skills • Able to creatively look at challenges and find solutions to those challenges • Be able to use technology effectively to communicate with volunteers as well as promote and oversee ministry Responsibilities Life Groups Life Groups are our primary means for discipleship and our vision is to see transformation occur in the lives of those involved in the Life group ministry. The Discipleship Pastor will have the opportunity to establish, grow, and transform this area of ministry. • Work to recruit, enlist, train and mentor Life group leaders in order to develop groups throughout our community • Continually start new groups in order to grow the ministry and ensure people have an easy “on ramp” to get involved in small groups • Develop a sustainable structure that ensures groups continue to multiply and leaders are continually identified, inspired, recruited and trained • Spend time one-on-one and in small groups with key leaders discipling and developing them • Develop a process where key individuals of influence (Coaches) are empowered to meet with, motivate and encourage group leaders to ensure each leader is growing spiritually and is equipped to lead people well • Resource Life group leaders with strong, Biblical curriculum which is appropriate for their particular group • Take primary responsibility for the growth and success of the Life Group ministry • Develop and implement a strategy to achieve 50% - 60% active participation in Life Groups Discipleship Develop, implement and lead a systematized approach for church-wide discipleship through the following: • Ongoing training for leaders • Teaching classes in key areas of discipleship • One-on-one discipleship of key leaders • Community building • Other events There are a variety of ministries at CAC that assist in discipleship. In order for discipleship to be more effective these ministries will be evaluated and adjusted as necessary. The Discipleship Pastor is responsible to provide a clear vision for these ministries as well as identify and inspire the leaders of these ministries by showing how each ministry fits into the overall vision of CAC. He will then work with each area to develop a strategy to accomplish the vision of that ministry. The Adult Ministries Pastor is responsible for the following ministry areas. • Discipleship o Courses to be led on Sundays and during the week • Men’s Ministry o Thursday Night Group • Women’s Ministry o Community Women o Thursday Night Group o Women to Women Pastoral Care • Serve as a pastor and overseer of care for key individuals of influence and leaders in adult ministries • As a member of the pastoral staff visit church members in the hospital or their homes as needed or as requested by the senior or executive pastor • Perform weddings and funerals as requested by church members or the senior pastor Minimum Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree in Bible or theology • Must be ordained by the Christian and Missionary Alliance or willing to pursue licensing and ordination with the C&MA • Must agree with and adhere to Christian and Missionary Alliance theology • 3 years of experience leading small group ministry or leading adult ministries in a large church setting


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