posted on January 19, 2022

ENVISION: Site Associate—Site Discipleship in Thailand

As a part of the team, this single or couple would be expected to make a strong contribution in areas of discipleship program development, leadership development, relational outreach, and hospitality. They would be expected to host short-term teams and interns. Working in this cross-cultural environment requires a strong missional calling, willingness to work on a team, flexibility, and a creative or innovative personality.

Position Type

  • International worker (IW)—Envision—Vocational Track
  • Church planting, discipleship, educational, ESL/TESOL, evangelism, leadership development, theological education
  • Partially funded
  • Single or couple

As a part of the team, this single or couple would be expected to make a strong contribution in areas of discipleship program development, leadership development, relational outreach, and hospitality. They would be expected to host short-term teams and interns. Working in this cross-cultural environment requires a strong missional calling, willingness to work on a team, flexibility, and a creative or innovative personality.


Required Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Biblical Characteristics Desired:

Timeline for Deployment:

Summer/Fall 2023. All appointees are required to attend a cross-cultural and language acquisition program and Pre-Field Orientation prior to deploying.

General Information:

The Bangkok metropolitan area and major cities throughout Thailand are rapidly developing, with many modern facilities. Transportation is quite convenient, with an expanding sky train and subway-train system, numerous public bus routes, and many taxis. Cars are driven on the left side of the road. Numerous opportunities for shopping are available in shopping malls and markets. Western products and foods are readily available.

The successful applicant(s) would live in a Thai metropolitan area. They will begin their first year by learning the Thai language in Bangkok, which is the capital and principal city of Thailand. The Thai people are friendly and gracious, but they also are darkened by the appeasement of evil spirits common to their common religions. Living arrangements will be in the local community, hopefully near the Envision site.

CIA World Factbook – Thailand

Joshua Project – Thailand

Language Expectations:

Language is an essential part of ministry. The successful applicant(s) will receive one year of intense language study followed by ongoing language and cultural acquisition. The goal will be to speak, read, and write the language at a functional level in order to mentor, teach, and train others.

Health Considerations:

Modern and inexpensive medical care is available throughout Thailand. Medications can be obtained easily through hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

Expectations for Spouse:

Spousal roles vary based on the spouse’s gifts, training, and abilities, as well as the needs of the team. It is expected that both spouses will be meaningfully involved in meeting ministry objectives, depending on the nature of family roles, children, etc.

Children’s Educational Plan and Options:

There are many educational options in Thailand. In Bangkok and some metropolitan cities, you will find international schools. Other options include Thai private schools, homeschooling (after language learning is complete), or various options of boarding schools.

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