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Some of you may be aware that we have been praying for many, many years for the possibility of starting an English-speaking Christian school in Tres Cantos for Spaniards. We are convinced this would be a fantastic way to reach entire families with the truth and healing power of Christ’s love. I am thrilled to say the Lord is miraculously bringing a team together. Scot and Carol Musser were the directors of Evangelical Christian Academy, an MK school outside Madrid for many years. The Lord laid a call on their lives to reach Spaniards. So, they moved to Tres Cantos a year ago and are working toward that goal along with a single language specialist, three young couples and us.
We are slowly making progress, but the road is long and proving to be quite challenging. If you are at all interested in knowing more, please check out our web page: www.lifeschool.es. If you feel led to pray regularly for us or contribute to the school project, let us know. Even if you don’t feel led to get involved, maybe you know someone who might and can pass the word on to them.

Tim & Marilyn Westergren
December 9, 2016

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


November has been a humdinger of a month—both in blessing and buffeting.   

Our church family here in Tres Cantos has really been through the wringer this last two months with the loss of loved ones (and others with serious illness). Parents, siblings. cousins both here and far.  We live it intensely in a small fellowship. Just last Saturday we, along with her family and some two hundred friends, honored the life of Regina, who died November 19th  She is the mother of my daughters´ best friends and has been their Spanish aunt. We lead her to Christ ten years ago in our living room. She was able to make it to both weddings, barely. She went from Sarah´s wedding to the hospital and never left. We do not mourn as those without hope, but we do mourn. When it rains, it pours! We are blessed as we mourn, for we are receiving God´s comfort in our eternal hope.

Two of my uncles (Tim) have also had brushes with death, and a long road to recovery.  My dad´s brother, Dick, had a stroke three weeks ago in San Francisco after disembarking from a plane, and died this week.  My mom´s brother, Dan, had severe angina pains and open-heart surgery about the same time.   

Our daughter Hannah has finished her student teaching in Portugal, and passed! Now she is back in Wheaton for a senior seminar and then her final semester, Lord willing! In three weeks she flies to grandma´s house in Florida. Pray for God´s provision of bed, board and books for her last semester.

Marilyn is hard at work on writing her master´s final project. She needs to write ten pages a week through January.  Pray for the discipline and the time she needs to meet her goals.

From now until February my teaching load is heavy at the seminary.  I have both undergrad and grad hermeneutics until the end of the semester.  Pray for stamina, discipline and for effective teaching—there is a debate brewing right now among Baptist churches over the inspiration of Scripture—I have the critical opportunity to teach and defend the orthodox perspective.

Our home assignment in May still seems like a far horizon.  We thank you for your intercession!

In Christ, Tim & Marilyn

Building Bridges of Trust to Stand the Weight of the Truth,

Tim and Marilyn

At the King´s service in Spain:
Sector Pueblos 32, 1-D
28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid)

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Updated: December 09, 2016

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