Tim and Marilyn Westergren

Why I am an Alliance IW


The Motivation

To be a part of God’s supernatural soil-improvement strategy in Spain (Luke 8 & 11)
Penetrating a people group is a long-term commitment. The best things in life require time and perseverance.
A confidence that it’s the Holy Spirit’s work to woo and win; I just get myself in the flow of what He wants to accomplish
It’s not that nobody else could do this, but very few are willing. If I am willing, why not? Others can cover my ministry spot in America . . .
God’s clear call to cross-cultural ministry anchors me when I am tempted to think about where I could be if I hadn’t signed up for this.
God’s clear call to Spain anchors me when I feel that this ungrateful culture doesn’t deserve another chance.
A deep love for the cultures and languages of Spain roots me here now.
The unity in ministry that my wife and I have fought to maintain keeps our immunity to discouragement and self-doubt at bay.
The strategic nature of our work
The love of Christ constrains me.

The Cost

I have not had to count the cost to life and limb compared to most Christians in the history of the Church, so I cannot say that I have paid any. The only “cost” would be the separation from family and friends in the U.S. and the memories that this affords. Professionally, I could have been fulfilled as a university professor, editor or family counselor, if I were to have passed on the call to full-time pastoral ministry; however, that’s not cost, but choice.

The Benefits

Peace of mind (no better place to be than where God wills)
Personal satisfaction (where else would you get the opportunity to work as a multifaceted combination of teacher, counselor, pastor, motivational speaker, preacher, writer, camp director, editor, Bed and Breakfast manager, youth worker?)
Partnership (Living the call together!)
Partnership in the gospel with thousands of Christians
Personal partnership with hundreds of Alliance Christians
Individual partnership with tens of Christian friends
Intimate partnership with a few prayer warriors
Fruit that will last: Individuals won to Christ and gathered in community.
Bilingual TCK´s (the benefits for my kids are tremendous)
Member Care: We privileged to have the openhanded and consistent financial and emotional covering of The Alliance so that we can get the job done.
Experiencing God is the thrill of life.

We remain your fellow servants for Christ´s sake,

Tim & Marilyn
Sector Pueblos 32, 1-Dcha.
28760 Tres Cantos


We serve the Kingdom of God in Spain through the networked, cooperative efforts of The Alliance (of Christians and missionaries who live out the call of the Great Commission together). We are wholly and perseveringly supported by The Great Commission Fund of The Alliance. We are gratefully supported by many Christians who are allied with us as missionaries to touch this country and 60 others where we have been called to serve.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


We have kicked off our fall ministries and would appreciate your intercession for them.

Thanks for coming to our page to inform yourselves and to pray. Before reading any further, pray for the people of Syrian and especially those of the family of faith.

1.  Our daughter, Kathryn spent 11 days with us after finishing a year of work in South Korea.  She has now moved to Managua, Nicaragua, where she will be an NGO volunteer using her degree in biology and public health.  Pray for the Lord’s provision for her support for service with Amos International. Also to adjust to life in a new culture.  Everything moves much slower there than here or Korea, so her patience is being tried.  Pray for growth in all areas. 
2.  Our pastor Jaime passed the defense of his seminary thesis!  Pray for him now as he needs to look for a job.  Raquel (his wife) has been working full time, but was just informed her contract ends in January.  Pray for the Lord’s provision for their financial needs.
3.  All of our fall activities start up this week! Pray for Christ’s light to shine through new house groups that get started this month, Women’s book club, Lifetree Café, Marilyn’s music group, Tim’s participation in his choir, GEMS girls’ club, women’s craft club.  Our Sunday school program is growing and we are needing more space!  A great challenge.
4.  The church retreat in September was fantastic.  Pray for the nearly 20 people who will be discipled this fall.
5.  Pray for Joe and Chris Harms who arrived on the 3rd of October to be the directors of the Christian school planned to  start in Tres Cantos next fall. Things are moving forward!

6. Pray for Tim and his travels this fall:

PCR: Pastoral Care Retreat, October 15-17.
COP: College of Prayer in the Canary Islands November 7-13
RLC: Regional Leadership Team. November 16-20
6.  Pray most of all that Christ will be glorified in all that we do.  That we will honor Him above all, that we will grow in boldness and fervor to serve Him and see His kingdom grow in Tres Cantos.

This week (October 21-25), I will participate with a group of International Ministries leaders in carrying out our quinquennial Strategic Field Review. It is a full blown auditing of our field´s master plan and strategic tactics. We will interview every family and review every ministry and team. Pray that this practical analysis will be a renewal of our resolve and response. And that He will identify our weaknesses and provoke us in our tactics and planning.

Courage and Boldness: Pray for every worker on the Spain Field to be bold in sharing the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God-initiated Movements among ethnic Europeans: That God the Spirit will blow with a fresh wind to transform the systemic spiritual climate of Europe, drawing European peoples to search for him and find him.

God-initiated movements among immigrants: As God has brought immigrants sovereignly to Europe as part of his supernatural soil improvement strategy, pray for their assimilation in their adopted country and their life testimony to their society

Living Out the Great Commission through You, 

Tim and Marilyn



Updated: October 09, 2015

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Country of Service
Pueblos, 32, 1-D
28760 Tres Cantos

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