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Are You Acronymble?


Each of our lives is filled with acronyms that make sense to us—in our culture or subculture, in our vocations or avocations (Go ND!) How nimble are you at figuring out the acronyms of our life? Take a stab and these first and then I´ll reveal what they mean (and the faces above!) This will be a novel way of discovering what is in our hands lately.


PPCC: Personal Peacemaking and Coaching in Conciliation. Many of you prayed for this regional training September 15-19, hosted by us! A crack team from Alliance Peacemaking—Gary Friesen, John and Kimberly Thomas and Wayne Spriggs (left above)—trained thirty European workers and pastors (middle) in these vital life and ministry skills. It was extra intense for Marilyn and me as we were also “chief cooks and bottle washers,” too! A blessed exhaustion which we would gladly repeat for the sake of authentic reconciliation on our teams and among Christians. www.cmalliance.org/ministries/peacemaking

LTC: Lifetree Café. On October 1 we launched a new bridge-building effort using English (www.lifetreecafe.com) Every Wednesday a team from our local church facilitates an hour of intelligent, directed conversations on subjects like body language, the art of listening, or the pursuit of happiness. So far an average of 12 neighbors are thrilled with the well-crafted scripts and videos that set the contexts for the great questions. The 11 English-speakers on the friendship team from our church have already made new friends. For example, Ernie Klassen went mushroom picking with three of the men last Friday!

PCR: Pastoral Care Retreat, October 2-4. Every year for the last 11 years, Bob and Joan Galasso have made an annual pilgrimage to Spain to bless us with passionate caring and probing questions. They led the PCR for Madrid and Málaga field staff (righthand photo) and then spent a day with each family on the field. We have enjoyed their constancy in attentiveness and intercession.

RLC: Regional Leadership Conference, October 12-18. Once every four years the team leaders, field directors, assistants and their spouses gather according to regions for leadership development and spiritual refreshment. This was Marilyn´s and my first time to attend an RLC. This one was unique for two reasons: The presence of Alliance President John Stumbo as the Bible teacher and the joining of two regions Europe/Middle East and North/Central Asia for the RLC. As many of those present serve in CAC´s (Closed-Access Countries), I am not posting photos. I only wish that I could tell you about the amazing kingdom feats that the Spirit is working from Portugal to South of Siberia! Thrilling!

S+G: Scissors and Glue. This is not an event, but rather a series of video conversations with young adult millennials shot by the Envision Culture staff. Envision is the vocational team of International Ministries (IM). Hundreds are serving overseas short and long-term through Envision. Join the conversation! www.scissorsglue.com

SFR: Strategic Field Review, October 21-25. Every five years a team of IM leaders visits our field for an exhaustive review of our strategy, team practices and outcomes. Sounds intimidating, doesn´t it? Well, we take seriously the trust that you have placed in us through the Great Commission Fund, and so every field is audited every five years. Pray for Raymond Ebbettt and myself as we host the review team and interview every IW on our field in a week! That´s 21 interviews and five evening debriefing sessions! If you´d like to read about the present state of Evangelical Christianity in Spain or the Alliance family of churches, or to see the photos above enlarged, click on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6n283fdmpppxfqj/AADtSMSseEla58e8x1ZljTMta?dl=0

Well, our layover in Istanbul is almost over. How did you do fare with the acronyms? Whether you are nimble or not with the jargon of our ministry life, we desire you to be active and discerning in intercession for the ministry of Jesus through us to our city and country. I will upload prayer requests to our personal page at www.cmalliance.org.

One final acronym: GCF. Through thick and thin, we are supported through the Great Commission Fund by a wonderful Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family of churches. You can participate personally by going to the "give" tab above.


We remain your fellow servants for Christ´s sake,

Tim & Marilyn
Sector Pueblos 32, 1-Dcha.
28760 Tres Cantos


We serve the Kingdom of God in Spain through the networked, cooperative efforts of The Alliance (of Christians and missionaries who live out the call of the Great Commission together). We are wholly and perseveringly supported by The Great Commission Fund of The Alliance. We are gratefully supported by many Christians who are allied with us as missionaries to touch this country and 60 others where we have been called to serve.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


We have kicked off our fall ministries and would appreciate your intercession for them.

Oct 1st. we kicked off with our first Lifetree Café! (An opportunity to practice conversational English exploring different themes each week.) Marilyn is the facilitator. We have had an average of 12 Spaniards who come each week. The reception has been excellent and we have budding new friendships with old neighbors. This week´s theme is “On the Brink: Debunking Myths about the World´s Most Volatile Region.”

On Saturday the 4th started GEMs girl’s club. Please pray for the 15 girls who attend, that they will come with a hunger to know Christ in a personal way.

On the 7th Marilyn Marilyn started our women’s book club. We will be reading a book on parenting. Pray the Lord will call some of these women into a personal relationship with Him through our times together.

Marilyn has trained six new teachers for Sunday School!

On the 17th the women’s craft club began.

On October 31st we will have a Fall Fest Party for the GEMS girls and the children of the church.

On November 2 our church will participate in a joint Reformation Sunday with two other congregations in our city.

At the end of November we are planning our annual Thanksgiving Festival for families who participate in the Global Ventures activities. It is one of the most well-received English activities, but requires a lot of energy!

Please pray for Jeannette Vega,who hopes to start a Bible study with some of the women who attend the club and a deeper life Bible study for church women.

Tim hopes to begin hiking outings with men from the church and their friends. Pray for times of deep conversation for these men as they spend time as brothers in Christ.

Pray for the pastoral team of our church plant as we take the body through the legal organizing of the congregation in January. Pray for Jaime (and Raquel), Tim (and Marilyn), Ernie (and Marilyn) and Jeannette Vega, our Discipleship coordinator.

This week (October 21-25), I will participate with a group of International Ministries leaders in carrying out our quinquennial Strategic Field Review. It is a full blown auditing of our field´s master plan and strategic tactics. We will interview every family and review every ministry and team. Pray that this practical analysis will be a renewal of our resolve and response. And that He will identify our weaknesses and provoke us in our tactics and planning.

Courage and Boldness: Pray for every worker on the Spain Field to be bold in sharing the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit.

God-initiated Movements among ethnic Europeans: That God the Spirit will blow with a fresh wind to transform the systemic spiritual climate of Europe, drawing European peoples to search for him and find him.

God-initiated movements among immigrants: As God has brought immigrants sovereignly to Europe as part of his supernatural soil improvement strategy, pray for their assimilation in their adopted country and their life testimony to their society

Living Out the Great Commission through You, 

Tim and Marilyn



Updated: October 19, 2014

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Pueblos, 32, 1-D
28760 Tres Cantos

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