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Greetings from the Westergren family. (Well, from three of us) Hannah and Sarah have already left for their summer jobs.
Katey is prepping for her next year of teaching English in Korea. The other internationals students in our home are also moving on to their next adventures.

On June 20th, God willing, we will begin our fifth season of service to the Kingdom of God in Spain. We are excited. We return with a keen awareness of the still strategic nature of our ministry. We return to a local church with good leadership, but that has suffered some deep losses in momentum and personnel in the last three years. We return without children and without a team. Pray for our adjustment to this reality.

Nevertheless, we are in a sweet place. Our relationship with out adult daughters is healthy and deepening. Our extended family at peace and without conflict. Here are some points of prayer for our first year. Thank you for being there for us!
We would love to hear from you and be there for you, too.

Health, for wisdom, and for good reencounters with our friends in Spain; we hope to spend our first weeks back catching up with those who have been in leadership and ministries in our absence.
Transition our local church fully to Spanish leadership.
Help start a Christian school in our city.
Facilitate field training in Conciliation and Mediation.
Explore new avenues of evangelism through English activities with a church-led VBS and LifeTree Café
Continue teaching hermeneutics at two seminaries.
Complete the first year of our postgrad studies
Establish new habit of having the same day off, hiking or biking together.

You may have heard about King Juan Carlos´ abdication in favor of his son Felipe. If all goes as planned, he will already be king by the time we arrive. We welcome this change. Felipe has a proven integrity and intelligence. He also has had clear influence and testimony on the part of authentic Christians at key points in his life (a friend of mine who is an IW in Indo was his camp counselor in Michigan many years ago when Felipe was a teenager). The next generation of leaders must take the initiative, both in the monarchy and in the next presidential elections. I am hopeful for the next generation of leadership. We pray for their ability to change deep-seated weaknesses in the Spanish psyche toward government and public service. This hope is for a new freedom for the Gospel to take root.

We remain your fellow servants for Christ´s sake,

Tim & Marilyn
Sector Pueblos 32, 1-Dcha.
28760 Tres Cantos


We serve the Kingdom of God in Spain through the networked, cooperative efforts of The Alliance (of Christians and missionaries who live out the call of the Great Commission together). We are wholly and perseveringly supported by The Great Commission Fund of The Alliance. We are gratefully supported by many Christians who are allied with us as missionaries to touch this country and 60 others where we have been called to serve.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1. Katey graduated May 24, and leaves for South Korea at the beginning of July, Lord willing, to work for a year or two teaching English, and continuing to build on her relationship with Kyu. Please pray for protection, for God’s provision for housing, and that God would clearly guide her and Kyu in their relationship.

2. Sarah is spending the summer in the Washington, D.C., area selling books door-to-door once again. This is the same job she had last summer. Although there is the potential to earn a lot of money, she worked so hard her health suffered. Please pray for wisdom, balance and protection over her as she serves as a student manager as well as door-to-door sales worker. She left for her job the day after Katey graduated.

3. Hannah has managed to line up work in Spain for June and July, but needs to find work for August in order to be able to pay for her education. Please pray for this need for her. She left the US for Spain on May 26th.

4. Tim and I are still in the US wrapping up our responsibilities and saying our final goodbyes to family and friends. We are flying to Spain June 20th, Lord willing. Please pray for health, for wisdom, and for good reencounters with our friends in Spain; we hope to spend our first weeks back catching up with those who have been in leadership and ministries in our absence.

Pray for the youth pastors in Tres Cantos, Jaime and Raquel Carrasco: Their marriage strength, their newborn son Yakov’s health, a means of support outside the local church, and their leadership during our absence. They are living on next to nothing. Pray for Spaniards who will support them financially in their youth ministry, that goes beyond our local church to a network of youth and churches. 

-- That God would send spiritual awakening to Spain.
-- That God would raise up Spanish pastors and lay leaders.
-- That our multi-cultural national church would know supernatural and unexplainable “but for God” unity.
-- That our pastors and churches would experience God’s supernatural provision in the midst of the economic crisis.
-- That God would mightily bless the professors and students in our new seminary INFORMA .
-- That our Muslim outreach team would see lasting fruit.
-- That Cinderella’s House would be mightily used to transform the lives of the few women that are in transition out of prostitution. The staff has been besieged with physical illness; pray for the Great Physician´s healing for all there.

Thank you once again for holding us up in prayer, we deeply appreciate it. May God bless you all.



Updated: June 06, 2014

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Pueblos, 32, 1-D
28760 Tres Cantos

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