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April 16, 2014

Today is a travel day, returning home after a two-week trip to Sacramento, Des Plaines, Dover (IL) and Galesburg. I am soooo looking forward to getting back to Grand Rapids to worship the Risen Christ with my family and rest.

We only have one other road trip left. . . a car ride down to Kokomo to Fair Havens C&MA. Love those folk!

In Sacramento we enjoyed a week of global engagement with the Church of the Foothills, who like BAC have sent teams in the last few years to help with English Camp. They are poised to send another small team next year, if indeed we see clearly to start up the English Camp train again. They are waiting with anticipation to see how our VBS pilot goes this summer and planning to help out with Bridge again next summer. Pray for the plans we are making for this VBS pilot in Tres Cantos.

In Des Plaines I attended the Peacemakers International training in Conciliation and Mediation for Hispanic pastors and district leaders. Our field is hosting the same workshop for all of our field staff in September. Gary Friesen, head of C&MA Conciliation Ministries will lead this effort, which includes IWs from Bosnia, France, Portugal and Germany. I am in charge of the registration and promotion for the event as well as facilitating mediation simulations for the national church leaders who will attend. They can comprehend teaching in English but will perform the simulations in Spanish. Pray for this essential event and the skills it will give our international workers. Now that we have multinational fields (Spain has 14 different birth cultures and 8 passport countries represented on our team!)

In Dover I preached at the Dover Bible Church where Joe and Andrea Denner serve. It was a joy to catch up with this little church that could as well as these dear friends whom I met at Blanchard many moons ago!

In Galesburg I spent a couple of days with Dick and Dee Westergren, my aunt and uncle. He is my dad´s only brother and twin. They are in their eighties now and have been so supportive of us in every way. I am so glad that I was able to spend quality time with them.

The next weeks will be filled with taking care of the legal side of life (wills, accounts, stateside before our return to Spain. Lots to do that has been displaced by our travels. . . Lord willing we will head to Spain in late June.

Building bridges of trust that can stand the weight of truth,

Tim & Marilyn

We serve the Kingdom of God in Spain through the networked, cooperative efforts of The Alliance (of Christians and missionaries who live out the call of the Great Commission together). We are wholly and perseveringly supported by The Great Commission Fund of The Alliance. We are gratefully supported by many Christians who are allied with us as missionaries to touch this country and 60 others where we have been called to serve.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

We have been to Spain and back again with answered prayer so I want to share it with you all.

We accomplished our principal purpose of renewing our permanent residency card for five more years. Yippee! Now we are praying that Hannah can do the same in late May when she goes for summer work. Her card will be almost six month´s expired so there is no guarantee. (It has been quite an existential crisis for her not to possibly lose her residency status.)

Hannah is currently trying to drum up teaching and babysitting jobs for her summer in Spain. Please pray for abundant provision so she can make her school payments in the fall semester.

Katey is in the process of applying for teaching jobs in South Korea. There is a lot of paper work involved. Please pray for the Lord’s clear guidance for her as she takes steps to move there and work for a year or two.

Sarah is planning on another year of book selling with South Western. We pray for protection and provision for her as she spends a second summer selling door to door.

We were able to make the appropriate contacts for our ongoing education in Spain. Marilyn is signed up for the Masters, but I have some work to do to fulfill the pre-reqs for the doctorate.

We found all of our friends and church folk in good spirits. The presence of the Klassens from Canada in TC has been so valuable and we are grateful for God´s provision. The leaders, except one, are encouraged and looking forward. Though our congregation has not grown much in size, the new believers are being discipled and we are poised for new growth as God leads. It was fantastic to get in on the prayer vigil and worship with our little band of believers.

For 10 years we have been praying the Lord would bring someone to Tres Cantos to start a Christian school there. We had a good lunch with the Mussers, a couple with RCE (Resourcing Christian Education) who have moved to Tres Cantos to start a Christian school. We are sooooo excited about this dream. Pray for clear direction, wisdom and miraculous provision as we move forward with this dream.

The next Youth Encounter is in the good hands of the best group of young adults in Spain. This joint effort by teens and twenty somethings from seven different churches is one of the greatest encouragements in our lives. Youth led, youth driven, youth supported. . . Pray for the 35 teens who will live EJE the weekend of April 4-6. Pray specifically that Mercedez would attend. Her life is a mess and she has been resisting attending the retreat for two years now. If the timing is right, pray she will finally go, and experience the lavish love of God in her life.

Continue to pray for Jaime and Raquel Carrasco. Jaime is working furiously on his thesis. He is due to present it in September. They continue to have financial constraints. This is a problem for all the pastors in Spain in the midst of the biggest financial crisis in Spain´s short democratic history (35 years).

Two surprises that were totally unexpected--we were there for our city´s "Independence Day", when we became our own municipality back in 1995. At the festivities I got to see the mayor!

The second was a surprise for me but not for Marilyn: She planned an early 50th Birthday party for me with about 80 of our Spanish friends. The photos below show clearly how well she duped me! It was fantastic to see all sorts of folk who have been a part of our lives for the last 20 years!

The week could not have been better. . . except for a revival. God willing that will happen soon.

Again, we are your servants for Jesus´ sake and with your faithful support. ¡Muchísimas gracias!

Tim and Marilyn

Pray for the youth pastors in Tres Cantos, Jaime and Raquel Carrasco: Their marriage strength, their newborn son Yakov’s health, a means of support outside the local church, and their leadership during our absence. They are living on next to nothing. Pray for Spaniards who will support them financially in their youth ministry, that goes beyond our local church to a network of youth and churches. 

-- That God would send spiritual awakening to Spain.
-- That God would raise up Spanish pastors and lay leaders.
-- That our multi-cultural national church would know supernatural and unexplainable “but for God” unity.
-- That our pastors and churches would experience God’s supernatural provision in the midst of the economic crisis.
-- That God would mightily bless the professors and students in our new seminary INFORMA .
-- That our Muslim outreach team would see lasting fruit.
-- That Cinderella’s House would be mightily used to transform the lives of the few women that are in transition out of prostitution. The staff has been besieged with physical illness; pray for the Great Physician´s healing for all there.

Thank you once again for holding us up in prayer, we deeply appreciate it. May God bless you all.



Updated: April 22, 2014

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