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November 2019
Dear Friends:
Returning back to Thailand from home assignment is always a big transition. Though the plans are the same, the methods are different. From my last letter it appeared that my settling back into life and ministry would be very smooth and in some ways it was! I was able to purchase my car my first week back, move back into the house I was living in last term and return to the work that I enjoy. HOWEVER, it was not smooth! The purchase of my car is not yet completed though I have been driving it all this time. The car company hopes to finish the final step of changing my temporary red license plate to the permanent white and black one sometime this month! Because of so many repairs needed on the house I lived out of my suitcases for 3 months. I began moving into my house the middle of September and because of work obligations I was not able to get everything unpacked and organized until the beginning of October – so glad that’s done!
Our Center for Leadership Development (CLD) is also going through a lot of transition. I came back in July, Mark and Kitiya came back from 3 months in the states in October and Lee, our director is returning to the states for a one year home assignment this month. Pawinee who has been active in our program since the beginning is stepping in as interim director starting in January (moving up from Bangkok). Our office staff, Nat is due to have a baby in February! As a team we were finally able to meet together a couple of weeks ago to redistribute job responsibilities. I will continue to visit various groups studying in the program but my “territory” is more spread out than before.
In the past 3 months we have trained 15 pastors and leaders and graduated 2 groups of students. One group in Chiang Mai celebrated the completion of their studies on Sunday and on Thursday the leader of their group passed away suddenly of a heart attack – a total shock to us all (pictured far right). The senior pastor is originally from China and his wife not only co-pastored but was the interpreter from Chinese to Thai when her husband preached or taught. Their daughter has stepped up to interpret during church services and in March 2020 will be trained as the leader to raise up the next group of lay leaders for this church.
Our CLD camp was held last week – 98 adults and 9 children came. It was a wonderful time for people from all over the country and different churches to meet one another, share their experiences studying in the program and receive training together. We had training in coaching which our center leaders will use with their students and financial training to help people manage their finances better. These camps are held every 3 years so they are very special times for us and those in the program. Thank you for praying for this camp and thank you to those who gave financially so scholarships to attend camp were possible for so many.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up soon! We have so much to be thankful for – enjoy the celebrations! These holidays are often considered “family” events but here in Thailand they are church outreach events. Our churches are already practicing their songs for Christmas celebrations as well as Christmas caroling at homes, hospitals, jails, etc. Trust you will have some wonderful times of celebrating where you are. Thank you so much for your support and love that you show to me in so many special ways.
In His service,
Debbie Vik, Thailand

Debbie Vik’s Schedule
November 2019 – January 2020

November 5 – 9 Meeting with Regional Director in Bangkok (all CMA Missionaries in Thailand)
November 11 – 13 Remember Nhu International Board Meeting (via skype all night long for 2 nights!)
November 20 Thanksgiving meal with missionaries serving in northeast Thailand
November 23 – 25 Visit Center in Sarabury – Final in Preaching class – listening to 10 sermons that weekend!
November 28 Thanksgiving meal with Northeast Bible School students
November 30 – December 2 Visit Centers in Surin/Srisaket
December 10 – 11 Center Leadership Training for leaders starting the 2nd level of studies
December 18 Christmas celebration with missionaries serving in northeast Thailand
December 22 Preach at Khon Kaen Chinese Church
January 6 – 8 Mid-Year Retreat with CMA Missionaries in Thailand – Khao Yai
January 10 – 22 S.E. Alaska Network Vision Trip – Pastors from Ketchikan, Alaska
January 30 – February 23 Medical Team from Salem Alliance Church

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