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September 2020
Dear Friends:
Hope you are doing well. These past several months have brought so many of us together through prayer for one another. I am so thankful for God's healing touch on so many of my friends in America who have had the virus and so thankful for His protection over the rest of us who have not had it so far. Thailand is top of the world for being free of the virus for over 3 months now and we continue to be very careful to keep that record. As a result, all short term teams planned for this past summer were cancelled and several have already made plans for 2021. Just hope that the situation around the world will make it possible for them to join us here in ministry then. One new skill many of us have learned that will probably continue on is the ability to connect and hold meetings through the internet.
Though the internet has been valuable for various meetings where each person uses their own computer, it did not work well for visiting the groups. Five to 10 people on one computer for meetings together made it very difficult for me to hear what was going on. Thankfully, as of July, I started to visit our Lay Leadership groups in person rather than through the internet. Not only am I able to hear what is going on, but I can also give better input and encourage these groups as they continue their studies. All of our groups are able to come together for meetings now. In the past few months 4 groups graduated from Level 1 studies with 3 of them preparing to start Level 2. Several groups expect to graduate from Level 2 before the end of the year.
Here is a special story from one of these graduations. About 10 years ago I taught Mr. Jan in a Lay Leadership Group. Their pastor who began the program at the church left for another ministry so I was asked to help this group finish their training. Two years later, Mr. Jan graduated and began to lead another group in his church which included his wife, Martha. Martha was very timid and felt she did not have enough knowledge to complete the studies…but she did! This past year Martha led a group through Level 1 of the program to graduation! I am so proud of her!
Reformatting lesson materials continues to move forward. All of us on the team are working on different books to upgrade and improve the quality of studies. Presently I am working on our Christian Leadership book changing it from a story format to our official format of 1) information; 2) question; and 3) answers at the bottom of the page. This official format helps our students to be more active in their studies rather than passively reading through them resulting in better retention of materials and greater ability to use them in ministry.
The newest addition to our team, little Melody is now over 6 months old. It is fun to see her grow and learn new skills. She is starting to eat ground up fruits and vegetables with rice, able to coordinate her hands to grab things and is starting to crawl. As her English teacher I am teaching her some songs (In My Heart there rings a Melody), patty cake and everyday words. So far her responses are smiles, laughter and some guttural noises to talk.
Many people are talking about the "new normal" but for me I think we are in the "in-between" stage of what "normal" life was like and what the "new normal" life will be like sometime in the future. Being in the "in-between" stage requires a lot of flexibility to constant changes in the present as well as anticipation and changes in our anticipation of what things might be like in the future. And we are all going through this together! Thank you for being a part of my life during these uncertain days/months and….? I treasure that. I send this out with my prayers for you and full of joy for your support of me in so many special ways. Following this I am including my "anticipated" schedule for the next 3 months.
In His service,
Debbie Vik, International Worker in Thailand

Debbie Vik’s Schedule
September - November 2020

September 1-2 Field Leadership Team Meetings in Khon Kaen
September 2-3 Annual TCMA (Thailand Christian and Missionary Alliance) Meeting in Khon Kaen
September 4-7 Language Evaluation and visit a Lay Leadership Group in Bangkok
September 22-24 Level 2 Training Seminar in Khon Kaen
October 3-7 Visit Leadership Group in Saraburi
October 8-9 Visit Leadership Group in Khao Kho, Petchabun
October 12-14 All night Remember Nhu International Board Meeting via internet (day time for the rest of the group)
October 17-18 Visit Leadership Group in Chiang Mai
October 20 Preach at Northeast Bible School Chapel in Khon Kaen
October 27-29 Level 1 Training Seminar in Khon Kaen
November 6-9 Visit Leadership Groups in Surin and Srisaket
November 13-14 Visit Leadership Groups in Korat and Buriram

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Updated: October 06, 2020

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