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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Special Edition- June 2017

Today was my second day back to work at Bongolo Hospital after my recent stay in the US for shoulder surgery, and I wanted to let you know what is going on here so you can pray for us.​

The National Pharmacy Office (OPN) in Libreville burned down. This is the facility, which supplies all of our HIV medicines and the TB medicines for the rest of the country. We have enough TB medicines to complete the treatment for our current patients, and treat about 35 additional patients. There are thousands of patients in Gabon on TB treatment who risk interruption of their treatment and developing resistant disease.

Pray that Gabon would have the necessary medicines for its people.

The medical establishment in most of Gabon is on strike. There are some hospitals in the capital city providing reduced services. Since we are still working at Bongolo we are quite busy.
Pray for an end to the medical strike. While the strike lasts pray for strength and wisdom for us at Bongolo.

An order of medicines has been stuck in customs for several weeks because of paperwork issues. We are already out of multiple medicines including important antibiotics, blood pressure medicines and soon blood sugar test strips and HIV tests. Our main yearly order of medicines has been delayed and will not be arriving for months.

Pray for release of this order from customs and supernatural provision of the medicines we need.

Follow up from the Special Edition
In mid-June I sent a Special Edition letter with some prayer concerns, and I wanted to start with an update.
First, a shipment of needed medicines had been held in customs for several weeks. The order was released within two days after I sent the email, and we received the medicines by the end of the week.
Secondly, a fire in the warehouse of the National Pharmacy Office destroyed public health medicines. We learned that medicines for HIV are stocked in a different warehouse.

The situation with tuberculosis medicines is very sad. The medicines for the first phase (2 months) of treatment are available in Gabon. However, the medicines for the second phase (last 4 months) are not available in the rest of the country, apart from Bongolo. This is causing most patients to have an interruption in their treatment, which can cause the tuberculosis to become resistant to the normal medications. Resistant TB is difficult and expensive to treat, and a large number of people with resistant TB will be a public health disaster. No one knows when the second phase medicines will be available. Patients who have started their treatment elsewhere are coming here looking for medicine, but we do not have enough for the entire country.

Sunday School Year End Celebration
June 18th was the end of the year celebration for Sunday School. Izzi and I made over 200 cupcakes.

Last week some of my teammates visited a pygmy village. The people there are very poor and the visitors brought food and clothes. Izzi noticed that Ornella was sick, probably with a heart problem and Ornella came to see me the next day. She had been sitting up to breathe at night and her eyes and feet were swollen. I gave her medicines which will help her breathe. She had borrowed a dress to come to the doctor, so I gave her a dress of her own and a stuffed animal.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Monday June 26th was the 10-year anniversary of my arrival here in Gabon! God is good.

Prayer Requests
Tuberculosis medicines for Gabon.
Pray for my teammates, Rob and Bintou Peterson. Their baby is coming much to soon. Pray that the baby would be healthy.
Continue to pray for another long-term primary care doctor for Bongolo.

Thank you for praying.



Updated: July 08, 2017

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