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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Merry Christmas at the Bongolo Church
This year the Bongolo Alliance Church did a big Christmas Eve play. My prayer letter has pictures that sadly can't be seen here.
The angel Gabriel appearing to Mary.
Taking the census. For props, the census takers are taking the information on an old push button phone and wearing motorcycle helmets.
The angel appearing to the shepherds, who are trembling on the ground in surprise. The sheep are actors baa-ing on their hands and knees.
Lastly, a part not normally, done in US presentations, Herrod’s soldiers came in with spears to kill the boys the same age as Jesus, who were playing on the stage.

Some Bongolo patients having a Merry Christmas because of You
Many of you support Bongolo in prayer or financially. That’s what allows us to do what we do to meet medical needs and bring the good news. In 2017, 1327 people made decisions to follow Jesus at Bongolo.
Here are 3 stories of patients from the month of December who had a Merry Christmas because of you.

[In the prayer letter there is a photo of 7 women mostly wearing bright African prints, 5 of whom are wearing surgical face masks.] These ladies are tuberculosis patients and their caregivers. Several of them are getting ready to be discharged from the hospital. Under the masks it's hard to tell how much they are smiling. For the last few months, Bongolo has been one of the only places in the entire country with the medicines to treat tuberculosis.

[Photo of a toddler holding a stuffed animal.] This little guy is 2 years old and is doing so much better after finishing one month of treatment for tuberculosis. Sadly, his mother died of advanced HIV, but he will be able to start HIV treatment soon, and his father is devoted to his care.

[Photo of a girl holding up Doc McStuffins coloring book and crayons] I’ve taken care of this girl for almost 6 years since she was 2. She has never had any opportunistic infections from HIV. She is doing well in school and has the biggest personality.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Thank you for praying for us.

Thank you for contributing to the CMA’s Great Commission Fund. Your gifts to the GCF make it possible for the Alliance to send me to Bongolo and to show God’s love around the world. Here are some ways you could designate a gift:
Support of Renée Valach- goes to the Great Commission Fund toward allowance, etc.
Work of Renée Valach- for special work projects related to my ministry
BHAIDS Treatment. toward HIV treatment, particularly the pediatric patients.
BH PoorFund- You can also give a gift through the CMA for the Bongolo Benevolent fund to help patients who cant afford their care.



Updated: December 30, 2017

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