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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


July 2019
Jumping back in with both feet

I arrived back at Bongolo in mid-July and have jumped back in with both feet. Let me tell you a few stories and some things I’m thankful for.

-I was leaving the hospital to go home on a Friday evening when an ambulance raced in. A man in his 40’s had heard voices telling him to cut his throat. He listened and completely severed his windpipe, esophagus and some muscles but missed the arteries. After the surgeons sewed him back together, the chaplain’s assistant prayed with him, and he doesn’t hear the voices anymore.

*I am so thankful for our chaplains and pastors and for our surgeons.

- A girl who I help financially to attend the local high school lives with her older sister, because her parents have died. Her sister hit her in the side of the head so hard that it has probably broken some of the little bones in her inner ear causing deafness on that side. We are working on alternate living arrangements.

*I’m glad she could turn to me and knows that she is loved.

- A young woman died of tetanus, despite our best efforts. A different young, breastfeeding mother probably has mumps.

*I’m so incredibly thankful for vaccines.

- We cared for 700 gm (1.5 lb) premature, twin girls. The power went out multiple times while I was putting tiny IV catheters in their umbilical veins. At the same time the surgeons were operating on a child with a complicated cleft palate and the electrical situation was not ideal for them either.

*I’m thankful the electric upgrade project should be finished in the next few weeks, and for the ladies in the US who made the tiny hats.

- I’ve cared for a teenage boy with HIV for 10 years. He is now failing the second line medicines. To get third line medicines, he will have to have a blood test that costs about $150 and is only available in the capital city 350 miles away. Then, I will have to go to Libreville to present him to a committee of doctors who will decide if he can have medicines and which ones those will be. This week he received the last of his type of medicines we have in stock. I ordered more at the end of May, but they have not arrived.

*I’m thankful that third line medicines exist and there is hope.

- There were people with diabetic coma, terrible heart disease, pediatric kidney disease, meningitis, cerebral malaria, and demon possession. Now, I have a new record low blood count for an adult patient who survived, of Hct 5%. (I’m sure someone will be trying for 4% soon. Normal for an adult man is around 45%.) There are so many stories. God is busy at Bongolo.

Praises and Prayer Requests

-My mom’s last cancer treatment was July 26. She seemed to respond well. Thank you for praying for her.

-The electric project should be finished in the next month.

Prayer Requests
- The Bongolo team is particularly small right now as multiple teammates are in the US for various reasons. Currently, there are only 6 adult US/Canadian missionaries on the station, the Lanes, the Huangs, Paul Davis and me. Pray for our team.

Pray for Jairus and Adeline Bohimbo, missionaries sent out from Bongolo to Guinea. Both their adult son and his wife died recently. Jairus will be traveling to family in Cameroon.

-Pray for Meladee Davis, one of my teammates at Bongolo who is in the US for some health problems. Her husband Paul may need to return to the US for an undetermined length of time to be with her.

-The Gabonese health insurance is still far behind in payments to the hospital.

-Pray for a nursing instructor for the Bongolo nursing school.

-Continue to pray for another long-term primary care doctor. (You can see the Ministry Opportunity Description of this position by clicking on this link.

-Continue to pray for a Project Manager to coordinate the construction, and infrastructure projects.



Updated: August 03, 2019

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