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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


On Saturday June 9, forty-six ladies from Punta Cana traveled to a lovely large Victorian house in the middle of a sugar cane field about 40 minutes away. They went with the purpose of spending the day in God’s presence and seeking to know Him in a deeper way. God showed up in amazing ways. But the story began long before that beautiful Saturday in June.

In February, Julie met with Jaqueline, the director of the women’s ministry of Alianza. Jaqueline, generally a very shy, quiet lady, was overflowing with enthusiasm as she communicated with Julie the many ways God was speaking to her and the ladies in the discipleship groups that she was leading. The Lord was giving them a deep passion for the Word of God and being in His presence and they wanted to share that with not only the ladies of the church but their friends in the community who do not yet know the joy of following Christ.

That day, Julie and the ladies began dreaming, praying and planning a one-day ladies’ get away with the purpose of seeking Christ together in new and deeper ways. This was a tremendous leap of faith. The small leadership team of the Alianza Women’s ministry were all relatively new in leadership and had never taken on an event of this size but fully embraced the challenge with faith, joy and a great desire to serve. Over the next three months they spend many hours working so hard on every detail of the event. One lady, who is a graphic designer created a beautiful devotional diary for the ladies to help them in their daily time with the Lord. She was so excited to learn that God could use the gifts and talents He had given her to help others grow in their relationship with Jesus. Each one of the leaders contributed in wonderful ways according to the gifting that the Lord had given them. There was also a tremendous emphasis on prayer for the activity. A group of women from Alianza even committed to daily prayer and fasting once a week for the event. It is a tremendous joy for us to see these ladies growing as faith filled leaders.

From the beginning, part of the vision was that in addition to the event being for the women of Alianza, we wanted to also invite ladies who did not yet attend the church or have a relationship with Christ. God worked in some very interesting ways. A gentleman in the community whose wife is part of the leadership of the Women’s Ministry began strongly encouraging women in his office to attend the retreat. The amazing part of this story is that this man is not a believer, but he has been so impacted by the testimony of his wife and two other women from Alianza who work in his office, that he said that he knew the retreat would make a difference in the lives of these ladies.

On the Sunday before the retreat, the number of ladies signed up already exceeded the amount for which we had prayed and planned. Up until Friday before ladies continued to literally beg us to let them join us. The problem was that the place that we reserved for the event had limited space. So, we began to pray for God to open a door for all the ladies to attend. He opened doors and we were able to include all the ladies who asked to attend.

God worked in amazing ways that day. Of the 46, who attended several were ladies who were unchurched and came with a heart searching for God. There was a beautiful sweet spirt that day as we all sought the Lord together and enjoyed being in His presence. The women were encouraged to seek the Lord through His word daily and given practical ideas and tools to be able to develop this habit of bible reading and prayer. They learned of Christ’s great love for them in special ways through songs, testimony, and many creative moments in the Word of God and prayer. I, along with some of the leaders, had many opportunities talk and pray with ladies throughout the day. It was a day of sharing, laughter, tears, joyous fellowship, and experiencing Jesus love in wonderful ways. As we gathered in that beautiful peaceful setting in the middle of a sugar cane field, the sweet presence of Jesus touched each life in special ways.

One lady who had never been to an evangelical activity before wrote to Julie after the retreat and shared how she had found what see had been looking for all her life. She said that for the first time she was communicating with Jesus and hearing His voice. This was only one of many impacting testimonies. The theme of the message was “In Christ’s Presence We are Transformed.” Jesus was transforming all of us, from those just starting to learn of Christ’s love to those who were growing in leadership as we spent the day in HIS sweet presence that day in the middle of the sugar cane fields.
Thank you for accompanying us this wonderful day through your prayers and giving. Jesus is transforming lives and raising up leaders here in Punta Cana and you are very much a part of this amazing work of God. Your faithful prayers and sacrificial giving to the Great Commission Fund and our Work Special Funds make these events possible.

May you be greatly blessed, and may your lives be filled with the sweet presence of Jesus.

Check out our webpage for a special video and pictures of the retreat.

God bless you!

Joyfully Living the call together
Zac and Julie Stutler

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Prayer Requests

Prayer Request for Zac and Julie Stutler
• Pray that we would always walk closely with Jesus and that God would make our agenda each moment. Pray that God would be glorified in our lives and shine through us every day.
• Pray for AMA - Alianza Matrimonios Asombrosos (Alliance Awesome Marriages) - our new couples ministry. Pray that God would lead and direct in this important ministry and that families would be impacted for Christ.
• Pray for the different counseling opportunities that the Lord is giving us lately. Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and use us in the lives of the people involved.
• Pray for our ministry of Marriage Coaching using Prepare and Enrich. Pray that God would use this ministry to help many couples have stronger marriages. Pray also that we would be able to expand this ministry to couples outside the church also.
• Pray for the AliTeens leaders that God would continue to lead and direct them and that many teens would come to know and follow Jesus. Julie is in a role as mentor to the two youth leaders. Pray that God would use her to train these two very talented young adults and help them to make disciples of the teens in Punta Cana.
• Pray for the Alianza Kids ministry that God would continue to use this ministry to reach many children and impact their families
• Pray for the need for more space for Sunday morning services.
o Pray that God will give wisdom to the committee that will be investigating possibilities for expansion and the church´s own building. Pray for Zac as he leads this committee.
o Pray for God’s financial provision for expansion of our church facilities.
o Pray for creative ideas of how to solve the space problem that we presently have since any construction will take time.
• Pray for the Theological Education by Extension program. Pray that God would continue to work in great ways through those leading the classes and those studying in TEE. Pray that God would use this program to develop leaders in Alianza.
• Pray for the small groups.
o That these would be outreaches into their communities.
o That God would raise up local leaders for these groups.
o That these groups would multiply and that there would be many new groups in the future.

• Pray that we can continue to reach out to our friends and neighbors.
• Pray for various members of Alianza who are having serious health issues. Pray for God’s healing touch.
• Pray that God would bless and care for our children and grandchildren in the US. Pray also that we would be able to continue developing strong relationships with the grandkids (Lincoln and Reagan) via Skype.

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Updated: July 01, 2018

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