J P and Judy Schultz

Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


JP and Judy arrived in Indonesia on July 5, 2017. JP and Judy are the Envision site coordinators for Envision Bandung, Indonesia.

JP and Judy have the privilege of serving Envision in many different ways. They have received a number of inters in the last year. This is a time to speak into their lives and help them grow in their walk and figure out what God has for them. They have also received a couple of two year residents. These residents learn the Indonesian language and then get involved in all that Envision is doing in Bandung.

A recent event that took place was English Village. This was a 12 day intensive English camp for Indonesian. There were 13 participants. A team from the US came to help teach English. This program was a huge success. JP and Judy look forward to being a part of English Village once a year.

Another huge part of their ministry is hosting short term teams. They have had the opportunity to take these teams to the organizations that we partner with. They then volunteer and do an amazing job in these places.

JP and Judy live at a place called Green Gate. The compound is a former MK school. Because of the great facilities they get to host a number of conferences. In the span of one year 670 people stayed a Green Gate for one reason or another.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1. Pray for JP and Judy in their ministry in Bandung, Indonesia. They need to raise $4260 per month. Because of very many generous people they are currently fully supported. Pray that they can maintain that level of support.

2. Pray as they are busy taking care of interns, residents, and teams.

3. Pray their families in America. Judy recently lost her Mom. Pray for her Dad. Pray for their two daughters and their husbands. Pray for their third daughter as she starts teaching at Dalat School in Malaysia.

4. Pray as they look into developing ministries and partnering with the local churches.

5. Pray as they continue to grow the Envision program in Bandung. They are wanting to see many interns and short term teams minister with them.

6. Pray for JP and Judy as they are on Home Assignment until the middle of May. Pray that God will use them in their Stateside ministry as they garner financial and prayer support.

Updated: January 09, 2020

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