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By Esther Schaeffer, missionary to Burkina Faso
September 1, 2018

Several months ago our son David proposed to Jillian and she said “yes!”
A few weeks later we received a "save the date" postcard, announcing the date of their wedding.

Burkina Faso also has a form of "save the date." When we received David and Jillian’s announcement, I bought a big bag of salt, divided it into small measures and put them into little bags. Then I handed out these salt bags to my friends and neighbors, informing them that our son would be getting married. In Burkina it is our way of saying, "You're invited to the wedding, save the date."

A disturbed woman began attending one of the Bible studies I teach. She often disrupted the study and her words were incoherent. During prayer times she would get up and run out of the church. Fatigued Bible study members were ready to dismiss her. Hoping to calm her, I encouraged her to sit near me and always included her in our prayer requests.

After several weeks of this erratic behavior, she became calmer and began to remain still until the end of the study. The week I brought my salt bags, she was there. When I handed her a little bag, she was surprised and hesitated to take it.

"Go on," I said, "This is for you."

She grasped that bag of salt as if it contained gold and lowered her head to say “thank you.” Through the rest of the Bible study she remained silent.

The following week, she listened quietly as I taught. Afterward she came up and took my hand. The other women watched, wondering what she would do next. It seems they feared she might wrestle me to the floor.

But, with the other women listening in, the disturbed woman said the first coherent words I heard her say. "When you have the wedding, I want to come and help you with the cooking."

Her sincerity brought tears to my eyes. My simple "save the date" had gotten through to her, had assured her that I wanted her to be with us.

This is essentially Jesus’ invitation to humanity. He wants every one of us to be present at His wedding feast. He loves us! He wants us to be with Him forever.

In Revelation 22:17 we read, "The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’” Let all who have known the pain of rejection, disappointment and loneliness, come! All are invited! The date has been set, the invitations have been sent.

But, in a very real sense, these “save the date” cards are still in our hands. We are the ones to send out the invitations, to do the inviting. When it comes to this wedding, there is no limit on the number of guests, no fear that there will not be enough space or food.

A small gesture of kindness made a big difference for a troubled woman in Burkina. It will make a difference for those the Lord brings your way as well.

The date of this heavenly wedding is fast approaching. Let’s work together to get these "save the date" invitations out as soon as possible!

Working and waiting,

Esther and Andrew

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

September 3, 2018
1. Praise the Lord for two who accepted the invitation and received Christ this past Sunday at the Signs of Grace Deaf Church in Cleveland! Pray as Signs of Grace consider ways to partner with us in reaching Burkina’s deaf community.

2. Pray for teammates, Toby and Kiersten Hull, as they resettle after a year of home assignment. Pray for strength and wisdom as they care for administrative responsibilities and resume their ministries.

3. Pray that the 600+ Alliance pastors in Burkina will be encouraged as they gather Sept 17-22 at Maranatha Bible Institute for a Pastors’ Conference.

4. We are scheduled to return to Burkina on Oct 9th. Pray for God’s enabling and blessing on our engagements before our departure:
•Sept 7: Grace (Middleburg Heights OH) prayer group (A&E)
•Sept 7-9: Coshocton (OH) Alliance Church (Andrew)
•Sept 9: Minerva (OH) Community Church (Esther)
•Sept 10-12: Central District Prayer Conference
•Sept 13: Calvary (Cincinnati OH) Alliance Church (Esther)
•Sept 14-16: Akron (OH) Alliance, King’s Way and Riverside Alliance Churches (A&E)
•Sept 30: Grace Church (A&E)
•Oct 6-7: Carlisle (PA) Alliance Church (A&E)

August 13, 2018
1. This Saturday is our son David and Jillian Hancock’s wedding in Danville, Pennsylvania. Please pray for God’s blessings on their marriage and future together.

2. This month some of our believing friends in Burkina are taking exams, hoping to land civil service jobs. Pray that God will grant them wisdom and jobs where they can have an influence for good.

3. Colleagues Toby and Kiersten Hull return this week to Burkina Faso. Pray for safe travels and God’s grace, especially as they leave their three oldest children at college and boarding school.

4. Pray for the biennial Pastors Conference to be held at MBI from Sept 17-22. Pray that the Lord will use speaker Brent Haggerty to inspire and challenge each pastor.

August 8, 2018
1. Just ten days until our son David's wedding to Jillian. Pray for all those who will be traveling. Pray that in all things Christ would be glorified.

2. We have the opportunity to speak in Zanesville, a community church in New York City, Mansfield, and at the deaf church in Middleburg Heights. Pray that we would be an encouragement to each one and that we would clearly present missions.

3. Pastors' kids seminar is taking place in Bobo-Dioulasso. Pray that all the details would be worked out, that many would attend, that the Lord would meet all the needs of the conference, and that this would be a time of healing and strengthening for our pastors' children.

4. Pray for Rebekah as she gets ready for college that will start just after David's wedding. We also have an unspoken request for our family.

Burkina Faso


Updated: September 03, 2018

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