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By Andrew Schaeffer, September 6, 2019

When I was a student at Alliance Theological Seminary (1988-90), my favorite professor was Dr. Tite Tiénou. From Burkina Faso, Dr. Tiénou was professor of systematic theology and missions. Since I had already sensed God’s call to serve as a missionary in West Africa, I found Dr. Tiénou’s missions classes especially interesting.

During those ATS years, Alliance church leaders in Africa began acting on a vision to establish the first graduate level theological institution in French West Africa to offer a master’s degree. Their goal was to provide a strongly biblical and contextualized theological education that would prepare students for evangelistic and church-related ministries throughout Africa.

Dr. Tiénou was designated to serve as the first dean of the Alliance’s first seminary in West Africa. In 1993 he and his family moved to Abidjan and, with the help of a few other professors, founded the West Africa Alliance Seminary (FATEAC in French). For the past 25 years God has used the FATEAC to train leaders for His church throughout French-speaking Africa. In Burkina Faso, for example, the church president, Maranatha Bible School director and ACCEDES development director all trained at the FATEAC.

This past year the FATEAC celebrated her 25th anniversary by broadening her offerings and morphing into l’Université de l’Alliance Chrétienne d’Abidjan (UACA or The Christian Alliance University of Abidjan). The FATEAC was the Alliance’s first seminary in West Africa; now UACA is the Alliance’s first university in West Africa.

This month the UACA begins offering bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in Bible and theology, Bible translation, leadership development, sociology and anthropology. The expanded program will enable the UACA to have an even larger impact throughout the 31 countries in French-speaking Africa.

Recently I was asked to serve as the Mission representative to the UACA Board. At my first board meeting in July it was exciting to hear UACA President Issiaka Coulibaly’s report and to hear his large vision for this new Christian University – the Alliance’s first in Africa.

Please join me in prayer for God’s provision and blessing on this new endeavor. Pray that He will bless UACA with a strong 2019-20 enrollment, adequate finances and a great impact for kingdom expansion.

Many thanks,

Andrew and Esther too

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Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
Mission Protestante C&MA
B.P. 3050; Bobo Dioulasso
Burkina Faso, West Africa


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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Sept 6, 2019

1. We praise the Lord for a great West Africa Teams Forum last month with Alliance Vice President Terry and Ruth Smith, Gary and Amy Roedding and John and Sophia Burgo. They led us in worship, fed us from the Word and cared for the mks.

2. New workers Mike and Renee Olivier and their sons, Miles (7) and Levi (4) are making a good adjustment to Burkina. Traveling home from Forum by bus, Esther and teammate Kiersten encountered Cecile, a believer who has been teaching for many years at the French School in Bobo. We were all so pleased to learn that her two sons are also 7- and 4-years-old and that Cecile would be teaching the 4-year-old pre-school class, an answer to our prayers!

3. Yesterday Korotimi took deaf interpreter Robyn Brown, Mike and Esther to her village to visit a few unschooled deaf children. Pray that the Lord will provide scholarships for them to be able to go to school.

4. Next week Esther will make a two-week trip to the USA to visit our new granddaughter Eliana, born August 6th, and attend Hope’s first birthday. Hope is crawling and doing so well now, thank you for all your prayers! Please pray for safe travels for Esther and for Robyn, who has been such a wonderful blessing to us during the past 6 weeks. Robyn will be returning to her home in Salem.

Aug 31, 2019

1. We thank the Lord for the good transition the Oliviers have made to our Bobo Team. Lots of answers to prayer and signs of the Lord's goodness. Pray now as their boys begin school and Mike and Renee begin French language study.

2. Pray as we follow up with a young woman who accepted Christ through our hospital ministry. Pray that she will make friends at her church and grow in her faith. We are helping her to learn a trade. Pray that she will take advantage of this opportunity and realize the benefits it will have for her.

3. We are very thankful for our two granddaughters. We praise the Lord that Hope began crawling this past week. Thank you for your prayers!

4. Pray for the Alliance Men as they organize extended times of prayer in our churches. Pray for the peace of Burkina Faso, especially as the new school year begins.

Aug 13, 2019

1. Please pray for God’s blessings on each of this month’s camps. Pray that each camper will encounter God in a new way.

2. Last week a young woman accepted Christ at the hospital. Now she faces some difficult decision. Pray for wisdom and for her growth in Christ.

3. Several pastors’ families have been hit recently by illness, including cancer and malaria. Pray that they will be able to testify of God’s grace and healing power in their lives.

4. Recently lightning caused damage at the Bobo radio station. Pray for protection of the expensive equipment at each of the 4 radio stations during this rainy season so that the Gospel can be proclaimed without hindrance.

5. Andrew has been asked to serve on the board of the West Africa Alliance Seminary, now the Alliance University of Abidjan. Please pray for strong enrollment and God’s blessing on this strategic institution as it trains African leaders.

Burkina Faso


Updated: September 07, 2019

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