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By Esther Schaeffer in Burkina Faso
December 6, 2018

Dear friends,

When we use the Orality method for telling a Bible story, the first follow-up question we ask is: "What touched you the most in this story?" When I think about the story of the wise men, what touches me the most is our heavenly Father’s foresight in providentially guiding them to meet the needs of Joseph, Mary and their newborn baby. At just the right moment our heavenly Father revealed a brilliant star to eastern astronomers living hundreds of miles away so that their arrival in Bethlehem would coincide with the timing of the baby’s birth and the material needs his earthly parents’ would have. Those wise men probably had absolutely no idea what a blessing their gifts would prove to be. Yet they came, worshipped the newborn King and left their treasures at His feet.

When it comes to our humble acts of worship, we often have no idea the impact they will have. We proclaim the Good News and share Jesus’ love in a hundred different ways. We walk among the poor and needy. We visit the sick and those in prison. We pray that those walking in darkness will see in us a glimpse of Jesus and be drawn to Him. Shining His light is what we believers are supposed to do, right?

Every Wednesday our ministry team visits Bobo’s central hospital. A few days ago, we were sitting on a bench waiting for the rest of our team to arrive. Normally we wait in the chapel. But, since the chapel was occupied, we sat outside in full view of all those passing by.

While we waited and prayed together, a man approached us, accompanied by a woman with a large tumor on the left side of her body. He interrupted us and asked, "Do you pray for the sick?" Then he introduced his sister, explaining to us that they were trying to see a doctor. He said that his sister had just become a Christian and was asking for prayer.

We informed him that we too were Christ-followers who were there to pray for the sick. After we prayed together for his sister, the brother smiled and thanked us. "I know God has heard your prayers." Our team spontaneously took up a collection in hopes of helping this dear sister get the medical attention she so obviously needed. Then we said our goodbyes and left to visit the wards.

Like the wise men, we too invest precious time and resources, rarely knowing the impact they will have. As we serve, we trust our Heavenly Father to continue to guide His followers today to the people and places where they are most needed. “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).

As Christmas approaches and another year comes to an end, we thank you for your faithful prayers and giving to our ministry as your act of worship to the newborn King. We know that our heavenly Father continues to guide His followers today and uses their acts of worship to bless others.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Esther and Andrew Schaeffer


By Esther Schaeffer in Burkina Faso
November 13, 2018

Dear friends,

This was a big summer for my next-door neighbor and me. We both had a child get married and welcomed our first grandchild. But, because Andrew and I were on home assignment, my neighbor and I were not together. It was not easy to miss these important events in her life.

When she and her family moved next door 14 years ago, Andrew and I began to pray for them. Our friendship took time to develop but eventually began to strengthen. When she told me she was listening to my radio broadcasts I was thrilled, especially since I knew her family belonged to Burkina’s majority religion. I was encouraged when she would tell me how much she respected us for leaving the United States and coming to Burkina.

Later I was disheartened when she began to practice her religion more seriously. When I would visit her, I would often find her kneeling on her prayer mat. Her initial openness seemed to dissipate, even though our friendship remained strong.

The other day I stopped by for a visit – my first time to see her since our return to Burkina last month. I was eager to catch up and hear about her wedding and granddaughter.

During our visit she told me a fascinating story. Before her daughter’s wedding, she was having a hard time sleeping. She worried that the food at the wedding reception would run out, a common concern here in Burkina. She also worried about her family and friend’s criticisms if things didn’t go just right.

Then one night she had a dream. In the dream she found herself walking over to my house. When she arrived, my house was full of women singing and clapping – a common occurrence. (Since our windows are often open, she can obviously hear what goes on in our home!) As she entered the living room, one of the women said to her, "Don't worry about your wedding. Everything will be just fine. We are praying for you."

When she woke up it dawned on her, "Surely Madame Schaeffer is praying for me." She explained to me that the dream reassured her that God would provide and that her daughter’s wedding would be a success.
How I thank the Lord for that dream! We often hear how God uses dreams here to speak to people. This dream reassured me that He continues to work in my neighbor’s life.

I thank the Lord that He works in ways we cannot always see. As we pray for our neighbors and friends, He begins to work, arranging circumstances and even using dreams. Let’s be sensitive to the often quiet and subtle ways God uses to draw people to Himself.

Partnering with Him,

Esther Schaeffer

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Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
Mission Protestante C&MA
B.P. 3050; Bobo Dioulasso
Burkina Faso, West Africa


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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

December 6, 2018:
1. Pray that the Lord will use our hospital team to heal, help and draw many people to Himself.

2. A container arrived from Holland with insulated sheet metal and solar supplies for Maranatha Bible Institute’s new classroom building. Pray for protection for Anco and his team as they install solar panels at Maranatha and at the Alliance radio stations later this month.

3. We thank the Lord for last week’s visit to Poundou Bible and Agricultural School. Pray for the 83 students in the women’s program, that each one would grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

4. Thank you for your prayers for our granddaughter Hope. She is doing well, gaining weight and now at home, praise the Lord! Andrew and I are looking forward to holding her for the first time during a 10-day Christmas trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio.

December 2, 2018
1. We are thankful for the good work being done at the prison. Our team remains strong and committed and we are seeing some changes among the prisoners, especially with the young men. Thank you for your prayers.

2. Our pastors' wives will be meeting this week. Pray that we can be an encouragement to these women and that each of us would be strengthened in our faith. Pray for two of our pastors' wives who are seriously ill.

3. Our English club seems to have settled down to about 35 students. Five or six are studying at a local university. Pray that we would have opportunities to share about the Lord Jesus in the midst of the verb parsing.

4. We thank the Lord for a good day of teaching at the Poundou Bible School. Pray for the 83 women, that they would be motivated to grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

November 23, 2018
1. We are thankful for each one of you and for your support of our ministry. Your giving allows us to show God's goodness to many. Pray for the four deaf young women who have been given scholarships in a sewing school. Pray that they would quickly adapt.

2. The container arrived and immediately the work began on installing a special roof and solar panels on the new building at our Bible school. This will help our campus to become more self-sustaining. The container also brought over 700 chairs for our Central Church. I was teaching Bible study when chairs were seen going by the window. One of the women exclaimed, "We just prayed that the Lord would provide chairs!" Needless to say this wonderful provision up-staged any teaching I had hoped to do!

3. We thank the Lord that our grandbaby hope is doing so well. She is home now and we are thankful for the huge miracle of healing that has taken place in her little body.

4. Kiersten Hull and I start teaching at the Poundou Bible School this week. Pray for discernment in this important ministry. We have 83 women students.

November 13, 2018:
1. Hundreds of young women came to the meetings and seminars we organized with the Salem Alliance Women’s team. Pray that each of these young women will follow Christ whole-heartedly.

2. Praise the Lord for a great start to our new Bible School year. Pray that we teachers will be Spirit-filled and that our students would understand and apply God’s Word to their lives and ministries.

3. Pray for the prison team’s spiritual retreat and that God’s Spirit will lead us as we look to expand our ministry.

4. Pray for me as I participate in an English club at Maranatha High School. Over 70 students attended our first meeting!

5. We thank the Lord that our grandbaby Hope is growing well and out of the NICU. Pray with us that she will be able to move home soon.

Burkina Faso


Updated: December 08, 2018

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