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November 3, 2020

Dear friends,

The country where we serve is facing a huge humanitarian crisis. Food shortages are reported, and our local churches are grappling with growing numbers of displaced people, due to terrorist attacks.

In light of this, it may seem strange that our focus is often on one child, one widow or one person in need. However, we cannot forget how often our Lord Jesus, surrounded by a crowd, focused on one individual.

Spurgeon says that God "does not care for the pomp and pageantry of kings; He does not listen to the drums of war; He does not regard the triumph and pride of man. But wherever there is a heart enlarged with sorrow, the heart of Jehovah is open."

Our Lord heard the cry of Moussa, a young deaf man from a nearby village who was often ignored, bullied, and all alone. Through miraculous circumstances, He provided for this young man to learn to sew and earn a living, joining several other deaf teens!

Our Lord also heard the cry of a widow who six years ago agreed to care for a grandson with a sore on his leg. What seemed a small problem has evolved into a huge infection. His grandmother sells bread, but it is not enough. Our Lord heard this widow’s cry and providentially led us last month to Florent’s bedside with food and medication and the hope that Florent will be healthy again.

Our Lord has also heard the cry of two sisters. The younger sister, a student, got pregnant and has been kicked out of her family's courtyard. Her older sister, a believer in our prayer group at church, has convinced her younger sister to keep the baby and has taken her into her home. But, lacking the means to care for doctor’s visits and delivery costs, she brought her to us.
The power of one believing relative and one act of kindness can have a profound impact on an entire family ... and on the generations to come. When we feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of problems in our world, let's remember that our Lord Jesus is concerned about the individual, the one.

He also wants to use each one of us to help that one person in need. Perhaps He is asking you or me to share the Good News with a neighbor, to disciple a new believer, to support a missionary, or to help a friend in need. Who knows the chain reaction that this one act might begin? May we be those who are willing to be useful to those in need around us, even if it is just one other person.

Blessings, Esther Schaeffer

1. Praise the Lord for a wonderful Women’s Day in Burkina Alliance churches this past Sunday.
2. With the arrival of the upper-class students this past week, Maranatha Bible Institute is in full swing. Poundou Bible and Agricultural School is building a new dorm in anticipation of record enrollment. Poundou classes begin November 16.
3. Andrew will be participating remotely in the Christian Alliance University of Abidjan (UACA in French; formerly FATEAC) board meetings later this month.
4. Pray for presidential elections to be held in Burkina November 22nd presidential elections here in Burkina.

Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
Mission Protestante C&MA B.P. 3050;
Bobo-Dioulasso 01 Burkina Faso, West Africa

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Nov 27, 2020

1. Our Thanksgiving, like yours, was very different, but we are truly thankful for all the Lord's blessings and good gifts to us! We are especially grateful to be able to serve in these days and at this time in Burkina Faso. And we thank you for supporting us.

2. Pray for a young man from the detention center who is very disturbed and ran away yesterday morning. We had prayed over him the week before and pray now that he can be found and brought back into a safe environment where he can get the help he needs.

3. Thank you for praying for Florent, the young man sick for six years and in need of medical intervention. It was wonderful to see him smiling when we visited. Pray for complete healing.

4. Pray as we prepare for December events. We hope to do a distribution at the hospital, detention center, and the handicap center. We also are hoping to schedule something for the children at the deaf school. Pray that each event would allow people to realize Christ, the best gift of all.
Nov 20, 2020

1. Christmas came early to our widows as we met yesterday to pray and hear the Word of God. We work with over 300 widows. We thank you who give so that we can provide needed food and clothing to these women. Pray that the Lord would continue to meet each need, emotionally and physically.

2. We met yesterday with the 22 boys at the detention center. All have accepted Christ and are happy to have us come. Pray as we organize a Christmas event that would be meaningful, but also a ton of fun. One new arrival is dealing with mental issues. Pray that the love of Christ would reach him.

3. Thank you for praying for one of our widows that was suffering with cancer. She came by this week to share that she has been restored to almost complete health and that she is able to card for her family.

4. We praise the Lord for another answer to prayer. One of our pastoral couples studying at the Bible School went five years without children. This past week a baby girl was born to them. It is a huge testimony to faith and answered prayer.

Nov 13, 2020

1. We are so thankful for good health. As the dust picks up and COVID cases rise, we are thankful. Pray that the Lord would grant us the mental and physical stamina we need for the ministry.

2. Hope to begin this week to work with autistic children that attend the deaf school. Pray that we would make the most of the limited time that we have with these children. Also pray as we work to provide signing classes for two at our sewing school and some other supplemental sewing skills.

3. We share in the grief of the significant loss of one of our church's key evangelists, Michel Bonkian. He died in a car accident on Sunday morning. Pray for his wife and their children and for the church that he had recently planted in a resistant area of Burkina.

4. Pray for the families of soldiers recently killed in attacks. Pray for chaplains and Christians in the military. Pray that the Lord would restore peace, especially as we face presidential elections this month.

Nov 6, 2020

1. Such a time as we await election results. Campaigning has started in Burkina (they give about 3 weeks for the parties to campaign). Pray that all would pass without incident here, there, and everywhere.

2. Pray for us as we seek the Lord's guidance in determining practical ways that we can help with the increasing number of displaced people and children that could be at risk.

2. Pray for our Bible schools as extra classes have been added to accommodate a second level program. It means a heavier workload for teachers. Pray for patience and understanding as we work to ensure a solid education for our pastors and their wives.

3. We praise the Lord that Florent, a young man with a debilitating illness is finally able to have a much needed surgery. We are grateful to be well resourced through the Great Commission Fund to help those in need of medical care. Pray for complete healing for Florent and that he would understand the Good News of the Gospel. He has been sick much of the past six years.

4. We thank the Lord for an excellent day of teaching with the young people in our churches. Pray that they will have been encouraged in their spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus.

Oct 30, 2020

1. We are thankful for the good meetings held with church leaders serving in difficult areas of the country. Andrew was able to share with them from the book of Acts and church history how believers have handled persecution. Pray for pastors that are confronted by enormous needs in their area of service.

2. We are sponsoring an event for young people in our city. Pray that they will come and that they will be open to hear from the Lord. Pray that they would be an encouragement to each other, especially as many are looking for work.

3. Our Bible school will be fully operational this next week as the remaining students arrive. Pray as they settle in to classes and adjust to the many changes that are taking place at both of our Bible school campuses.

4. A woman from one of our churches has suffered with thyroid issues for several years. After thinking that she was getting better, she has relapsed and is dealing with a lot of issues. Pray that we can love well, help well, and that she would experience physical and spiritual healing.
Oct 23, 2020

1. Andrew and I have many opportunities to share the Good News of Christ. Pray that we would be true messengers of the Lord Jesus who faithfully proclaim His every Word.

2. Church leaders will be gathering next week to discuss several challenges facing our nation and our churches. Pray for Andrew as he speaks during the opening session.

3. Pray for a village church that is inviting all the widows in their community for a meal, food distribution, and encouragement from the Word of God. Pray as I speak to that group, that they would understand clearly the Good News of the Gospel and the love of the Lord for those in difficult circumstances.

4. Pray for a young woman brought to the hospital chapel who is confronted by evil spirits that appear in dreams and when she is in school or church. Pray for deliverance and that her whole family would put their trust in the Lord Jesus.

October 16, 2020

1. Pray for several students at our Bible school who are sick. Several of our pastors are also suffering from malaria. Pray for healing and that all would soon be able to resume their activities.

2. We are thankful for answered prayer concerning schooling options for several young people that we sponsor. After several days of searching, we were finally able to find a place for a student wanting to study welding. We also are now sponsoring 11 deaf young people at a sewing school.

3. Pray for chaplains serving in the military. They face many challenges especially as pertains to military families. Pray for the churches that are located on the military bases, that they would be a source of encouragement to all those serving in the military.

4. Pray as we explore different options to help displaced people. Pray as our national church and several church districts are raising funds to help those in difficulty.

Burkina Faso


Updated: November 27, 2020

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