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After Rebekah’s June 16th graduation (with honors!) from Black Forest Academy, our family headed to Salzburg, Austria for a week of vacation. En route, we stopped to visit King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle, which served as the inspiration for Disney’s castle design. As a child Ludwig discovered the perfect peak for a castle in the mountains near his boyhood home. Shortly after he became king in 1864 at the age of 18, Ludwig hired up to 300 people per day to climb to the peak at 3087 feet to build his dream home. For the next 22 years, Ludwig ruled Bavaria and supervised the massive construction project. But he lived in the castle only 172 days and never completely finished it. Ludwig drowned mysteriously at the age of 40. Within 6 weeks of his death curious tourists began to visit his castle in the sky. Today approximately 6 million visit every year.

The next day we climbed even higher to Kehlsteinhaus, Adolph Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. We took a specially made bus up an incredibly steep mountain, overwhelmed by the ever-improving views of the valley below as we climbed. When we reached the parking area, we exited the bus and made our way through an imposing stone tunnel to a polished brass elevator. Hitler’s private secretary, who commissioned the construction of the Eagle’s Nest in 1937, wanted to impress his boss’ guests! The elevator lifted us another 407 feet to Hitler’s retreat center at 6017 feet. While modest compared to King Ludwig II’s castle, the Eagle’s Nest’s panoramic views are even more stunning. But Hitler visited the site only 14 times before his death in 1945, when the site was claimed by the Allied powers. Today thousands of people visit Kehlsteinhaus every summer.

If King Ludwig II and Hitler were allowed to return today, they would undoubtedly be shocked to witness all the tourists who stream through their homes every day. I wonder if they would regret having invested so much in kingdoms that lasted so briefly.

What are you and I building today? A castle in the sky might be impressive and attract future admirers, but will it last the test of time?

If you want to build something lasting, invest in your church and its mission. Jesus said, “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). Only His church will truly stand the test of time!

Building our castle in heaven!

Andrew & Esther Schaeffer

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July - September 2018
Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
7545 Webster Road
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

October 10, 2018 and beyond
Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
Mission Protestante C&MA
B.P. 3050; Bobo Dioulasso
Burkina Faso, West Africa

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

July 3, 2018
1. We praise the Lord for a wonderful vacation and Rebekah’s high school graduation. Now she is making great progress learning to drive.

2. This past weekend we moved to Grace Church’s missionary house:
Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
7545 Webster Road
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
Visitors are welcome!

3. Pray that God will bless your church and its leaders. Pray too that He will bless the Burkina Alliance Church President and its leaders.

4. Pray for $50,000 for the installation of solar panels and batteries at Maranatha Bible Institute.

5. Pray for the following events on our calendar:
•July 8: Northview Alliance Church (Wooster OH)
•July 10-12: Schaeffer sibling reunion
•July 8-20: Rebekah at Re-entry Seminar (Cedarville University)
•July 14-19: Home Assignment Seminar (Colorado Springs CO)
•July 27-30: Visit son Stephen in Wichita, Kansas
•August 3-5: North Woodbury Alliance Church (Mt. Gilead OH)
•August 7: Orrville (OH) Alliance Church
•August 12: Zanesville (OH) Alliance Church
•August 18: Son David and Jillian Hancock wedding (Danville PA)
•August 19: Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village (New York, NY)
•August 23: Signs of Grace Deaf Church (Middleburg Heights OH)
•August 26: First Alliance Church (Mansfield OH)

June 8, 2018:
1. Praise the Lord for church planting initiatives in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso. Pray that the Belleville Church plant near the university will continue to grow.

2. Pray for pastors serving in northern Burkina Faso, where a pastor and a few of his family members were recently kidnapped. Pray for protection and boldness in sharing the Gospel.

3. We praise the Lord that we were able to attend Mark’s May 19th graduation from Grove City College. Next week we travel to Germany for Rebekah's June 16th graduation from Black Forest Academy. Pray God's blessings over each of the graduates.

4. Pray for Deaf School students who are preparing for their final exams. Pray that the Lord would send workers to partner with us in reaching the deaf community.

5. Our home assignment is off to a good start. We have already enjoyed opportunities to minister at First Baptist Church (Danville PA), Chapel Pointe (Carlisle, PA) and Warren Alliance Church (Warren PA). Please pray for our upcoming engagements:
• July 8: Northview Alliance Church (Wooster OH)
• August 3-5: North Woodbury Alliance Church (Mt. Gilead OH)
• August 7: Orrville Alliance Church (Orrville OH)
• August 12: Zanesville Alliance Church (Zanesville OH)
• August 19: Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village (New York, NY)
• August 26: First Alliance Church (Mansfield OH)

May 23, 2018
1. We are thankful that we could attend our son Mark's graduation from Grove City College. Pray for him as he applies for jobs.

2. Pray for the four Alliance radio stations in Burkina Faso as they prepare to celebrate the ministry of the radio with an afternoon of praise and sharing of testimonies. Pray for those who will be sharing their testimonies. Pray for the continued ministry of the radio stations.

3. Pray for the grain distributions organized by Alliance ministries that are taking place in famine areas in the north of Burkina Faso. Pray for those coordinating these efforts and that the name of Jesus would be glorified.

4. Pray for peace in Burkina Faso. Pray for the military and for those in leadership as they make decisions to protect the country from jihadists.

May 18, 2018
1. With literally moments to spare we dashed onto our plane in Paris and made it safely to Dulles. Our soon-to-be daughter met us. Today, Lord willing, we head to Grove City for Mark's graduation. Thank you for praying.

2. Pray for Rachel Millogo, a woman who is quite ill with thyroid problems. She literally washed my feet with her tears, feeling very lost at our going. She has been well connected to strong believers. Pray that the Lord would bring complete healing for her.

3. Pray for students in Burkina Faso as they prepare for year-end exams. Pray especially for the children of our widows, that they would successfully pass their exams and be able to find work.

4. Pray for our Bible School students as they begin ministry. For most of them it means securing fields in their villages where they can plant a crop. Pray that their churches would love and accept them and that they would have open doors for the Gospel.

Burkina Faso


Updated: July 03, 2018

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Burkina Faso
7545 Webster Rd
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

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