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by Andrew Schaeffer, June 4, 2020

Robert Coleman introduces his timeless classic, The Master Plan of Evangelism, with these words: “It all started by Jesus calling a few men to follow him … Remarkable as it may seem, Jesus started to gather these men before he ever organized an evangelistic campaign or even preached a sermon in public. Men were to be his method of winning the world to God.” In the following chapters, Coleman demonstrates from the Gospels how Jesus revolutionized the world by identifying, training, and commissioning the few - his disciples - to multiply by making more disciples.

That is our goal at Maranatha Bible Institute. We are discipling a few men and women so as to reach Burkina Faso for Jesus Christ. Men like Adama Sawadogo, whose church recognized his pastoral aptitude and, in 2013, sent him for training at Maranatha Bible Institute. Adama immediately distinguished himself in class as a disciplined student and gifted storyteller. His classmates also recognized his leadership gifts and, at the beginning of his senior year, elected him to be the student body president.

When I am invited to speak in churches, I often ask the Maranatha Director for a student to accompany me and interpret my French into Jula, for those who only speak the local trade language. The Director, eager to broaden Adama’s ministry perspective during his senior year, kept encouraging me to take him. Adama soon became my favorite interpreter. After listening to me hour after hour in class, he was familiar with my accent and line of thought. So, Adama could quickly and accurately interpret my message, phrase by phrase, into Jula.

On one such trip to a church in Bama, the rice village just 30 miles northwest of Bobo-Dioulasso, I learned that Adama had never traveled this road before. So, after the church service, we took time to visit the rice project together. Adama was so impressed with the vast rice fields and appreciative of the opportunity to see something new. A humble and teachable student, Adama was recognized at graduation as both the top student preacher and the 2017 class valedictorian.

Following graduation, Adama was assigned to pastor a new church plant in Houndé, his home district. Even though the cement floor was not completely dry when he moved his family into their new little home, Adama didn’t complain. He settled in and gave himself heart and soul to this church family. Before long, Houndé District leaders asked Adama to move again and to serve as chaplain to 600+ students at the new Houndé Christian High School. Adama was pleased with this opportunity to evangelize and disciple these future leaders. Recently, the district leaders came knocking again, asking Adama to take on another new church plant, in addition to his chaplaincy role at the high school.

After being discipled and trained at Maranatha Bible Institute, Adama is now actively following through on the Master’s method – training and discipling others! Are we?

Your fellow disciple,

Andrew Schaeffer

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Andrew & Esther Schaeffer
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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

September 15, 2020

1. We are good to go, negative COVID test, thanks for praying. And thanks for you who sent helpful suggestions. Pray now that we will make connections, luggage arrive with us, and for the readjustment.

2. We received news of the passing of one of our outstanding women of faith, a woman very involved in prayer and advocating for justice. Pray for our Burkinabe national church as they grieve this huge loss, for her family, for her children and grandchildren, and the many who benefitted from her wisdom.

3. Our prayer is that we would go joyfully. So much of our walk with the Lord Jesus is joy and sorrow all mixed up together. We are thankful to serve and thankful for you who send us and pray for us, but sad to leave our children and grandchildren.

4. Pray that we will use our quarantine time wisely to prepare for the new school year and our teaching ministries.
Andrew and Esther Schaeffer Prayer Requests Sept 11, 2020

1. We are scheduled to leave next week but we still have not found a way to secure a COVID test with quick results. Pray as we make calls to find a place and that we could focus on our family this weekend.

2. The goodbyes are going to be difficult. You can imagine. Pray for the grace of God to carry us along. Pray that we would go joyfully with renewed vision.

3. Pray for our military that has sustained losses during recent attacks by terrorists. Pray for the families of soldiers and for the chaplains that serve this community.

4. Schools will be opening later this month. Pray that administrators could put into place the needed protocol to prevent the spread of the virus. Pray that churches would do the same as they begin fall activities.

Andrew and Esther Schaeffer prayer requests September 4, 2020

1. Crunch time. For us it is that knot in your heart as you think about leaving children AND grandchildren. Pray that we will focus on the joys and not the sorrows as we prepare to return to Burkina.

2. We have a few hurtles to jump over before we get on the plane, the important one seems to be getting a COVID test that of course is negative 72 hours before we travel. Pray that this can be easily done and that our travel plans will go ahead as scheduled.

3. Pray as we secure a shipment of Bibles for distribution at our Alliance bookstore. Many details must be worked out. Pray that the Lord would make a way for this to happen.

4. Pray as we minister in churches these next two Sundays. Pray that we can clearly communicate the great joys in sharing Jesus with others.

ugust 28, 2020

1. It is crunch time as we prepare to transition back to Burkina. We have to test negative for COVID 72 hours before we fly. Pray that we can figure out where to do this as we travel in the days leading up to our departure.

2. I am not even going to say that the time went by quickly but you know what I mean. So many things we weren't able to do and especially people we were not able to see because of the virus. Pray that we will focus on the positive and be thankful in all things.

3. Praise that my hand is so much better since my fall and that Andrew, we was experiencing shoulder pain over several months, received a clean bill of health.

4. Pray for our Christian schools and especially the deaf school, that they will know how to resume classes during the pandemic and that the Lord would provide all that is needed.

August 7, 2020

1. We are thankful that international travel to Burkina Faso has started up again. We are scheduled to return to the field in mid-September. There will be some added protocols and certainly a quarantine once we arrive, but with our Bible school opening in October, we are anxious to get back and settled before the start of school. Pray that this would be a reality.

2. More exam results have come in from our Christian schools. Many have passed the high school exam for which we are thankful. Schools are offering summer classes to enable students to make up for the months lost due to COVID, and to ensure that they are ready for the start of school in mid-September. Pray that the return to classes will go well for our schools.

3. Pray for one of our pastor's wife whose mother died very suddenly. It was a huge shock for the family. The mother was a blessing to many, especially to our widows' group. Pray comfort for this family.

4. We thank the Lord that we were able to attend the dedication of our granddaughter Eliana. One of those special events where all of our children and grandchildren were together!

Burkina Faso


Updated: September 15, 2020

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