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All of Jesus For all the World Takes all of Us.
Recently this phrase has been repeated multiple times by our mission leaders. If you are interested you can read an article in Alliance Life about a deeper understanding about what that means....But come back quickly to read how that worked out recently here in France.

The young man grew up in a Muslim majority country in sub-Saharan West Africa. All his family members are members of the majority religion, but as he began to get older he started to ask questions. He asked the local imam what promise do you have of entering paradise? None was the response. He was invited to a local ministry center run by Alliance Workers to help improve his English. He attended because it was fun and he wanted to improve. He began to ask the workers and other Christ-followers there what was their hope. They shared with him the story of Jesus and gave him a bible. He read and studied and attended church, and as that happened his family made threats against him and he made arrangements to move to Paris. An Alliance worker reached out to our teammate, Brandon, here in Envision France and said, "hey there is a guy who is moving to Paris who is interested in Jesus and improving his English." Brandon agreed to reach out to him.
After a quick phone call the young man said I'll call you when I get a transportation pass. Months passed and Brandon wrote off the young man, but out of the blue the young man says okay I have a pass let's learn English.
He showed up for English three to four times a week, joined bible studies, started attending a local church and continued to ask more about Jesus. Countless times Brandon sat after English and answered questions. The young many reached out to interns, people from the local church and ourselves to find the answers in Christ he had been searching for. Each time he was surrounded by people willing to share and converse and walk the path towards Jesus with him.
A local assistant pastor, Paco, holds an introduction to Jesus bible study every Monday at one of the same places we hold English classes. The young man had met Paco when Paco had been on a missions trip to his country. The young man joined the bible study and continued his path towards Jesus. After confessing his need for Jesus and submitting his life to Christ, the young man desired to be baptised. This weekend he was baptised in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit in a celebration service with Trinity International Church.

TLDR: (To Long Didn't Read in case you aren't down with the internet slang)
Alliance Workers in Africa started to work with a young man who moved to Paris who connected him with Alliance workers in Paris, who connected him with the Alliance Church in France who had the great pleasure to baptise the young man this last weekend.

This is why we are part of a worldwide movement that plants local churches that are connected to the worldwide movement that YOU are part of. This story is your story. Your prayers and financial involvement made this possible!
Thank you.

Keep praying!
Tony and Raeni

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