Tony and Raeni Roos

November Update


And we're back.
You may not have noticed but I sure did, the month of October was full of travel for the Roos household. It started with a quick trip to Bordeaux for a field leadership meeting. We were able to make some decisions for the future of the France field of the C&MA and also pray over two worker couples new homes. What a great blessing to be able to pray for their homes and the ministry that would take place there in the coming years.
A quick night at home and then I (Tony) headed to the USA for a two weekend trip speaking at churches, touching base with partners and a quick trip reunion with a team from September. Raeni took advantage of me being gone and made a quick overnight trip to Germany to see Fayth and Hannah, since I was traveling on her birthday. (Happy Belated birthday Raeni!)
Home again to Viroflay with a week of meetings with leaders of the C&MA USA and Mission Mobilizers (People who make the connection between the work overseas and the churches in the USA. It was a full week of meetings but important conversations were had and steps forward in strong partnerships were mades.
Then Raeni and I headed out to our Envision International Gathering. Another full week of meetings that help to refine the focus of Envision, hone our skills and create a better well rounded ministry at all of our international sites. It was great to connect with others who do what we do around the world to hear their stories, learn from them and help brainstorm problems together.
Back home again for a few nights sleep, a bit of ministry, and preaching at Trinity. Trinity is meeting in a new location which is a Cathedral setting and the acoustics have some reverberation that while I was preaching I had to sometimes quiet down so my voice wouldn't echo to all corners and back. It's a beautiful setting but acoustically a challenge for our modern style of worship.
Then off again for one last week of meetings. We joined with our French C&MA family and our Alliance International workers for a week long training on Alliance Peacemaking. Or how to fight right. (I made that subtitle) It's not really about fighting but more about living out biblical principles of forgiveness and communication. It was an encouraging week, not just because of the content but also because we were able to spend the week with our French pastor friends from across France.
Then home again for the last night of October! I think I slept in my own bed for 9 nights this month. But the best part of coming home on October 31st was that both Fayth and Hannah were home for a fall break visit. I hadn't seen them since we dropped them off in August and it was great to hug their necks, laugh, smile, cry and play games for a few days before they headed back to school and we wait another seven weeks until Christmas break.

Things Keep Rolling
That's the great thing about all of this, is even in the travels, the meetings, the conferences and all the in between, God is still at work. We have two interns and with Raeni and the Hilstads in Paris, the ministry continued. People heard the gospel in France. I was able to lead a couple English groups in the midst of everything and have great conversations with people even while fighting jet lag and not remembering what day it was or part of the world I was in. November is a much more normal month and we are looking forward to starting a new English group in a small coworking space here in Viroflay and hosting a few Thanksgiving outreach meals with our friends.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Keep Praying!
Tony, Raeni, Fayth & Hannah

November Prayers

Pray for the Girls School in Germany
Praise that the first quarter at school went great
Praise that the move for Trinity International Church went smoothly.
Pray for the future pastor of Trinity
Pray for the new English group in Viroflay
Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out his workers.



Updated: November 04, 2019

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