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August 2020


September 2020
Thanks for all your prayers over the last weeks as the Roos girls moved around the world. Your prayers were answered as everyone made it where they were supposed to and back again for those who were meant to come back. Some of the best news out of all of this is that Hannah's school, Black Forest Academy, was able to go back to in person classes a week earlier than planned thanks to 144 negative Covid tests for each of the dorm students and staff!
Thanks for your prayers!

September is the new January.
That's what writer/motivational speaker John Acuff has been saying this year. However, this has been true in France for a long time. It is also how ministry was formulated while being a youth pastor as well at how we have been focusing ministry here in France. We tend to follow a school year calendar because that seems to be what the people we minister do also. So there is not time like September to change things up a bit. The first of the changes is that English groups have to be about half the size than we normally allow. Which means we are doing twice as many. (Not really but with only Raeni and I we are hosting more, as we have no interns this fall to help facilitate groups) This will give us opportunity to get to know people a little more personally. We also are switching up to in person meetings and trying to end the zoom groups we had started for the Covid Confinement. (aren't we all)
We are also developing a couples class for couples at Trinity Paris that will start late fall and walk people through personality traits and how they interact with others.
God also dropped an opportunity in our lap to host an afternoon tea this Sunday with a group of Americans that live in our little town here in the suburbs of Paris. We love how God drops opportunity in our laps. Pray that this Sunday will be a great start to new friendships and opportunities to share the love Christ.
What about you? What's new for you in the fall of 2020?
Keep praying!
Tony and Raeni

We could use your help, as you may have read each time we send out this letter, we are supported fully by faithful donations made to the GCF in support of Tony and Raeni Roos. We are tasked with raising support for all that we do and all that we need to live and work here in France. God has been faithful through generous partnerships like yours to help us meet this goal over the 8 years of ministry with Alliance Mission. During this trying time for all of us there have been some faithful partners who have had to decrease their gift, but not their prayers. If you are in a position to help offset that decrease, please reach out and we can help you get started in partnering with what God is doing here in France.

We thank each of you for your partnership with the Gospel! If you would like to increase your partnership or start a new partnership with what God is doing here please let us know or click the Contribute to support fund to the right to edit your current partnership amount or start new! Donations to our support account are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

Prayer Requests

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest
Pray for more people to believe
Pray for our friends who continue to ask questions
Pray for Trinity International Church
Pray for Envision France.
Pray for the changes outlined above
Pray for the French Alliance Churches
Pray for workers around the world.
Pray for Sunday's teatime!
Pray for Fayth and Hannah ands their schools!



Updated: September 04, 2020

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