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February Update


A long January
That's how it felt. I really know that there are only 31 days in the month but come on it felt much longer. You may know that Paris in January is overcast and cloudy. In the first week of January 2019 we had four minutes of sunshine over the course of the week.The above picture is from a slightly rainy walk as a family to get a bit of fresh air. Don't get me wrong I know we avoided the Polar Vortex that many of you experienced, but the cloudy, rainy weather affects people's attitudes and habits. Ours and our guests at language groups.

While attendance at our events remained steady, you could sense there was a heavy spirit in the city. Patience was short and sometimes conversations got heated. As leaders we watched and prepared and were quick to redirect conversations and speak kind words and helpful insights.

As you read in our last quick update, Hannah was accepted into BFA (Black Forest Academy), a boarding school in Germany. She will start in the fall as a sophomore. Please keep praying for her as we finish up a few ongoing health concerns and prepare her to be a boarding student far from home. Hannah and I visited Fayth at BFA last weekend and the dorm mom welcomed Hannah "home" to the dorm as we came in. This set a few emotions off in her that she wasn't ready for but it was great to have people welcoming her to the BFA family!

Fayth finished her first semester of her junior year at BFA and is doing very well both in classes and relationally with dorm sisters and staff. She plans to be the manager for soccer this spring at BFA. She is in the process of prepping for college in the USA with ACT/SAT tests slated for this spring. (I am not sure Raeni and I are ready for any of that.) (When did Fayth get to be almost an adult?)

We started ministry off this year with a team from Appleton WI. They were a great bunch of young adults who helped us overcome the cloudy skies with their wonderful smiles and personalities. They helped lead conversation groups, English classes and did a couple of social media workshops in their time here.

We had to say good-bye to two interns and replaced them with two more. The revolving door of interns is both a blessing and a burden. We get blessed with so many different relationships around the world and across the USA, but the good-byes still hurt. I think that means we are loving well. That is one of the lessons we try to teach and model is that we are love people well that it hurts when you have to say good-bye.

February is full of ministry and a France field wide Vision Summit. Would you take moment to pray through the below requests and ask God to accomplish His vision here in France?

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Tony, Raeni, Fayth and Hannah

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February Prayers

Please lift up these prayers:
Clarity in Vision for France and Envision
Ongoing relationships to further a desire a relationship with Jesus
Fayth at BFA
Hannah in online school and preparing for BFA
Raeni and Tony as they prepare to be "emptynesters"
The full calendar of teams and interns this year.
For the salvation of those we minister to.
Continued strong financial giving to the work of Envision Franc and the Roos family.



Updated: February 20, 2019

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