Tony and Raeni Roos

May 2018


Hottest on Record
Not only temperature wise but also with the ministry that God has been doing in the midst of this city. We have had five very solid interns with us since early may. These five amazing interns have dove deep in relationships with people, led teams like professionals, stretched their abilities and loved well. The picture to the left is the perfect example of the depth of Christ's love that these interns have poured out during their time here. This quick snapshot was taken during the last night the Cody and Ben were in Paris serving with us. They are pictured here praying for one of our friends who is learning to love Jesus. The depth of the prayer as I walked past them and debriefed their prayer with them, was beyond any prayer I prayed at 20 and 21. This is just one of countless times I stood amazed at what God has been doing through the interns this summer. (Hot Summer)
Not only do interns serve in language groups, but they have time where we are able to minister to them through diving into soul care and discipleship with them. This summer as the interns met weekly to go through group discipleship they built a strong foundation on Christ so that they could return to life in the USA ready to go higher because the foundation had been built deeper. (Hot Summer)
This summer with the help of interns and teams we helped staff two ministry centers, where weekly we met with 50 people to share English and the love of Christ with our guests. When asked why one of the guests keeps coming, he replied, "they just love us well. I know they are Christians and I am not but they love well and are some cool people." That is one of the best reviews we could ever have. (Hot Summer)
We started an exploration service on Thursday nights to follow up the alpha course. We met together for eight weeks with people from the Alpha course, language groups and our partner church. Last night was our last gathering for the summer and we shared how Jesus summed up the law in two commands. Love God and Love others. One of the participants shared, "if you had asked me a few months ago I would have agreed with Love others but not with loving God, but now, I realize I can't love others well if I don't love God." (Hot summer)
Thanks for your continued your faithfulness in Prayer and financial support we would be unable to minister to the people of Paris without your sacrificial involvement in the ministry through prayer and and financial partnership.
If you are interested in supporting financially what God is doing here in Paris we have a few ways you can be involved.
General support account- This account receives all the gifts given to help live and serve here in Paris. Insurance, living expenses and all things like that are included here. (this year we received a small cost of living increase as things have gotten more expensive to live here and the exchange rate is not currently our favor. This is just about $200 more a month in expenses. If you are interested in giving towards that please click and sign up to give monthly.)
Envision Paris Work fund: This helps cover expenses related to ministry. Food for community nights, coffee for the café ministry, needed supplies and the like. (click the link and search Paris then Envision Paris.
Roos Vehicle fund: Recent legislation has been passed that requires all cars driving in Paris to be fitted with a sticker rating its pollution. Our vehicle rates in the highest pollution emitting vehicles. Which means that when the pollution is high, our car is not allowed in Paris. We are exploring what a newer, lower pollution car will cost and are going to start collecting for a purchase of a newer vehicle.
Thanks for praying and supporting what God has been doing here during the one hot summer!

Tony, Raeni, Fayth and Hannah



Updated: August 04, 2018

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