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April Update


It's April?!?
That's really hard to believe. First what happened to March (I'll tell you about that a bit later) but then how is it that it's April? it was 70 degrees yesterday. (20 for my Celsius friends) We sait out in our front yard and had a quick supper of grilled chicken and vegetables. Sorry to our northern USA friends.
What happened in March?
Well, March in France seems to be the month of annual meetings for all of the associations. So the churches had their annual meetings, and the denomination all had their annual meetings. We had visitors from partner churches, we cooked for mission lunch, Fayth came home for spring break, we took a few days on vacation out of the country with her and Hannah. We said goodbye to a few interns, said hello to a couple more and continued to minister with our local partnerships and explore what the future holds for Envision France. Our boss from the USA swung by for a few days to plan and discuss. Shared a brief testimony at Trinity. Tony took a quick trip to Lyon for another annual meeting. Fayth went back to school. Organised and spoke at an outreach gathering. We answered emails, phone calls, text messages, talked with people about Jesus and had a great month overall. Just a quick glimpse on the "typical" month of International workers.
We want to share briefly about what took place last Thursday.
I wrote this on Facebook

Today: started with a prayer meeting I didn’t want to go to. God still met me in the time with fellow workers. Moved to a dentist appointment I didn’t want to got to: 0 cavities. Moved to a message prep I was rushed to complete and had only found out about yesterday. God still met me in the prep and reminded me of his amazing love for us. Moved to a meeting I almost canceled, where God blessed me with meeting like minded kingdom workers exploring church planting in Paris. Moved to finalizing my message for the night and talking with the translator to see how he was doing with that. Threw out a ton of emails and got ready for the evening I didn’t really want to be at. Prayed for God’s grace. Set up the PowerPoint and started the evening. Got up to speak and felt God say stay the course. Spoke on the cross of Christ as central to Christian theology. Wrapped up and encouraged conversations to continue and watched the Gospel of Christ being shared by interns, new believers and seasoned believers and saw conversations go to a deep level with so many people. I had to go into a side room and confess my crappy attitude all day and then rejoice in the joy of seeing the power of the Holy Spirit at work! God is much smarter than I. He also sometimes likes to do things it seems just to say “Tony you know I know what I am doing don’t you?” Yes God, I am sorry.

Here are two quick photos that had me in tears from that night.

The left is our intern Paige presenting the hope of Christ to a person who attended the outreach for the first time and the second is Benoit, a new believer, sharing the gospel with a woman who was there for the first time. The gospel is going forth here in Paris. Please pray for B and T and the seed that was planted that night.

Please continue to pray for all the work that God is doing here in Paris and for the movement of the Spirit of God here in France. As you may remember from last month our vision is: A vibrant church for every community, heart and nation! Pray for this vision to be accomplished.

Tony, Raeni, Fayth and Hannah
As you may have read each time we send out this letter, we are supported fully by faithful donations made to the GCF in support of Tony and Raeni Roos. We are tasked with raising support for all that we do and all that we need to live and work here in France. God has been faithful through generous partnerships like yours to help us meet this goal over the 7 years of ministry with International ministries. We thank each of you for your partnership with the Gospel! If you would like to increase your partnership or start a new partnership with what God is doing here please let us know or click the support account link to the right to edit your current partnership amount or start new! Donations to our support account are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

April Prayers

Pray for B and T and the seed planted in their hearts.
Pray for upcoming summer teams and interns.
Pray that God clearly leads the next steps for Envision France
Pray for Paige (intern) as she leaves after almost a year here in France.
Pray for Fayth and Hannah and their schooling.
Pray for continued financial support for the work here in France and the expansion of the kingdom of God around the world.
Praise that Fayth and Hannah have the opportunity to go to LIFE 2019 this summer with the BFA students.
Praise for renewed hope and passion



Updated: April 03, 2019

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