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Harvest Promise Toulouse
Reynolds’ Prayer Update
“My house will be a house of prayer for ALL nations” Mark 11:17

Faith opens doors and creates opportunities for accessing the power of God against all odds. Rob Reimer, Deep Faith

Faith opens doors. Many have been praying for our daughter, Elissa. She saw the surgeon on Monday morning. He had contacted other surgeons to have their opinion on the best timing for surgery to remove the two tumors in her liver. After consultation, he’s ready to move ahead as soon as she has her strength back following her weeks of bronchitis. He will operate in two phases with weeks between the surgeries. The first will be relatively routine where he will remove a third of her liver. Due to the amazing ability of this organ to grow back within a couple of weeks, he will then move to the more delicate surgery of removing the tumor that is encircling an artery, another third of her liver. It looks as if the first surgery will take place in mid-May. According to Jesus, we can move mountains and mulberry trees, therefore, tumors must also obey the Creator. Will you pray with us?

Faith opens doors. On Sunday morning, the message was on faith from Hebrews 11:1. We rejoiced to have one of the Alpha Course women attend with her husband. Her faith journey continues as she deals with uncertainty and doubt but she is on the road. In the afternoon, after much discussion, the members voted to support our new pastor full time. This is a big step for a young church. As we talked and looked at all of the issues on Sunday, on Wednesday evening, we went to prayer. Our God is able. He has always met the needs of this church. He has not changed.

Faith opens doors. Tuesday was a special day for our Persian friends because it was Nowruz, the new year 1397. We were deeply honored to be invited by our friends to celebrate with them at their apartment in Toulouse. It was a time to remember what God had done. Arriving in August 2016, they knew no one, spoke no French, and had nowhere to go. Yet God had His caring eye upon them and He provided a Dutch man living near the Red Cross to help them. A few weeks later, they came to live with us. Our lives were changed as was our church. Now they have asylum and are hoping to soon be working. God is bringing men and women from persecuted nations to our doorstep. A blessing from the hand of God to walk along with them.

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Faith is often fraught with knee-knocking risk and the undeniable possibility of real-world failure. Rob Reimer, Deep Faith

O Lord, teach us to pray with faith!

Living with you as an Acts 1:8 family,
Brad & Tina
serving with The Alliance in France since 1988

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please join us in praying for :
our daughter’s liver surgeries.
EPI’s pastoral couple and the church’s commitment.
our Persian friends and the network in southwestern France.



Updated: March 22, 2018

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