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April 2019 - Here are our prayer requests for this month:

1) PLEASE PRAY for the students of the nursing school. They are in their last two weeks of studies, and that means that they are taking comprehensive exams that cover all of the material that they have learned over the past three years of classes and practicums. That's a lot of material to bring back to memory, yet it's definitely doable and will clearly show everyone just how well they have been trained to become nurses at the hospital. PLEASE PRAY that they will study well, that they will have good recall of all that they have learned and studied, and that they would do well on these core exams. PLEASE PRAY that all of the students pass these exams and finally complete all that is needed to graduate and receive their diplomas.

2) PLEASE PRAY for Terry as she prepares for the nursing school graduation that will happen on April 28th. PLEASE PRAY for all the organizing that needs to come together, for the ceremony, the decorations, and the reception that will follow it all. PLEASE PRAY for her as she prepares the speech that she will give at the graduation ceremony; that is always a powerful time of affirming how the Lord has already been at work in-and-through the lives of the students, as well as an encouraging time of spurring them on to greater, better, and higher things. PLEASE PRAY that the Lord will give her the words that He has for the graduates, as well as for those friends and family members who will also be attending the ceremony.

3) PLEASE PRAY for both Terry and Barry as we say our last “good-byes” to friends here in Gabon. Our departure date is fast approaching, and our deepest desire is to finish well here. A key part of accomplishing that is to do a good job of saying “until next time” in the right ways for the different people among whom we have lived and worked. PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would order each day and each time of contact, so that we can get done with the sorting, packing, and giving-away that needs to happen, while at the same time giving us the time we need to say all the necessary “good-byes” in order to leave well.

4) PLEASE PRAY for another nursing school instructor who would come work here at Bongolo. After this-coming graduation, the nursing school will be closed for one year (as was planned) before accepting new students for the next graduating class. When that next class starts (September 2020), our team of international workers here will include two missionary-nurse educators, but the reality is that we really need three instructors to be adequately staffed for the whole nursing school program. PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would call out another nurse educator who would come and join the team here.

5) PLEASE PRAY for good times during these last visits and services at our village church. The village's name is Moukoundou, and we have been going there almost every Sunday since 2013. As in any ministry setting, there have been both good times and less-than-good times, but through it all we have SO seen the Lord doing His amazing work of transforming people! PLEASE PRAY for our last three services in the village, with those culminating in our Easter celebration time...that the Lord would move and work and encourage and grow us all. PLEASE PRAY for “the flock” that we will leave behind as we say good-bye...that they will continue to be digging into the stories in Scripture, and that they will continue to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as He continues His work in making the Word of God come alive in their lives.

6) PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for Sam and Ruth...that the Holy Spirit would break through into their lives, opening their veiled eyes to see the whole truth...the whole True Truth! PLEASE PRAY that the Holy Spirit would work in their hearts and minds, raising spiritual questions that they must seek to answer, and that they would find the TRUE answers for those life questions. PLEASE PRAY that Father would give us still more opportunities to speak truth to them, and that this would impact them like fresh water to the thirsty. We have already seen some of this happening, and our desire is to see more and more of this in their lives, and in the lives of others in their religious community.

And these are our prayer requests for this month.  As always...THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your ongoing partnership with us in our work here in Gabon; can’t do it without you!  Blessings…

Barry & Terry



Updated: April 05, 2019

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