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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

1) THANK THE LORD WITH US…for answering our prayers for the soon return of our missionary colleague W!  Back in the middle of December, W came to a point of needing more medical attention/treatment than what we could offer here at our mission hospital.  Along with some physical problems, W was being overwhelmed by some psychological stressors, and the clear reality that was evident to all of us was that she needed to go “home” to Europe and get some help.  W's absence meant a LOT more work for Terry and her other missionary-nurse-prof colleague, but there simply was no other alternative.  THANK THE LORD WITH US that W is coming back to Gabon and due to arrive here at Bongolo in the next 2 weeks.  THANK THE LORD WITH US that she found great counseling and member-care among her friends, pastors, and mission leadership there in Europe, and that she is coming back to Gabon feeling like her emotional tank is “full” and her spiritual strength is growing again.  Have said this…PLEASE PRAY FOR W…because her physical ailments continue on.  Although she was able to see two different specialists while in Europe, none of them were able to help W with her medical problems, and the simple reality is that she needs a miraculous healing from the Lord.  PLEASE PRAY that God would overrule the laws of nature and heal His precious daughter W…so she can continue in the work that our Father so clearly has called her to.  PLEASE PRAY for relief from the regular and reoccuring physical health issues that sap her strength, and that instead of having to live with this ongoing difficulty, that Father would give her EXTRA strength she for her return to the nursing school, hospital, and the village ministries that God has so wonderfully equipped her for.  PLEASE PRAY for W…a dear friend and colleague here at Bongolo.

2) PLEASE PRAY for S and R.  Yes, we are again asking for you to pray for our M*l*m friends, again asking you to intercede on their behalf to our Father who loves them and longs to have a relationship with them.  PLEASE PRAY for Barry and the many interactions that he has with both S and R, and that as Barry moves these conversations toward spiritual things, that the Holy Spirit would ignite a spark of interest and desire for what we truly believe about who Jesus the Messiah really is.  PLEASE PRAY for Barry as he interacts with S around a series of questions that will be passing back-and-forth between S and Barry, questions that probe down to the heart of what we believe and why we believe those things.  PLEASE PRAY that both S and R will see, feel, and KNOW the sincere love and friendship that we have for them, a love that will show them the difference between following a religion (that's always striving to please god) and having a relationship (with our one true Father who loves lost people).

3) PLEASE PRAY for our missionary colleague P.  P is our maintenance and construction coordinator/manager, and he is here in Gabon as a self-funded international worker; he’s using his retirement funds to cover his living costs here in country.  P is KEY to the ongoing functioning of the hospital, and in the continual upgrades (to electrical systems, to water systems, to vehicles, to…you name it!) that are constantly making our mission hospital a better and better place.  In the last 4 months, P has had MANY kidney stone attacks, and no one can seemingly find the answer for making them stop.  THANK THE LORD that at least the stones keep passing, but the pain is incapacitating. PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would step in and touch his body, taking away the stones that are already formed (or are in the process), and also cause his body to stop spawning them.  At one point in the past, after having come through a similar “season” of stone attacks, P went back to the U.S. and had multiple scans done of his kidneys and renal system…only to have all the tests say the same thing…THERE’S NOTHING THERE!  MIRACLE!!!  PLASE PRAY for another one of this same kind of miracle, for his body to again be clear of kidney stones AND the issue/process that spawns them in his body.  PLEASE PRAY for his health in regards to a couple other medical problems that have hit him in just the last 2 weeks (first it was an odd virus that knocked him down [sapped his energy away completely] for about a week, and then some crazy “bug” hit his g.i. system and forced him to stay in his house for multiple days on end).  Through all of this, P has been positive and a fighter, holding firm to God’s calling on their (he's married to M) lives to be here in Gabon, here on our team, and here as a key part of keeping things running, and then making them run even better!  PLEASE PRAY for P and M, for healing, for strength, and for encouragement as they persevere in the Lord’s work here.

As always…THANK YOU…for your key partnership in our lives, work, and ministries here in Gabon; we couldn’t do it without you!  Blessings from the jungle…

Barry & Terry



Updated: April 03, 2018

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