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Praise & Prayer Subjects:

May 2020 - Here are our praise items and prayer requests for this month:

1) PLEASE PRAY for our Mslm friends who do not yet have a relationship with God through Jesus the Messiah. Their religious month of R*m*d*n (no food or drink between sun-up and sun-down, lasting for 29 or 30 days) has been happening this month, and usually it is a very social time between families and friends, one that includes many shared meals, and evenings and nights full of visits around a table. This helps everyone pass the long hours of fasting, but with the lock-downs brought about by COVID-19, this year's season of fasting is proving more difficult and restrictive. Even so, our friends' desire to earn God's favor and hear from Him during this time, has motivated them even more to find work-arounds that can fit into their lives and express their religious zeal. PLEASE PRAY that they would indeed encounter God, in powerful ways that resonate with them (through dreams, visions, or however God wants to speak to them), ways that would lead them to an understanding of their need and His ability to fill that completely!

As well, and along these same lines, we are once again asking you to PLEASE PRAY for Sam and Ruth.  Although we are now separated by an ocean, they continue to be good friends and we continue to “talk” to each other (quite often actually) using the great Apps that let us take advantage of the internet and smart phones. PLEASE PRAY with us...that the Lord would work out His will for how He will encounter them in new ways, ways that will move them still further along in their journey to faith in Him through the Messiah.  PLEASE PRAY for the whole group of West Africa migrants (all of them are Mslms) who routinely come to the mission hospital at Bongolo…that they would see and experience the work of the Lord in their lives, both by deed and word.  PLEASE PRAY for us as we continue to stay in contact with Sam, Ruth, Harry, Moses, and others via these various means of communication, asking that the Lord would continue to give us good times of interacting with them, and that He would prompt us to join with Him in those areas and times where He is already working in our friends' lives.

2) PLEASE PRAY for God’s clear leading and direction in our lives.  As we've mentioned before, we will not be returning to Gabon after our time of Home Assignment ends, but we do not yet know the place that the Lord is taking us to for our next ministry assignment. He continues to stir passion and desire in us towards a certain ministry, and while we are moving towards that, our situation is still not clear and confirmed. Into this season of change, the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 situation has added another level of “wait-and-see” which is calling us to even more trust in Him and less leaning on our own understanding (Prov 3:5-6). We KNOW that our Father is faithful, and that He continually leads and directs our lives, as we listen for and to His voice, and follow Him as He directs.  Sometimes His timing is “other” than what we were expecting, but even so, He is working in and through us both in the journey and at the destination. PLEASE PRAY along with us, as we consider different possibilities, and as we interact with different mission leaders.  We only want to be where/who He wants us to do what He has waiting for us to do, and we fully believe that He will show us our next step as we continue to journey with Him.

3) As we've done in past months, we are again asking you to PLEASE PRAY for “divine appointments” to happen between us and different people that the Lord leads us to meet “along the way” in our lives. We continue to see how seemingly insignificant and random connections have turned into times that only the Lord could have orchestrated, times where He has encouraged us, and where He has used us to encourage others.  PLEASE PRAY for us to have ears that hear His voice, leading us to and in these different encounters.  PLEASE PRAY that the Holy Spirit would guide being quick to listen and slow to speak, and also in just being the Lord’s presence wherever we might be, and as we meet up with different people in our lives.

4) PLEASE PRAY for the ministries that we left behind in Gabon when we left there and came to the U.S.A. for our Home Assignment. PLEASE PRAY for our village church family in the village of Moukoundou...that the Believers there would continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus, and in living out that relationship in the surrounding area as they go out and “make disciples” in the places God leads them to.

And these are our prayer requests for this month.  As always...THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ongoing partnership with us throughout our time of Home Assignment. We feel VERY blessed to have you beside us in this journey. Blessings...

Barry & Terry

Updated: May 20, 2020


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