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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Here are our prayer requests for this time around:

1) PLEASE PRAY for a lady from our small, village church, as she is in a deep struggle for her faith. When she and her husband first came to the church, it was her husband who brought her and asked us to please pray for her so that the “voices” would stop pushing her to steal and cause problems in the village. After accepting Jesus as her Saviour and Lord, we prayed for her and the Lord did an amazing work in her, to the point where she said: “’s quiet now; they’re gone!”  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  PLEASE PRAY for her now, as she seems to be falling back into following those same spirits, this time causing troubles in the village as she steals from widows that are a part of our church.  PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would work in a powerful and miraculous way.  PLEASE PRAY that our lady would open her heart even more towards the Lord and what He wants to accomplish in her life.  PLEASE PRAY for peace in the village (it’s a small village, and actions like this have repercussions on many different levels) and peace and good relationships between the people of our small church.  PLEASE PRAY for her husband and their two children as they also live through this hard time.  Not that it’s ever any different, but this time around it feels like WE REALLY NEED THE LORD TO INTERVENE!

2) PLEASE PRAY for both of us as we are into a month of VERY BUSY times with work and incoming visitors.  PLEASE PRAY for safety on the roads as we do a lot of driving to pick up and drop off people from the capital city (8.5 hours of driving each way).  PLEASE PRAY for continued good health, as we feel like we’re being stretched with long days that have no “normal rhythm” to them.  PLEASE PRAY for for the teams and visitors that are coming, both that they would have a great missions experience here in Gabon (that the Lord would be speaking loud-and-clear to each of them) and that they would be accomplishing the missions tasks that the Lord has entrusted them to be doing while they’re here.  PLEASE PRAY for good relationships with the varied and different visitors that are coming, especially for the two teams that will be staying in our own house with us.  We’ve done this kind of living arrangement before, and it worked out VERY well for having great interactions with the different people on the teams, and we’re asking the Lord to do it again and impact the lives of these volunteers and visitors (and us too) in the way that He wants to.

3) PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for the lady who is still blocking our medicine orders.  Two weeks ago we had yet another round of meetings with her, and one of our international drug supply companies from Europe was here again with us to try to convince her that the medicines that we’re ordering are most-certainly high-quality drugs that are used around the world.  Those meetings seem to have made a small amount of progress, but she’s still blocking all of our antibiotic and tuberculosis medications…two KEY groups of medications for our work here in the jungle.  PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would change her heart, spirit, and mind, as she has somehow (we have absolutely no idea why) turned against Bongolo and the medical work we do here.  If she will not change, PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would remove her from her role in the medical work here in-country so that we can again start with a good and reliable means of getting medications.  PLEASE PRAY for still more meetings (yes, we’re using up a LOT of time, money, and energy just trying to clear this block in our path) that will have to happen before a solution will be found.  WE NEED THE LORD TO STEP IN!!!  PLEASE PRAY for the Lord’s encouragement for all our people who have been struggling through this issue for close to two years; we’re all getting tired and discouraged with this, yet we keep on keeping on!

4) PLEASE PRAY for an upcoming spiritual retreat that our missionary team is looking forward to.  Two pastors are coming from the U.S., joining us for a week of time away from the hospital, a time where we’ll be focused on Father’s word for us, and on hearing His voice through His living word.  PLEASE PRAY that the logistics of this all come together, and PLEASE PRAY for some restful times to be mixed into the teaching, learning, and worship times.

THANK YOU ALWAYS for your prayer support for our lives and work; it is both needed AND GREATLY APPRECIATED!  Blessings from the jungle...

Barry & Terry



Updated: August 05, 2018

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