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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

October 2018 - Here are our prayer requests for this month:

1) PLEASE PRAY for the people in our village church here in Gabon. Growing in one's faith is always a struggle (against Satan, against the World, against Self), and that has certainly been the case in the lives of some of our church-attenders in the village. PLEASE PRAY for Melanie...that she would let go of anger, resentment, and self, and that she would wholly embrace Father's love, grace, and forgiveness. We have already seen HUGE growth in Melanie since she first became a Believer, but it seems like she's come to a critical point in her spiritual life, to a decision of truly embracing what God is doing in her life, or just picking-and-choosing those areas that won't change too much in her life. PLEASE PRAY for she is an old widow without any children, whole-heartedly dedicated to her faith in God, yet all alone in this world. Please pray that our loving Father would take care of this beautiful daughter of His, providing all that she needs according to His riches in Glory! PLEASE PRAY for Jean-Remy and Gacien...two young men who know what the Truth is, but they're just not yet ready to fully embrace it and allow it to transform their lives. PLEASE PRAY for we engage in the work of making disciples in this group of people that God has blessed us with, through the joys and disappointments, yet always keeping our eyes on the goal!

2) PLEASE PRAY for wisdom in choosing the right contractor for doing a major electrical upgrade here at the mission hospital. As the hospital has grown, meeting the needs of a large underserved population, and adding new services and improving original ones, the infrastructure has struggled to keep up with the changes...and in many cases it just hasn't kept up. We are working with a group of electrical engineers who have been a key resource through the whole design stage of this project, and they have also been key as we've sought out and found four different groups that could do the work. We are now at the point where we need to make a decision and move forward. PLEASE PRAY for the Lord to lead us to the right group; we NEED His wisdom in choosing the company with whom we can work well, and which will do the work well. PLEASE PRAY for the last amount of funding needed to finish the project; we're close, but not quite there yet! This is an upgrade that will not only be good for today's needs, but should also allow the hospital to function well and grow during the next 15 to 20 years. Our goal is to do this right, do it once, and afterwards be free from the many electrical issues that consume our time and often hamper our medical equipment. Although this may not be your typical prayer request, it is a BIG ONE for our whole team; it's a lot of money being spent on a very important part of our work and life here!

3) PLEASE PRAY for more and deeper spiritual interactions with the people from a majority religion in our area, people that we are trying to reach. Sam and Ruth are just two of the people that we are regularly interacting with, along with Moses, Ba, and several shop-keepers...all of whom have become good friends. Over the next bit of time, our desire is to lovingly and appropriately (as the Spirit leads) integrate more spiritual questions into our conversations. We want to ask questions that will open their minds to seriously consider what they believe and why they believe it, what they do (their religious actions) and why they do it. The simple reality is that these are key questions for ALL of us, but for many in their world religion, they have never reflected on these things; for them, the “blessing” comes in being unquestioningly obedient and not in understanding and participating in one's relationship with God. PLEASE PRAY for the Holy Spirit's leading in our interactions. PLEASE PRAY for unhindered times of interacting; no distractions that would pull any of us away from the time that God is orchestrating. PLEASE PRAY that God would lift the veil that obstructs their full understanding of who “Jesus the Messiah” truly is. We SO want to see these friends come to a saving relationship through Christ, and we're asking God to bring this about in a way that will resonate deeply/completely with who our friends are, and where they're coming from.

And these are our prayer requests for this month.  THANKS ALWAYS for your ongoing partnership with us in our work here in Gabon; can’t do it without you!  Blessings…

Barry & Terry



Updated: October 04, 2018

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