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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

October 2019 - Here are our prayer requests for this month:

1) PLEASE PRAY for us as we continue on with several more weeks of traveling and visiting churches. Our first stint of 5-weeks has been good, with us meeting many new people who are excited about what God's been doing, and what He will be doing...both in our lives and through our lives. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for: safe travels, good connections, that our luggage arrives with us in each of the many places where we will be going, that we stay healthy, and that we get good rest as we move from church-to-church and home-to-home. PLEASE PRAY for God’s protection and provision as we continue on through this busy time of sharing about the work that the Lord has been doing in Gabon.

2) We are asking you again to PLEASE PRAY for God’s clear leading and direction in our lives.  As we mentioned last month, we will not be returning to Gabon after this year of Home Assignment, but we do not yet know the place that the Lord has planned for our future. We know that our Father is faithful, and that He will continue to show us His leading and direction in-and-for our lives.  PLEASE PRAY for the Lord’s leading as we pray, as we look over various possibilities, and as we interact with different mission leaders.  The reality for us is that we only want to be where/who He wants us to do what He has waiting for us to do, and we fully believe that He will show us these “next steps” as we continue to walk this journey with Him.

3) PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for even more “divine appointments” between us and different people that the Lord leads us to meet “along the way” in our lives. Over and over, we've seen how seemingly insignificant and random connections have turned into times that only the Lord could have arranged and orchestrated, times where He has encouraged us, or where He has used us to encourage others.  PLEASE PRAY for us to have ears that hear His voice, leading us to and in these different encounters.  PLEASE PRAY that the Holy Spirit would guide being quick to listen and slow to speak, and also in just being the Lord’s presence wherever we might be, and as we meet up with different people all along the way of our travels.

4) PLEASE PRAY for the missionary team in Gabon. It seems that many team members have recently left Gabon (to go on Home Assignment, or for health reasons) and this has meant that those still there are short-staffed and overworked. PLEASE PRAY that they may know God's strength, wisdom, and power during this time.

5) PLEASE PRAY that the officials in authority would release the hospital to once again order medications as needed. There is a woman in authority who continues to block the hospital's ability to order medications, and seemingly no matter how the hospital works to satisfy all of the requirements she sets, the rules change and once again we are blocked. PLEASE PRAY that God would change her heart (as he did when He changed Saul to Paul), or that He would remove her from this place of blocking the work of the hospital.

6) PLEASE PRAY that Bongolo Hospital will receive all of the money that it is due it from the national health insurance company. This is vital for the finances of the hospital and for the ongoing care that we can offer to patients and their families. The company is months behind in paying for the care that the hospital has already given to patients, that the hospital has already submitted the paperwork for, yet there has been very little reimbursement actually paid to the hospital. PLEASE PRAY for the Lord's intervention in this situation, so that the hospital can meet its current and future obligations.

7) PLEASE PRAY for healing in Terry’s right knee. Over the course of several years, it has become more and more painful, and doctors are now saying that she needs a total knee replacement.  PLEASE PRAY that God would bring healing to her knee, either in a miraculous way that eliminates the need for surgery, or by ordering all of the details so that surgery can happen in early December (which would allow for enough time for recovery/rehab before we begin speaking again in churches in January-February). PLEASE PRAY for the Lord's intervention in this felt need, and that He would give us peace during this time.

8) PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for the ministries that we left behind in Gabon when we left there for our year of Home Assignment. PLEASE PRAY for our village church in Gabon (the village is called Moukoundou)...that the Believers there would continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and in living out that life in the village and surrounding area. PLEASE PRAY for our Mslm friends who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus...that they would encounter Him in powerful ways that resonate with them and lead them to an understanding of their need and His ability to fill that to full-and-overflowing!

And these are our prayer requests for this month.  As always...THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ongoing partnership with us, in our lives in/on mission, and throughout our year of Home Assignment; we can’t do it without you!  Blessings…

Barry & Terry

Updated: October 04, 2019


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