Barry and Terry Newman


Praise & Prayer Subjects:

February 2020 - Here are our praise items and prayer requests for this month:

1) PLEASE PRAY for us as we start into eight weeks of traveling and visiting churches. We will be driving a lot through the next 2 months, visiting churches and seeing people that have followed us in our ministries for several years. PLEASE PRAY for: safe travels, good connections, that we stay healthy, and that we get good rest as we move from church-to-church and home-to-home. PLEASE PRAY for God’s protection and provision as we start this busy time of sharing about the work that the Lord has been doing in Gabon, and also in us.

2) We are again asking you to PLEASE PRAY for God’s clear leading and direction in our lives.  As we've mentioned in past months, we will not be returning to Gabon after our current year of Home Assignment, but we don't yet know the place that the Lord has planned for our future. We know that God is faithful, and that He continually leads and directs our lives, if we will just listen for and to His voice, and follow Him as He directs.  PLEASE PRAY for the Lord’s leading as we pray, as we consider different possibilities, and as we interact with different mission leaders.  We only want to be where/who He wants us to do what He has waiting for us to do, and we fully believe that He will show us these “next steps” as we continue to journey with Him.

3) We are again asking you to PLEASE PRAY for “divine appointments” to happen between us and different people that the Lord leads us to meet “along the way” in our lives. We continue to see how seemingly insignificant and random connections have turned into times that only the Lord could have orchestrated, times where He has encouraged us, and where He has used us to encourage others.  PLEASE PRAY for us to have ears that hear His voice, leading us to and in these different encounters.  PLEASE PRAY that the Holy Spirit would guide being quick to listen and slow to speak, and also in just being the Lord’s presence wherever we might be, and as we meet up with different people in our lives.

4) THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!! We asked you to pray for healing for Terry, as well as the Lord's intervention with her scheduled knee-replacement surgery. The surgery happened on December 9th and it went VERY WELL! Since then, Terry has been blessed with some amazing physio therapists, who have brought her along in the healing and rehab part of this whole life event, and who also worked with her in finding and doing good exercises that will continue to help build strength and stability in her right leg and knee. PLEASE PRAY for continued healing and increased strength in that leg, and for continued decrease in the pain and inflammation as well. Some days feel better than others (which we were expecting), so PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would bring this healing to a complete state.

And these are our prayer requests for this month.  As always...THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ongoing partnership with us throughout this year of our Home Assignment. We feel VERY blessed to have you beside us in this journey. Blessings...

Barry & Terry

Updated: February 04, 2020


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