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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Summer-Fall 2019 - Here are our prayer requests for this period in our lives:

1) PLEASE PRAY for God’s clear leading and direction in our lives.  We will not be returning to Gabon after this year of Home Assignment, but we do not yet know just where it is that the Lord has planned for our future…BUT HE IS FAITHFUL!  PLEASE PRAY for the Lord’s leading as we pray and seek His will for our future, as we look over various possibilities, and as we interact with our mission leaders.  The Lord has clearly led us in the past, and we firmly believe that He will do it again.  PLEASE PRAY these verses with and for us:  Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.”

2) PLEASE PRAY for safety for us as we start into several months of LOTS of traveling.  Beginning around the middle of July, and going on through till the end of November, we will be traveling from the south to the north of the USA, to Canada, to Puerto Rico...and back again, engaging in speaking times at churches, in various conferences and seminars, and also enjoying times of visiting/connecting with family and friends.  PLEASE PRAY for ongoing good health as we launch into this busy time.  PLEASE PRAY for safe driving on the roads, and that our car would work well and stay reliable.  PLEASE PRAY for flights and trains to be “on time” and that our connections would work out well.  PLEASE PRAY for God’s protection and provision as we start with a busy time of sharing about the work that the Lord has been doing in Gabon…and also in us.

3) PLEASE PRAY for “divine appointments”  between us and the people that the Lord wants us to meet up with.  Over and over we have seen how seemingly insignificant and random meets have turned into times that only the Lord could have arranged and orchestrated.  PLEASE PRAY for us as we desire to hear the Lord’s voice in leading us to and in these encounters.  PLEASE PRAY that the Holy Spirit would guide us in being quick to listen and slow to speak, in being the Lord’s presence wherever we might be, as we meet up with different people all along the way of our travels.

4) PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for Sam and Ruth.  It was difficult to say “goodbye” to them when we left our host country, with the real possibility that we will not see them again in person. We’re continuing to PRAY THAT THE LORD would work out His will for how He will encounter them in a new way, in a way that will move them along in their journey to faith in Him.  PLEASE PRAY for that whole group of West African, economic migrants (all of them from the majority religion in that part of the world) who routinely come to the mission hospital at Bongolo…that they would see and experience the work of the Lord in their lives, both through word and deed.  PLEASE PRAY for us as we continue to stay in contact with Sam, Ruth, Moses, and several others via various means of communication…that the Lord would continue to give us good times of interacting with them, even from a distance. We continue to look for ways to point them towards the Lord, towards His love and grace for them.

And these are our prayer requests for this next period of time.  As always...THANK YOU SO MUCH for your ongoing partnership with us in our lives in mission, both in our host country and also throughout our upcoming year of furlough; we can’t do it without you!  Blessings…

Barry & Terry

Updated: July 11, 2019


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