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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Here are our latest prayer requests for you:

1) PLEASE PRAY for the establishment hospitals and clinics in our area…and across this whole country.  The health care system here is fracturing, more and more, and key hospitals are now often without the needed personnel and supplies to care for the sick that arrive at their buildings.  This breakdown of the system has meant a wave of extra patients coming to our mission hospital, a wave that is swamping us and pushing our staff and international workers far beyond a sustainable level of work.  PLEASE PRAY that God would intervene and get the system working again.  PLEASE PRAY for the sick (and their family members) who don’t know where to go and often have to travel hundreds of miles/kilometers and yet still do not receive the care they need.  PLEASE PRAY for a solution, and that it would come soon!  PLEASE PRAY for our mission workers and the local staff as we work through this onslaught of the sick, hurt, and dying.  PLEASE PRAY for the re-opening of our medicine supply routes/chains, and for the Lord to open new ways for us to get the supplies we need in order to care for the patients that are coming our way.  WE NEED THE LORD TO INTERVENE!

2) PLEASE PRAY for Bob (not his real name) who is the brother of Sam (whom we have asked you to pray for on different occasions).  Bob was hospitalized here at our mission hospital a little over a week ago, and since coming here he has needed a lower leg amputation, as well as care for problems that have surfaced in his other leg.  PLEASE PRAY for the Lord to heal him.  PLEASE PRAY for the Lord to speak to him, to his heart and mind, and that the Holy Spirit would open his eyes to the truth of who Jesus-the-Messiah truly is.  PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY for Sam and Ruth as they selflessly care for Bob and his two daughters.  Bob has been through a series of very difficult situations recently: his wife unexpectedly died within the last year; his diabetes and hypertension went out of control; he couldn’t take care of his daughters any longer so they went to live with relatives; his son went back to his birth-country to live; he almost died due to bad medical care that was given at an established hospital in a large city…and the list goes on.  PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would intervene while he is here at our mission hospital (and afterwards), and that the many Believers who are caring for him now…that Bob would feel their actions and hear their words of care, love, and kindness, and that Bob would come to know the Lord (the One who is the motivation behind the great care that Bob is getting).

3) PLEASE PRAY for our cake ministry.  Does that sound odd?  Maybe it is to you, but it’s been a great “door opener” during this month of religious fasting among our local “M” friends.  We started doing this a year ago, and simply put, it’s all about baking cakes and delivering them to our M friends’ homes just after dark, just after they have broken the fast for the day.  These cakes are going to people that we already have a friendship with, so the simple gesture of giving a simple dessert to enjoy with their fast-breaking meal, it has become yet another way that we are making and deepening friendships that open doors (literally).  Last year we gave out more than 20 of them.  PLEASE PRAY that these simple cakes would open still more opportunities to talk about fasting, about blessings from God, about our need and God’s ability to meet our need.  PLEASE PRAY for the people that we have given cakes to, people like Sam, Ruth, Doug and his brothers, Moses and his family, Hank and his friends, and Tom and his son Adam.  When I delivered the last cake to Hank (and the guys that live with him), I was invited in and we sat on mats on the floor and ate dates (a typical food used for breaking the fast) and talked; it was great!  PLEASE PRAY that the Lord would speak loudly to these men and women as they observe their month of religious fasting, and as they (at least some among them) earnestly seek to know God more, to hear from Him, and to earn His blessing.  We know we can never “earn” anything from His hand, so we CONTINUE TO PRAY that our loving Father would pull back the veil of their religion and open the eyes of our friends to THE TRUTH.  We BELIEVE and we KNOW HE CAN DO IT, and we are praying to this end!

As always, THANK YOU for being an integral part of our life and ministry here; we can’t do it without you all!  Blessings…



Updated: June 05, 2018

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