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Dear Friends, July 2020
Summer is here! It probably won’t be a typical summer due to the coronavirus, but we are looking forward to it anyway. Warmer weather and being outside will be a welcome thing after the past few months of confinement.

Cultural Tidbits
July in France is typically known for its famous 23-day long bike race, the Tour de France. Because of Covid, it has been postponed, but did you know that this bike race started over 100 years ago? Apparently, the first race was held on July 1, 1903!

We are at our fiscal year end right now so I’ve been working on finishing books and getting things prepared for our new year. It’s always a busy time of the year for us with lots to do, but we are thankful for another year where we have seen God providing for us!

I have now begun to go back to the city to meet with Corinne. We have had a couple meetings so far and it was so good to be able to see her in person instead of through a computer screen! Continue to pray for her. Just after I sent my last letter out, Corinne’s mom passed away. I called her right away and talked and cried with her. Because of the confinement, they weren’t able to have a funeral right away, but a few weeks later, Corinne was able to go to the town where her mom had lived and where her step-father still is and have a funeral service. It’s been a difficult time for Corinne, so prayers are definitely welcomed.

For the last couple months, we have been slowly coming out of confinement as regulations relax. We still wear masks, but we are allowed to go places now. The borders are still closed, so we can’t really fly anywhere, however, many of the European borders are open.

I mentioned in my last letter that Mally was playing the drums in the music group that formed during our confinement in our park. After one of the girls left to go back to school in Switzerland, I ended up joining the group (with my flute) for their last concert! It was so fun to get to know these neighbors better. About a month or so later, Mally and I were invited to dinner at the parents’ house of the three sisters who were in the group. The grandparents of the family live in our building and they joined us as well. We had such a lovely evening of eating, talking, and getting to know them better. Building relationships is so key and we are thankful for this opportunity to do just that. We want each one we meet to know the love of Christ!

We have started meeting for church in July and that is with a limit of 80 people. Because it’s summer, there aren’t a ton of people around anyway. It’s nice to see people again, though we aren’t allowed to greet people like we used to so social distancing still is the order of the day along with our masks being worn.

Mally and I will be headed to Germany for the next week and a half, almost two weeks so we’ll see how that goes with crossing borders. We know they are open, but one never knows in this new normal what actually will happen. I’ll be meeting with my boss and his wife about some banking issues and will be keeping an eye on my email, but for the most part will be a lot less intense than my last few weeks have been as I worked long hours to get year-end things accomplished.

I talked about a matching donation for giving to the Alliance in my last letter and people all over rallied and we ended our year in a much better place that we expected! Thank you so much for giving and for praying! Summer months are typically slim in the giving department so if you weren’t able to give earlier and you really wanted to, now is your chance. We celebrate all that God provides even in the midst of reductions in the budget and HE is the one who takes care of us. I’m so glad to be in these days with people like you who want to see the kingdom advance.

Thanks and thank you also for your support in prayer and financially. You are appreciated!
9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay

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Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Prayer Requests
1.Pray for Mally’s and my relationship with the Lord. We want to know Christ more and walk in the way He is calling us to.
2.Praise that we have been able to get to know our neighbors better. We have already talked about getting together again!
3.Continue to pray for the salvation of Corinne (my tutor), Marité (Mally’s former landlady) and the kids’ mom.
4.Praise that I have been able to get all the books that I do done for the year and all of them ready to go for the next year!



Updated: July 17, 2020

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9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay,

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