David and Christine Manfred

Here are some Praises:


Cambodia has been remarkably spared from the ravages of Covid… 292 total cases and still 0 deaths. We give thanks to God for His ongoing mercy. Churches are now meeting quite regularly with very few restrictions.

The leadership training that David was working with from Oct. 5-9 was incredibly encouraging. There were 34 participants and 10 trainers involved. The training dealt with relationship skills, management skills, and developing a personal life management plan as a Christian leader. About half of these Christian leaders are from within the Alliance churches and about half from other denominations. We have been hearing very encouraging reports from these leaders who have been implementing these practical skills in their lives and ministries.

We heard of around 8 new house groups that have been started in eastern Cambodia (near the border with Vietnam) amongst the ethnic minorities living in those areas in the past 6 months. This is over and above the 8 or so groups that were also started in NW Cambodia since March of this year. We are referring to these 16 or so new groups as our “Covid era churches”.

Here are some Prayer Requests

In the past month, record setting flooding has impacted Cambodia. Our office in Phnom Penh is relatively high but the flood waters came closer to flooding our office than ever before. Hundreds of thousands of Cambodians are not so high up and were horribly impacted with a week or more of flood water in their homes. Now, the waters have receded but the impact was huge. Many people lost not only their rice but also their rice seed for next year. This is on top of the already challenging economic impacts of Covid on the economy. Your prayers over all of this is much appreciated.

In light of the above, we are so thankful for our KEC (Khmer Evangelical Church, the name of the Alliance churches in Cambodia) partners who have been going out and ministering to the real needs all around them in the midst of their own personal losses. We are also thankful for CAMA Services who has committed to come alongside with $15,000 to assist. $10,000 of that has already been distributed out through the churches for the immediate food needs which allowed KEC leaders to purchase about 20 tons of rice to be distributed to more than 400 families in 7 provinces that were heavily impacted. The plan is that $5,000 more will be given out in January to assist with rice seed for 250 families in the hardest hit areas. In all of these distributions, the KEC leaders are giving half of the assistance to Christians and half to people in their communities who are not yet believers. Please pray that the distribution process would continue to go smoothly and that it would also open doors for the Gospel. For more details about this, you can click on: https://camaservices.org/responding-to-flooding-in-cambodia/ (this link includes a short video from Dave taken a few weeks ago)

Pray for Chris as she gives oversight to the new Addiction Recovery Ministry about 90 minutes from Phnom Penh.

Pray for new ministry initiatives to reach the ethnic Lao in NE Cambodia. Particularly pray for a new Cambodian missionary couple who will be arriving in NE Cambodia soon. They were assigned and supported by the KEC churches to work in partnership with our Alliance missionaries to reach the Lao.

Pray for wisdom as we are planning for a new English and computer training program to start in 2021 for our graduates from the Elim and Antioch Bible Schools so that they can financially support themselves in ministry.

Thanks for supporting Alliance Missions Great Commission Fund that helps to keep us and our team serving here in Cambodia.

Grace and Peace in the flood, Dave and Chris



Updated: November 02, 2020

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