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Ten days ago we stood, with the team from River Valley Alliance Church, on the roof of the church-plant in Baan Paeo, praying for the area. From that vantage point you could easily count the bright golden “spirit houses” set up on roofs of homes, or in their courtyards. Satan’s grip on this community is almost palpable. If we were laboring under our own power, we’d be utter failures here. Our colleagues, Ed and Sue Danneker, explained how this church was built on a foundation of prayer; how they spent 3 months praying and walking up and down every single street, lane and alley in the entire town before doing any intentional “ministry”. We prayed in each room of our church and then prayed out into the street, walking into areas where we still lacked even a single person interested in the Gospel.
On our prayer walk we ran into Newt. Her skinny frame and shaky hands hinted to us of her drug addiction. As the team silently prayed, I talked to her for a minute, inviting her to church again (she had come to a few meetings but hadn’t been in a long time.) When Sunday came, Newt sat towards the back and listened as we translated a testimony and a sermon by the River Valley team. Without planning beforehand, the testimony shared by a team member and the sermon preached by the team pastor both had the theme about being a child of God! Then at the end, an invitation was given: “Who wants to become a child of God?” We were overjoyed to see Newt shyly raise her hand, and when, Nun, a core Thai church member, explained again what that meant, Newt said once more, “Yes, I want to be a child of God.”
While it isn’t always easy to know tell how a new believer’s faith journey will progress, we do know that God is at work in Newt’s life, and we can’t wait to see how He changes her into a new creature. God is working in Baan Paeo as a response to prayer: prayers of the missionaries, prayers of the Thai believers, prayers of the short-term team, and prayers of you at home. Thank you for praying for God’s work here in Thailand. And on behalf of Newt, a woman you’ll most likely never meet this side of Heaven, thank you for your prayers being a part of her journey of faith.

Serving with Joy,
Brian and Abby Lindsay, with James, Benjamin, and Anna

“In our lifetime, wouldn’t it be sad if we spent more time washing dishes or swatting flies or mowing the yard or watching television than praying for world missions?” –David Davidson

-Praise God for the team from River Valley Alliance church as God used the team in mighty ways to impact our ministry here and opened a lot of doors for follow up.
-Please pray for wisdom for our church planting team as we disciple the new believers and reach out to seekers.
-Pray that God will soon provide a Thai pastor for the growing congregation in Baan Paeo and for God to raise up Thai leadership in the church.
-Please pray as Benjamin has started acting up in his kindergarten class. Pray for wisdom for us to parent him well as we desire for him to be an obedient student.



Updated: July 02, 2017

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