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“Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.” What a powerful quote by the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, A. B. Simpson, and on a hot Saturday afternoon last month we were able to see (yet again!) that mighty engine at work.

We’d been planning for a few months for a team of Thai Christians from the largest CMA church in Bangkok to come join us again for an outreach event in our church-planting town. We’d made plans and schedules and stamped 2000 gospel tracts with the address and phone number of our church. Remembering the core value of the C&MA that “prayer is the primary work,” we decided to start the day out in prayer. We all went up to the church roof and prayed over the town, that it would be reached for Christ, and then down through the tall, narrow townhouse stopping on each floor to pray for the various ministries, church members, leaders and for the church to grow.

Then we headed out excitedly to spend the next few hours walking through town, giving out tracts, praying for people and telling anyone who would listen about Jesus and sharing with them that their town had its first church where they could go to learn more about Him. Although many tracts were given out, we were a bit discouraged that no one that we witnessed to was ready to receive Jesus.

We were very surprised when FOUR new people showed up for our church service the next day. Working in a resistant area, we go many Sundays without any new visitors or maybe 1 or 2 new people come. This was the first time we had that many new visitors on one Sunday! Also surprising was that they hadn’t received tracts or met anyone in our group the day before. They had only been passing by and saw our church sign. So it became clear to us that we were seeing the results of the mighty engine of prayer. The results didn’t come from all the tracts we stamped, or in how far we walked in the heat of the day, or even in how many people we talked to; but the results came, we believe, as a result of all of us up there on the roof, praying for God to work. What a reminder to us that prayer truly is the primary work!

You continue to make a difference here in Baan Paeo every time you lift up the work here to God. Thank you for praying.

Praise and Prayer:
Ahn came over for dinner recently, and we challenged him about his spiritual condition. He seemed genuinely touched by our care for him, but Ahn has studied the Bible and knows that going back to Jesus means a life surrendered to Him, a step he is not willing to take. We are thankful for Ahn’s honesty with us, and that he isn’t trying to “fake it” to please us or his long-time Christian girlfriend. Pray for wisdom for us as we continue to try to reach out to him. Pray that Ahn will listen to the Holy Spirit and turn back to Jesus.

Please pray for two families that just moved into homes on our street. Pray that we can represent Christ to these new neighbors and communicate the gospel in a way they’ll understand.

Praise the Lord for Joe and Hydie Aguilar, missionaries from the Philippines, who have joined our church-planting team since Ed and Sue Danneker are going on home assignment. Please pray for our team as we get to know each other and learn how we can best work together to plan the church in Baan Paeo.

We praise God for the Great Commision Fund which enables us to church-plant here in Thailand. Please pray that the giving to the GCF will be increased so that even more workers can be sent into the Harvest fields.

Serving with Joy,
Brian and Abby Lindsay,
with James, Benjamin, and Anna
-C&MA Thailand-



Updated: June 13, 2018

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