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One hot afternoon, I find myself sitting cross-legged on the floor while visiting "Papa" Sanau and "Mama" Nong, while my 5-year-old runs around the muddy yard chasing their chickens. I ask for their impressions of the Gospel of Mathew, having given them a copy a week or two before. They tell me they've read it 3 times through already. "Papa" Sanau compared some of the things he read to the teachings of Buddhism, and I did my best to understand and give a good response in my still new Thai tongue. "Mama" Nong said she didn't really understand the book, but that she liked to read it at night because she felt peace, and it helped her sleep. Just a few weeks ago we had our first church service in Baan Paeo. In attendance were some new believers, some special mission guests and a few seekers including "Papa" Sanau and "Mama" Nong.

A while back Abby was getting her hair cut and another customer asks the questions we get a lot: "Who are you? What are you doing in Thailand, do you teach English?" And our usual response, "No, we’re not here to teach English but to share stories about the love of God. We teach about Jesus, and we're here to help start a church with the Thai Christians so they can worship God together." Then her response, "My name is Orapin, and I work as an assistant to the Community Elder. Could you come visit me sometime? I'll get my friends and neighbors to come so you can tell us these stories."

These are two examples of the doors God is opening for us to share the Gospel in Baan Paeo. We often take for granted that in English we can say words like "God", "Heaven" or "sin" and even most American unbelievers have at least a basic idea of what we mean, while in Thai each of these words often demand an explanation. A basic Gospel presentation might need to be done over weeks, rather than in one sitting. Please pray for "Papa" Sanau, "Mama" Nong and Oraphin. They're hungry for the Bread of Life, but still have a ways to go in understanding salvation. “To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory.”Col. 1:27

Thank you for supporting us as you give to the Great Commission Fund of the C&MA (“Brian Lindsay Support”.) We are also thankful for those that have given to help with our ministry expenses, “Brian Lindsay Work”as we have used a lot of Work funds in recent months as the church plant has been gearing up.

Serving with Joy,
Brian and Abby Lindsay, with James, Benjamin, and Anna
-CMA Thailand-

-Praise God, The Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church is up and running! Pray that it will stand strong, and be the frangrance of life in this district of 90,000 people who have no other Gospel witness.
-Continue to pray for two of our newer believers who began doubting the faith when faced with life’s trials. Pray that they will return solidly to the Lord.
-Pray that God will soon provide a Thai pastor for the growing congregation in Baan Paeo.
-Please pray for our family as both boys are out of school for the Thai summer break. Pray that we will be able to keep up with our ministry responsibilities while also taking the time to parent our 3 children well.



Updated: April 11, 2017

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28/2 Pradipat Rd Soi 13
Samsen Nai, Payathai
Bangkok, 10400


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