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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Trust many of you were encouraged in celebrating Easter. For some maybe it’s the celebration of newness as spring brings forth new things. For Cambodia, this has been a month of celebrations and of course it is the “hot season”.

Many of us embrace Easter which gives hope because of the resurrection of Jesus. It is the power that gives victory over sin and death and also enables us to live in newness of life. Praise be to God for His indescribable power. Pray that many hearts have been stirred and that even some are walking in new life. Pray that those in Kbal Romeas would understand the power of God to replace the present power of darkness that enslaves them.

In Cambodia, it is their New Year celebration. People go to local temples to make offerings and seek ways to ensure life will be better. However these things have no power over sin. Pray for young people to be dissatisfied with those things and seek truth. For Christians, it is a time to spend with family.

Since students are away, I took some time away to Mondul Kiri. Praise for safety in travel to and from.
-It was good to join in a wedding celebration, join in celebrating birthdays, and catch up with various friends.
-Pu Trum village
•Savouen: some of you heard about him last year. He is the fellow who fell from a tree and is basically a paraplegic. Praise for his wheelchair which has a high back-good support. Somehow he managed to get it ordered online. He is able to use his arms and praise God for an organization who stepped in and built a cement walkway for him from his house all the way over to the school (he is a teacher). Sometimes the students help him too. I was given some stretch sheets for him to use for exercise and I gave those to him. A local pastor and I shared about how Jesus saves and healed many and how Jesus has allowed Savouen to be alive and still teach. I told him that every time he does his stretches to say “thank you Jesus”. Pray for resurrection power for he and his family.

•a small group of believers in that village have been struggling along without any support. They asked if our group could come alongside and help. Praise the Lord for their being able to attend one of our local Easter services as well. Pray for Sary, the young man who leads the group, that God would raise him us to be a strong and wise leader.

•Sanang has been enjoying regular teaching as well as teaching Bible to students. Hopefully some of those kids will join the group with Sary. Pray for Sanang as she is quite busy. The Ministry of Education is asking all teachers to keep up with continued education. Besides that she will now start TEE (the main book that C&MA/KEC uses for teaching) since she just finished another book with me. Pray as Sophy teaches, that Sanang will grasp the many concepts.

Back to Stung Treng. The first year nursing/midwife students are coming along in their medical English course and we now have an outside of hours class. It is a divided class as some are slower to grasp English. Pray for Phanny. She seems to not have friends, is self-conscious of her short stature (she asked me if there is any medicine to make her taller), and believes she is not “as clever” as others. Pray for wisdom in how to help her and the others. None of the 27 students in that class are believers. Pray also for some of the 3rd year midwives (11 of them) who are studying some English that we will begin more conversation time which can lead to discussions that focus on “life” (when it really starts). I spent some time with one group of students on their community health rotation. Always interesting to see what they do and what they grasp.

In March I was able to see Muey Ly in Kompong Cham. I had not seen her in a long time. She was only 1yr old when her father died of AIDS and praise the Lord her mother is still doing well, though their income is very little. The miracle is that she was never touched by the AIDS virus when she was born. She is a faithful believer and will graduate from high school this year. She wants to go on to further education. May God bless sweet Muey Ly.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

• though it seems a while ago, the field prayer retreat time was encouraging. The message focused on the Lord’s Prayer and how it is applicable for us. God is our loving Father who deserves our worship.
Our field also has a number of young families that are seconded now and so it was great fellowship.
• the National Regional conference was good too, focusing on the mercies and grace of God, not works. Many of the people groups here are work oriented in their practices. . The 2 main people from Kbal Romeas went and though a bit overwhelming for them, they seemed to enjoy the fellowship and messages.
• back in Feb, some of my “electronic devices” seemed to give me trouble, but all seem to be working
• at the same time, the truck was having issues, so I had repairs done on that last month and it seems ok.
• was good to have visitors from my home district come and see ministry in Cambodia.
• I have been enjoying following along with devotionals/Bible study that folks at my home church are doing.

• the nursing school is still without electricity ( in the midst of this heat). Pray that the Ministry of Health would get that sorted out soon (been almost 8 months already)
• the students studying Abundant Life need prayer for time to work on lessons and also for understanding
• continued prayer is needed for this year when elections will be held the end of July, for God’s working in and through all the issues.
• old Kbal Romeas village- that the Holy Spirit would open the eyes of their hearts and also for an opportunity to visit the village where about 35 families still reside
• pray for God to send a national worker to come work alongside me in ministry
• for health and wisdom and safety

As you can see, your prayers are being answered and thank you for continuing your support in that way. I was just reminded in a devotional about how we need to pray for one another.
Thank you too for your support in other ways. Please don’t send checks to Cambodia. They just end up going back to the US. If you would like to give, there is an online connection: or send to:
The Christian and Missionary Alliance 8595 Explorer Drive Colorado Springs, Co 80920

Together in His service,
Joyce Johns



Updated: June 01, 2018

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