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These have been interesting days all around the world. Our new lives of study and work from home have, for some reason, been harder to cope with than we thought they’d be. We’ve felt strong emotions rise up that we haven’t felt in a long time. We’ve seen the display of behavior reacting to those emotions. The consequences of this behavior affect me, my family, and those around me. Emotions usually don’t happen randomly. They are like sensors on your dashboard of your car. They act as signals showing us what is happening on the inside. We can ignore them and hope they go away, push through them, allow them to control, or we can take note and discern what they are telling us. We don’t want to focus on the signals, but we want whatever isn’t right to be made right. For that we have a Healer who is an expert mechanic who is able to deal with each signal as it arises and help us in our moments of distress find rest.

These past few months we’ve seen so much Kingdom advancement. It’s been in a different form than we expected, and many of our plans have been cancelled or postponed, but the Kingdom of God is advancing and the church is being built. It hasn’t come without cost or battle, but God has been faithful and has rescued us in our distress, forgiven our unbelief, and healed deeply things that had sensors lit and blinking. We could tell you of hours, almost daily, spent on the phone in prayer. We could tell you of dozens of lives transformed by their Maker in beautiful encounters with Jesus. We could report of new life in Christ and revival of life in Christ. You’d need to be ready to sit and read at least four or five pages of text, summarizing the past few months.

We’ve walked with many from all sorts of walks of life – poor and uneducated, wealthy and educated – but all broken and admitting brokenness and reaching out for help. This is the story of us all. Praise God for hunger that comes from Him. Praise God that He draws us to Himself. Praise God for desperate times that cause us to reach out to Him. Praise God for the courage to pursue healing and freedom. This has been our personal testimony and the testimony of so many. This is the anointing we walk in, one like Jacob, that won’t let go until we are blessed, but we often leave with a limp. We are wounded healers, like Christ Himself, walking about doing our Daddy’s business. The heart of the matter is Jesus and the advance of His Kingdom. We are hidden in Christ and yoked with Him. Our learning of His ways and watching of what He’s doing doesn’t mean that one day I’ll go out and do His ways and do what He’s doing alone. I can’t get out of what He’s doing because I’m always in Him and He’s always the one doing whatever He pleases. What a ride. Isaiah 42 is the first of four servant passages. I recently read it anew – from the perspective of being hidden in this Messiah. He is the anointed Christ. I’m hidden in Him. Verse 6 says, “I will take you by the hand and keep you.” This childlikeness is exactly what I want. The more at rest I become, as a child holding his daddy’s hand, the more the Kingdom will advance in me, my family, and in those around me.

We pray that you will be aware of who is holding your hand and who it is that He has made you to be.

Hull Uruguay Prayer Needs

We have five months now before leaving for Home Assignment. We have several ideas/plans we would like to see happen. Please pray with us for clear capability to discern God’s voice, His plans, and the steps to walk out those plans.
Some things on the possible docket are:
- helping our team set up a ministry center in Montevideo! we may be able to actually purchase a property in the next few months!
- a four day training for key leaders in transformational prayer (an inner healing prayer model that has opened many doors for powerful ministry times) - slated for August 22-25, 2020 at a small event center close to Montevideo
- a refreshing and empowering retreat for Uruguayan pastoral couples - slated for early November 2020
- the final College of Prayer (year 3, module 2) regional event for the Uruguayan Alliance church - early November 2020
- College of Prayer modules with churches outside Montevideo as travel restrictions lift and the virus clears.

COVID-19 has not exploded here in Uruguay as it has in other places. Our kids actually went back to school on June 29! There are many precautions in place, of course, and no one knows how things will progress, but we hope to be able to travel in-country soon. Thank you for praying for us and giving to the Great Commission Fund.



Updated: July 07, 2020

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