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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


June 26, 2017

Dear praying friends,

The weather forecast for Spain and Portugal is a hot, dry summer. At this season of the year wildfires are a constant danger here on the Iberian peninsula. A tragic series of terrible fires killed more than 60 people in Portugal last week. A huge fire in southern Spain even now is threatening a national park. These sad developments caused me to think that, instead of these destructive wildfires, how we long to share a different report of good news: Spain on fire…. for Jesus!

One area where we are beginning to see this happen is among the youth at our Bethany Summer School of Discipleship and Missions in Alicante, Spain. (How appropriate that their publicity flyer for this year’s Bethany School features a bonfire!)

God has done mighty things these past two summers at Bethany. The focus is unabashedly on prayer, holiness and missions. Talk about going counter culture here in Western Europe! As you might imagine, this involves a real spiritual battle and this project needs your prayers. This year the Bethany Summer School is expanding to include two separate programs: one in English and another in Spanish. As you join with us in strategic intercession for this key project, you can help bring "holy fire" to the next generation of leaders across Spain and western Europe. Here are some specific details and prayer requests:

July 23-August 5 Bethany School in English (30 students)
August 10-31 Bethany School in Spanish (30 students)

• Pray for divine protection over students, monitors and professors in both July and August.
• Pray for the manifest presence of God to have a transforming impact on all the students who participate. Pray for "good" fire!
• Pray that all the professors will minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.
• Pray as well for the 22 monitors (graduates of Bethany school from previous years) who will be serving this year’s students and helping in a variety of ways. Ask God to work mightily in their lives yet again.

Remember that your prayers serve as God´s divine "soil improvement" strategy, for only God can soften hard hearts. Only His Spirit can ignite holy fire in human hearts and lives.

NEWS FLASH! Regarding Bethany House, we have been praying about the empty lot next door. The vision is to enlarge the cramped facilities and reach more young people, as well as improve the facilities and use them for other training events and retreats throughout the year. The owners want to sell the lot and have offered the property at a very reasonable price, in recognition of the Bethany School’s vision to minister to young people! Please pray for God’s supernatural provision! (While we will not be participating directly in the Bethany Schools this summer, it is a project we believe in and are helping to promote in a variety of ways.)

Praise the Lord for strong giving to the Great Commission Fund during the months of May and June! Thank you for your prayers and gifts. This is the “bread and butter” fund that allows us to serve the Lord here in Spain, and supports hundreds of other workers around the world. Click here for inspiring reports and more information on how you can participate.

Yours for the spiritual greening of Spain,
Raymond and Mary


May 25, 2017

Dear praying friends,

God is at work, whether we see immediate results or not. Last month all our Alliance international workers in Spain and Portugal gathered for an inspiring five days together. The anointed ministry of David Hearn, president of the C&MA of Canada, challenged us to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. In the hardened soil of Western Europe these timely messages were a great encouragement. We may not always see immediate results but God is definitely at work, even in the less responsive corners of the world.

Your prayers serve as God´s divine "soil improvement" strategy, for only God can soften hard hearts. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. During our Field Forum we received a number of very encouraging reports of how God is indeed doing a new thing in Spain. Nine new international workers arrived in the past twelve months! New doors opened to share the Gospel. New US partner churches for Spain. New opportunities to equip millennials. New students preparing for ministry in our Bible Institute. New churches are being started. Missionaries are even being sent out from Spain! A pastoral couple was sent from Madrid to London in February to start a work among Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Yes, God is at work, whether we see immediate results or not. Thank you so much for your prayers for the “spiritual greening” of Spain. The challenges are still enormous, with barely 1% of the population in Spain considered evangelical believers, and even fewer in Portugal. But as you pray with us, God advances His kingdom, often in ways we do not initially see or understand. It is all about Jesus, not us. Pray that we and all our colleagues will serve in the power of the Holy Spirit in our multiple ministries here in Spain and Portugal.

We give ourselves to Him, He takes us.
We bring an empty hand, He fills it.
We are the capacity, He is the supply.
We are the Temple, He occupies it.
We are the channel, He flows through it.
Let us receive Him into every pore and fiber of our being.
Let every chord and every member be a channel for His indwelling and in-working. (A.B. Simpson)


Here are a few specific ways you can pray for us in the near future. Pray especially for the financial needs of the Bethany House project (which we highlighted in January). Pray for all the preparations, students and teachers who will participate in the 2017 Bethany School of Discipleship and Missions. Thanks so much!

June 4 minister in church in Granada
June 6 meeting with National Church Board
June 10 lead meetings to revise National Church Bylaws
June-July preparations for Bethany School of Discipleship and Missions

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for the worldwide work of the Lord through the C&MA family. Please consider joining us in making a special contribution to the Great Commission Day offering for the advance of the Gospel worldwide. Pray with us, too, that giving to the Great Commission Fund will be strong in May and June, enabling us to end the year in the black.

Yours for the spiritual greening of Spain,
Raymond and Mary

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

See the requests included above in the text of our update.

Ongoing request:

Pray for physical strength for Raymond. The postpolio syndrome is an ongoing challenge and we trust God daily for the grace to do what He has called us to do. We so appreciate your support in prayer. God is able!

Additional prayer points for Spain:
Each month you can also find additional updated prayer needs on our Spain field website. (see link above, at right: "visit website")



Updated: June 26, 2017

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