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Nun beamed with excitement as she arrived an hour early to see what else she could do for our first Sunday Service on March 12. Ed and I had already arrived to open things up. Nun brought a little neighborhood girl named Tawaan with her. Nun got right to work setting up the simple kitchen area and coffee corner making sure everything was tidy. Little Tawaan was a great help.

I excitedly slipped up to our second floor sanctuary to turn on the air conditioning (A/C) that was just installed a few days earlier. Hot season is upon us, so A/C is a wonderful blessing. For the last two months we were getting this room ready for A/C: repairing windows, partitioning the stairwell, increasing electrical service, etc. The room had been painted, linoleum laid on the floor, and chairs bought. Some things in the sanctuary had been donated by Thai believers from other churches: a podium and a computer with a large monitor. Our mother church set us up with a simple sound system and guitar. The donated curtain helped block the sun. I looked around the room and thought, "Ready, Lord!"

Downstairs people started arriving. Our missionary colleagues Brian and Abby Lindsay arrived with their three young children. We were soon joined by Sagaw and Nong, an older couple whom Brian has been faithfully witnessing to over the last several months. It was their first time to attend a Christian Church. People continued to arrive: Nun's father and eldest son Benz, six people from the Mae Klong group, a few more from Baan Paeo, five from our mother church, our field director and other guests. Praise God, by the end, 29 people came to our first service which included eleven local Thai adults plus three local Thai children.

The pastor of our mother church, Pastor Sukprasan, led our first service and preached an amazing sermon from Haggai chapter two on three important characteristics of God in starting a church. After the message he led the congregation in a good long time of prayer to officially launch the church.

Everyone then enjoyed a delicious fellowship lunch made by Sombat from the Mae Klong group. Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


1. Pray that God would soon raise up a Thai pastor for this growing congregation. Unfortunately we don't have any leads yet. Pastor Sukprasan will come one Sunday a month to help his first daughter church until we get our own Thai pastor. We appreciate him so much, his wise counsel, and his commitment to the daughter church. We'd love to have a Thai pastor in Baan Paeo like him! (Matt. 9:37-38)

2. Pray for the seekers that attended: Sagaw and his wife Nong, Nun's dad and oldest son Benz. Pray that they and many more Thai will come to saving faith in Jesus.

3. We are in contact with Bale and Ahn. Continue to pray for them. Bale is down in Mahachai living with her maternal grandmother now. Bale asked for prayer as she is hoping to go back to school. Praise the Lord for that! She only has credit for grade 6, though actually dropped out before we met her last year after 8th grade. But by the Thai system, she would have to start in grade 7. Having just turned 16, I can imagine it would be hard for her to be in a class with normal age grade 7 students. She is studying summer school right now and will take the exam on April 10. If she passes she will be able to go back to the school. So do pray. Ahn is still in Baan Paeo, so we see him more often. He is polite to us but is not showing much interest in things of the Lord. Pray that God will draw him back.

4. We are very thankful for the Thai adults that have become a part of the church here in Baan Paeo. They are each beginning to serve in their area of giftedness. Pray that God will continue to raise up Thai leadership.

5. Please pray for our mother church, the Mahapawn Living Water Church in Mahachai. Pastor Sukprasan and his wife Eve are faithfully serving there. Pastor is planning on training more members in evangelism. Pray that God will bring more Thai to faith in Jesus in Mahachai.



Updated: April 02, 2017

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