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A LADY NAMED JIM (and an evangelist named Nun)
"God is using my shop again!" Nun excitedly told me. "I have prayed for the people on this street between my shop and the fresh market every day for the last year and God is starting to move!" Indeed people were starting to stop by Nun's hair salon again and ask questions about the Lord. She was putting up more Bible verses in various spots around the room and laying out more Gospel literature for people to take. Nun was most thrilled that a lady named Jim was starting to show an interest in the Lord. They have known each other since they were teenagers but only reconnected again two years ago. Nun has been sharing about her faith in Jesus with Jim for a little over a year. Jim finally decided to come for the Thai Mother's Day outreach (Aug 13) to see her daughter in the program. She has come every Sunday since. Jim lives on the street between Nun's shop and the fresh market.

One of Nun's spiritual gifts is evangelism. She had been a bit down with seemingly few opportunities to witness in recent months. There seemed to have been a lull in people seeking her out after we started services in March at the building we rented for the church. We had used her shop for over a year for the Wednesday night cell group and the Saturday Kid's club. Now everything was moved to the church building and she put her hair salon back together as only a hair salon. Then we had the church dedication service at the end of August which God used to give the church more legitimacy in the community. After that service, people stopped by Nun's shop to ask about it: "Why did so many people come? What did we do at the service? What is the church?" Some of these inquirers live on the street between Nun's shop and the fresh market.

After Jim had come to church a few times, Nun asked me if I could talk to her. "She won't listen to me! We have been friends too long." Actually I had been trying to set up a time besides briefly talking after church, but Jim did not seem to want me to visit her. I praise God that during the church dedication Sunday, Ann from our mother church took the opportunity to talk with Jim at great length. Ann had been instrumental in Nun coming to the Lord. Finally, one day as I was visiting Nun, Nun marched me to Jim’s small one room apartment. "She might not let us in. She hasn't even let me in yet. But we can talk to her at the door," Nun said. Praise God, she let us in and we had a nice visit. That broke the ice. Jim has welcomed me ever since. Praise God, on Sept 22, at Nun's shop, Jim was ready to put her trust in Jesus. Jim is now eagerly studying the Bible with me to learn about her new faith.

Jim has been telling her younger sister Noi all about the Lord, ever since she started to attend church on Thai Mother's Day. Jim wanted me to visit her sister Noi and tell her about the Lord too. I told her anytime. Monday, Sept. 25, I got the call from Nun. "Can you be ready in half an hour to visit Noi with us?" So off we went. I was thrilled to hear Nun and Jim share their faith with Noi. I was silently listening and just praising God in my heart. Then Nun turns to me, "You say something, Sue!" I did not share for very long when Jim started to add things as did Nun. Noi seemed interested. She said she would try to come to church on Sunday.

Please pray for Jim that she will grow strong in her new faith. She now pops into Nun's shop quite often and they talk about the Lord. Pray that her sister Noi will also come to saving faith. Pray that God continues to move not only down the street between Nun's shop and the fresh market, but all throughout Baan Paeo, for His Glory.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer


1. We will have a short term ministry team from the Glenview Alliance Church (Glen Rock, PA) with us from November 2 – 14. Pray as we continue to make the plans and as the team prepares. We will be taking the team into one of the local elementary schools for an English Outreach with 300 fourth, fifth and sixth grade children. Our church member, Teacher Ju, teaches English at this school. Pray that God prepares hearts and that God will use this team to advance His kingdom here.

2. Please pray as we also begin to prepare for the Christmas outreaches.

3. Now that all the excitement of the new building has settled down, we want to more intentionally train our Thai members and free them to serve in their areas of giftedness. Pray that God will continue to raise up the necessary Thai leadership for this church.

4. Pastor Sukprasan and his wife Eve, the pastoral couple at our mother church, are expecting their first child mid-December. Pray for the health of Eve and the baby.

5. Thank you so much for all your prayers for us. We know that God hears and is answering! Thank you also for your generous gifts to the Great Commission Fund of the C&MA for our support as International Workers. Please pray that God continues to provide. You can give to our support by selecting "contribute to support fund" under "GIVE" on the right hand side of this page.

6. Please pray that God will provide for our next vehicle. If you would like to contribute to our vehicle fund, you can do so on the right hand side of this page. Under "GIVE" you can select "contribute to vehicle fund". Thank you so much.



Updated: October 02, 2017

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