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Manao got the message on Facebook. Her friend Mawn wanted to know more about Jesus! Manao quickly arranged to visit Mawn with Bale, another teenager in the church. During their visit, they were delightfully surprised that Mawn was so eager to start her faith walk with Jesus. "After only like 20 minutes of sharing the Gospel and asking her if she was sure she understood and was sure she was ready to ask Jesus into her heart, Mawn was ready to pray," Bale exclaimed to me later.

The seeds had been planted in Mawn's heart two years earlier when she joined us for some Saturday youth outreaches and even attended Sunday worship once. She had already dropped out of school after 9th grade to work at her family's sewing business. Her job kept her very busy and unable to attend anything else at church, besides a Christmas outreach later that year. Also, her parents discouraged her from attending church.

After Mawn asked Jesus to be her Savior, she excitedly told her parents that she was now a Christian. They scolded her and told her she was not allowed to attend church. So Mawn turned to the internet to learn more about her new faith. Manao and Bale were quite concerned that she could get confused with all that is on the internet and asked if I could take them to start discipling Mawn. We went on her day off. I was hoping to meet her parents to ask permission for Mawn to attend church. Maybe if they met an adult…. But when we arrived, her parents were not at home. Manao and Bale quickly got started with the discipleship material. Mawn is very hungry for the Word of God.

Afterwards, we had a time of prayer with Mawn. Her prayer request that day was that she'd be able to earn enough money to live on her own, so she could come to church! She also prays that her parents will open their hearts to the Good News of Jesus. Will you pray for Mawn and her family? Pray too for Manao and Bale as they continue to reach out to friends and family.

Praise and Prayer Requests - July 2020

1. Praise God for the smooth transition back to using the church building after ten weeks of COVID lockdown. We have had good attendance and even visitors. The downstairs monitor system is working well for "overflow". We continue to do the service live on Facebook for those unable to come and those far and wide who view the post. Pray that God would continue to add to our number as the members share their faith in the community.

2. Praise God for the growing group of enthusiastic young adults in the church. They serve on the worship team, help run the computers for Sunday, help with cleaning and setting up the church, help lead mid-week prayer meeting, are actively sharing their faith and even discipling a new believer. Pray that God continues to grow this group.

3. Our mother church pastor, Pastor Sukprasan's wife Eve is due to give birth to their second child in July. Pray for a safe delivery and good health for both mother and child.

Thank you for your prayers for us.
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Updated: July 05, 2020

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