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"If it hadn't been for God, I probably would be in prison right now," Pastor Sittichai shared with the congregation. He had just received his Bachelors' degree from the Bangkok Bible Seminary the day before. The Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church was celebrating this milestone in his life and had asked him to share how God called him into the ministry.

"I was born into a Christian family but did not live much like a Christian. In high school I got involved with a local gang, even though I was in a Christian dorm." Sittichai hails from the mountains of northern Thailand. The village had an elementary option, but the high school was a distance away in a larger city.

"There was one time I was ready to kill a rival gang member. I had the gun ready, but the guy took another way home. It was God's hand of protection on both of us. Another time, the motorcycle I was riding had some drugs hidden in it, but I wasn't caught. It was God's hand of mercy."

Sittichai struggled in school academically. He began to pray that God would change his life that was on such a dangerous path. He told the Lord that if He called him, he would serve Him. By God's mercy, he managed to graduate from 12th grade.

"I sensed God was calling me to serve Him. I had heard about a Bible school in Bangkok and decided to enroll. But after one term, Bangkok was hit with terrible flooding, the school was damaged beyond repair and closed. Then someone suggested I transfer to Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS). I applied and was accepted. The new term would begin after Christmas."

But while Sittichai was back home waiting for the new term to begin, he changed his mind about further study. Shortly after that decision, Sittichai was riding his motorcycle on a gentle mountain road, when for no real reason he was thrown off the bike. His pants were torn but he was not injured badly. "That night, I heard the Lord say, "You have denied me." I felt this great pain and sadness and decided to study at BBS."

Sittichai saw God gradually change his life during that time at BBS. During his third year, he was of age to be drafted as a soldier. He decided to enlist for a year to take care of this obligation. He liked being a soldier and enlisted for a second year, this time as a teacher of new recruits. Again, he doubted if he should continue his Bible training, but the Lord confirmed His calling in his heart.

Entering BBS again in August 2017, Sittichai needed a weekend ministry position. Ed had just contacted the school looking for a Thai student to help us at the new Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church. What a blessing Sittichai has been, first serving on weekends, then doing his year internship, and now serving as our Thai pastor.

"I stand here today because of God's grace. I am not worthy, but God is great. He can take someone lowly and insignificant like me, a terrible sinner, and lovingly change my life. I give Him all the praise!"

Praise and Prayer Requests - November 2020

1. Please pray for the church as we plan and prepare for our Christmas outreaches. The outreach at church will be on Sunday, Dec. 20 and will emphasize inviting unsaved family and friends. We will do Christmas outreaches at two local public elementary schools. The first school is here in Baan Paeo. The second school is in the area where we hope to plant the next daughter church. The school director of that school is a member of the church here in Baan Paeo. He is excited that a team from the church will be able to share the true meaning of Christmas with his students and fellow teachers.

2. Please pray that God will provide for the Mahapawn Living Water Church, our mother church, as they step out in faith to buy land and build the church building. A more permanent presence will greatly validate their credibility in the eyes of the Thai community and enable more outreach. Pastor Sukprasan plans to continue planting daughter churches in unreached areas around Mahachai. If you would like to partner with the Mahapawn Living Water Church to help them reach their goal, the project name through the C&MA is: Mahapawn Living Water Church Land & Bldg, Project Code: 1-47200-46-71-01025 Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Thank you so much for faithfully standing with us in prayer and giving. God has been building His church here in Baan Paeo in answer to your intercession. Your generous gifts to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of the Christian and Missionary Alliance provide the finances we need to continue serving in Thailand. Gifts to this fund are tax deductible and can be given on this website under GIVE.

Love in Christ,
Ed and Sue Danneker



Updated: November 02, 2020

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