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Dear family and friends,

It's thrilling to celebrate some new births in Christ in recent months. Some have matured while some others have had bumps along the path of faith. Followed are some encouraging ones:

Sister Liên is married to a Taiwanese man. After 2 decades of living in Taiwan, she had assimilated to the local's religious practices. She had worshipped idols and gone to temples. One day, Liên was invited to our fellowship and she willingly received Jesus into her life. However, she was thinking Jesus Christ as powerful as other gods. One day at lunch time, we explained to her that God is the Supreme Being - the Most Powerful God. Then she decided to worship only this God. Her 3 small children have followed her to church and husband is fine with her faith. Liên has grown to be content in the Lord. She has so far composed 3 songs and written a prayer with beautiful and touching contents.

Brother Hân learned about faith through the life of an older brother. We still remember the day we picked up him and a friend at train station - he was smoking. He started smoking when he was 14 years of age, but he wanted to quit. He determined to do so by God's strength. And he did - something that amazed his co-workers. Hân has become a lover of God. Although, he's worked long hours, but he's very diligent in learning and completing the books of Abundant Life and the Life of Jesus, book 1.

Sister Lan lives very far away from us. She's a sweet middle-aged woman. Placing love and trust in her husband. After some years into marriage, the husband has physically abused and driven her outside of home. Then she's returned, and not long after, she's beaten up and got kicked out again. The cycle has repeated. Sister Lan cannot believed herself why she has come back to that man even though she's aware of his ill treatment. She holds many proofs from police, hospitals and courts. Out of anguish, a while back, she came to us and she found God for herself. Last week, the man filed divorce. His goal is not only to leave her, but he also devises for her to be empty-handed. We took a long trip and spent a long time with her today. We're so moved to witness her dependence on God. Please pray that God will always stands by her during the battle at court and protects her from further evil (for this man had homecide record in the past).

Thanks and God bless,

Charlie and Mary


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Updated: May 22, 2015

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