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December 2016

Project Cherry Tree is in full swing!

It's been a full season of ministry, forming new friendships among Spanish speakers and Germans in Berlin.

What is Project Cherry Tree? Project Cherry Tree is an an Alliance initiative to develop a Network of Intercultural Churches in the Spanish and German languages. Berlin is an intercultural city that has become home to thousands people (including immigrants and refugees) who do not know Jesus as their Savior.

Our strategy is to establish a Church-based Center for Bible Teaching and training in Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership Development. As people come to know Jesus through evangelism and discipleship, it is our aim to develop and train leaders for future church plants.

Why Cherry Trees? Cherry Trees symbolize reconciliation and unity in Berlin. Motivated by the end of a divided Germany (the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989) and as an expression of friendship between Japan and Germany, a group of Japanese launched a campaign to raise funds in Japan for a special project in Berlin. The money collected (around 1 million EUROS) was used to plant approximately 9,000 Japanese Cherry Trees in Berlin-Brandenburg from 1990 to 2010. The future of the Cherry Trees is now in the hands of Germans, who are charged with the responsibility to care for them even as they beautify the city and change the landscape.

As we understand more of German culture and reflect on the spiritual atmosphere in the capital city, we believe God is calling us to plant seeds of reconciliation and unity between Him and the not-yet-Christian in Berlin. Berlin is a city where atheism and separation from God abounds. Project Cherry Tree responds to the gospel needs of thousands of Spanish and German speakers in Berlin that do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus. We invite you to partner with us in Project Cherry Tree! The initial goal for this project is $50,000.

Please prayerfully consider what God would have you give to Project Cherry Tree in Berlin. Your donation will be the 'seed money' for this project.

You can give online here: Project Cherry Tree , then type Project Cherry Tree in the designation box. All donations are tax-deductible.

You can also mail checks with Project Cherry Tree-Berlin in the memo to:
The Christian and Missionary Alliance
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs CO 80920


Many blessings and a very joy-filled 2017!

With much love from Berlin,

José and Melanie

Josiah and Ian

To give to our support, which is our bread and butter, daily living expenses, you can give to the GCF: Jose and Melanie Chinchilla Support.

To commit to pray for us regularly in 2017, reply to this email and we will gladly add you to our team of Prayer Partners.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please be praying and praising this week for the following:

Praise the Lord for how He is drawing CK to himself! Pray for us as we continue to follow up with him, and for José as he meets with CK to study the New Testament together. Pray for CK's salvation!

Great news for Pastor Geryes (the Syrian CMA pastor) and his family. They signed a contract on an apartment last week, and should get the keys and move in by the end of this week. We are overjoyed that God provided an apartment for them in just over a month of searching! This is because YOU prayed! Pray for a smooth transition for them as they settle in!

Please continue to pray for our dear friend, B, and her children. Pray for Melanie as she encourages and walks alongside of B in these difficult days. Pray that José would miraculously be able to reestablish contact with the husband, J, and that he would be open to meeting. Pray for the miracle of reconciliation in their marriage!

Pray as we continue outreaches and meetings this week with Spanish speakers and Germans! We have a Christmas party this Saturday for the neighbors, and contacts we've made along with our teammates and many Arab speakers they've met at the Lighthouse ministry center. On Sunday, José and I will host another brunch in our home with Spanish speakers and continue to grow in relationship with those God is bringing across our paths. Pray for spiritual conversations, especially during this time of year, as we go into the 4th week of Advent, awaiting the birth of Jesus, our Messiah.

Continue to pray for our health and strength this week! We have had colds, flu, and fevers between the four of us. Pray for the boys especially as they are exposed to lots of germs at Kita (preschool). Pray that we would get back to a place of complete health and strength especially as we have many outreaches and meetings coming up.

PRAY FOR GOD'S PROVISION for Project Cherry Tree, the intercultural (Spanish-German) church plant we are initiating.

Oh the joy of anticipating Christmas, that Jesus came to earth! Such a time of light, which we are reminded of daily as we go about life in Berlin. THANK YOU for being light to us as you pray faithfully for us!

Much love from Berlin--
José, Melanie,
Josiah & Ian



Updated: December 29, 2016

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