Andy and Lora Brake

Christmas in Makassar


We are thankful to the Lord for each one of you and for your partnership with us for the sake of the Gospel. Because of your faithful prayers and gifts, we continue to be able to ministry in Makassar and through the ministries of our students. Above is a picture taken from the beach near our home. We went there to enjoy a “Christmas sunset” and it ended up raining. But the colors were still beautiful. You can see the rainbow behind us, a reminder of God’s faithfulness to His creation!

We are thankful that we were able to visit Grace and Yola, two of our interns who are ministering south of Makassar in an area that is almost 100% majority religion. Over the course of their six months of ministry they have opened several English clubs. The children began to ask them about the judgment day that they had heard about in their religious classes. They learned that Isa (Jesus) the prophet would come back to judge those who rejected Allah and blow the trumpets. When they asked their teacher for more information about this, the teacher did not have the answers. So, these 11 and 12 year old children asked Grace and Yola. Grace explained to them that their Bible teaches about the trumpets and the day of judgment as well. She had them read from Revelation 9. The children were nervous when they read the description of the scorpions the size of horses. Some of them had been stung by scorpions in the past and they couldn’t imagine the suffering from a scorpion that big. Grace took the time then to talk about what the Gospel teaches about Isa, the Messiah, and how one could live without fear of judgment. PRAY that the seed of the gospel that has been planted by Grace and Yola would bear fruit in the coming years. Below is a picture of Grace and Yola with Lora.



Updated: December 22, 2019

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