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Happy New Year everyone! May this year be a year of God’s harvest and the blessings of seeing many of the sheep not yet in the sheep pen, be welcomed into the fold. The spring semester is gearing up to begin at Jaffray Bible School. Lora will be teaching Ethical Issues and Old Testament (part 2) for the B.A. program. Andy will be teaching New Testament Theology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology, and History and Doctrine of the CMA for the B.A. program; Revelation and Daniel, and History of Missions for the M.A. program; and Christian Spirituality for the Ph.D. program. It will be a busy semester with classes, mentoring, and campus life, but we are excited for the new semester to get under way.

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break with some of our children. Josiah came to Makassar from Penang on December 16th and was followed by his sister, Hannie (with husband Mike and sister-in-law Melissa) on December 21st. We had a wonderful time together though there were some cases of flus, stomach viruses, and general jet lag. Josiah just returned to Penang for his last semester. The big news of the Christmas break was hearing from Wheaton College that he was accepted! He will be enrolling there next fall. Abbie just finished another module course in Vermont and has returned to Wheaton. She is now full-time with the same company that employs Brandon. Rick and Emma and Matthias continue to live the complicated life of a Marine family. We were thankful Rick got to spend Christmas and New Year’s with Emma and Matthias. We look forward to seeing our family (both nuclear and extended) much more in the coming year during our home assignment.



Updated: January 25, 2017

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