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One of my favorite American food items since returning has been fresh sweet corn, especially the kind that shoots corn juice on your neighbor. In Ohio and the rest of the Midwest, July and August is the season to see the corn plants growing tall, tasseling, and then the harvest. That theme of corn is important for what our church in Makassar wants to do in its next step of ministry. For several months now, Pastor Hanny has been training a group of church members on how to begin conversations about spiritual matters with those who live in the areas south of our church fellowship. Just recently, in August, the teams (2 by 2) were finally ready to go out and look for a person to talk to. The awkward part of these teams was how to begin conversations. One team saw some Makassar people who live in this southern area planting corn. They stopped and engaged them in conversation about what kind of corn they were planting. Turns out they were planting corn for their chickens because sweet corn never did well in their garden. It always got worms. One of the team members from our church got his undergraduate degree in agriculture. He offered to supply some seed for sweet corn and then help them take care of the harvest in November, 2017. The church is praying that this becomes an open door for sharing the gospel in this hard-to-reach community. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to give them a great crop of sweet corn, and then a great harvest of souls for His kingdom. Jesus is the Lord of the corn harvest, and now there are laborers working in His harvest field



Updated: October 09, 2017

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