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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Christmas/NewYear 2016-2017

Update from Spain, C-House and Betsy

In this wonderful Christmas Season, I wish to share a few items of PRAISE and to say a Big THANK YOU for your involvement in making my ministry possible.

As you will recall, C-House is a ministry offering assistance to women from all over the world who have been caught in sexual exploitation here in Spain, mostly through trafficking and trickery. This year we have been building our work team. We are very glad to now have with us the Lain family, who are CAMA workers, and will be heading up our new ENVISION Site, receiving short term teams and short and mid-term workers who come to assist our ministry and other ministries within Spain. In addition we have been moving forward in our partnership with the Pearl project, a like-minded local Christian NGO also working in abolition and anti-trafficking ministry.

In November, after months of planning and searching, we were able to prepare and inaugurate a ministry center we share with Pearl. The location is fantastic, in the heart of the city for easy access; and the facility is wonderful as well. The purpose of the center is to be able to minister to women still caught in prostitution, where they can come for counseling, social work and legal support, training and other forms of assistance. We hope to build relationships in a safe environment so that we can help and encourage them to take the bold and courageous step to leave their life of bondage. In addition, once the residential program has been re-launched, it will also be our official address and the place where our residents experience ‘normal’ daytime activities, like furthering education, job training and work experience, counseling, etc. This will help create a more healthy rhythm to their new life, and allow HOME to be the place for rest, fun and “off-hour” activities.

Our first resident, Grace and her 2 children, who came to us back in May of 2013 and finished our program at the end of 2014, moved to Germany for Christmas that year. The reason for such a big change was because she was not able to gain her legal status or asylum here in Spain. Due to some very painful and complex circumstances related to Grace’s original ‘slavery’ in her home country in sub-Saharan Africa, Grace & her daughter were both at risk of harm from the child’s father’s family, both in their home country AND in Spain. We have been praying ever since they moved that they would be granted asylum in Germany.

The asylum process took longer than we expected, and Grace has been struggling financially over the last several months, though safely housed in a group apartment building for asylum seekers, with privacy, but some shared facilities, like kitchen and bathroom. She has faced all of these circumstances bravely, sometimes with mistakes, though always seeking my emotional support and counsel, as well as asking for ongoing prayers from my friends and supporters back in the US (the DPP team). I was finally able to visit this precious family last month, and it was very special!
Grace called me on the Dec. 23rd to share the WONDERFUL answer to prayer she had just received as her very special Christmas gift from our loving Father - the letter granting her and her family permanent asylum! Praise God for His Faithfulness! *see prayer request below

As we come to the end of this year, I would like to ask you to consider giving a special gift to the Great Commission Fund. You still have a few hours! This fund has supported me for a total of 19 years of ministry in Spain! I am so grateful to each of you who have given faithfully so I can share the Good News of Jesus with women who have endured such terrible abuse and have not experienced God’s Love, or understood the message of Salvation. If you'd like to give an extra gift yet today, please click on this link:
You may designate your gift specifically for “Support of Betsy Blanchard” if you wish. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! You can also write a check and send it to: The C&MA, 8595 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

If you wish to be more committed to praying regularly for my work with C-House and follow this ministry more closely, please write to me and ask to join my "DAILY PRAYER PARTNER" Team or DPPers for short. I write to this team at least monthly with more detailed and/or urgent prayer needs. Many of these requests I cannot share more publicly, for confidentiality and security reasons. But I am VERY dependent on the prayers of my DPPers - my Prayer Warriors!!! They play I vital roll in my ministry, and you can too!

As we rejoice in the Blessing of EMMANUEL - God With Us- during this Christmas Season, and look forward to what He has planned for us in 2017, rejoice with me also that our Precious Savior was sent to us from the Father “To bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, and open the prison to those who are bound” (Is. 61: 1b) as He has done for each of us and recently did for Grace and her family, and as He desires to do for many more!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


How to Pray for C-House

•Praise God for our ENVISION Site coordinators, who arrived in the summer. Pray for Larry & Krista Lain as they continue in language study, then receive the first ENVISION teams in the summer or 2017. Pray for the whole family as they continue adapting to a very different culture from Mongolia, where they last served!

•Thank God with us for our new Ministry Center, shared with the Pearl team (*see main letter) where we can connect with women who have not yet left their situation of sexual exploitation and bondage, and plan new ministry options to our target group.

•Pray that God will continue leading clearly and giving us peace in each transition. Pray especially for Grace and her children, who will soon have the opportunity to find an apartment and begin their life independently after a long season of waiting. (*see the main letter)

• Pray that God will draw together the right people for our core team. We have several young people considering an internship and a young Hungarian woman living locally who is volunteering with us. There are quite a number of people on the horizon, as well. But we really want those whom God has already called and prepared for this ministry. We need mature people who have the spiritual wisdom and maturity to handle some big spiritual battles!

•Please consider joining my personal prayer team, called "Daily Prayer Partners" (or DPPers for short). Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of faith as we Live the Call Together...

I count on your PRAYERS! They are my lifeline!



Updated: December 31, 2016

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