David W and Teresa Bill

Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


David Walter Bill (10/18/1954)
Teresa Lee (Graves) Bill (06/10/1955)

Jeremy James (11/21/1986)
Eric David (10/4/1989)
Chandra Graves (3/9/1993)


Testimonies and backgrounds:

David Walter BILL was the first born to Walter and Marjorie (nee Irvine) BILL October 18th, 1954.
He grew up in the McKeesport area of Pennsylvania.

His mother was saved first.
Dave prayed to receive Christ into his heart during a boy's Sunday school class, was baptized at age 12, but later realized he had never really repented of his sins and was not born again.
During this time his father repented and received Christ.
After great conviction for over a year, Dave repented and received Christ in April 1970 and was re-baptized.
His brother and sister received Christ shortly afterwards.

The Lord immediately began to lead him in preparation for his life's ministries.
After several years of spiritual growth in church, Christian Service Brigade and summer forestry camps during high school and college at Penn State (McKeesport Campus), where he studied Environmental Resources Management, Dave began to hear God's call to eventually become a missionary.
"It's one thing to save the environment, but since God has given man domination over the creation, if the inner environment-man's heart is not changed, neither will any environment outside of his heart".

After the influence of missionary conferences at church, Dave transferred to Nyack College to prepare for missionary service.

While at Nyack, he was led to go to Gabon, Africa as a summer missionary in 1975.

After graduating from Nyack in 1978 with a bachelor'd degree in Social Science, he attended ASTM, then served as a youth pastor in Mendham, NJ, while finishing his Master's Degree at ATS in 1980.

Until 1985, Dave served as the assistant pastor in charge of outreach in McKeesport, was ordained in September 1982, where he also met Teresa, then was married August 20th, 1983.
Dave spent 2 more years, this time with Teresa, in McKeesport, before being sent to France and Gabon, Africa to begin their missionary career.

Dave has used his preparations in outdoor education all his life in ministries to help reach those not reached in some of the more remote areas of Gabon.

Dave's parents are active in the Murrysville Alliance church and actively support missions in the Alliance.
They have been once to France and thrice to Gabon for visits.

Teresa is the oldest of five children, born June 10th, 1955 to Richard and Athelen (nee Cooke) GRAVES in Stow, Ohio. Her parents divorced while Teresa was young.

Because of an invitation to church, Sunday school and VBS by a neighbor, who faithfully brought her weekly, Teresa was saved.

Later during her high school years while attending the Stow Alliance Fellowship, she rededicated her life to the Lord and her desire to serve the Lord in ministry increased.

After listening to a missionary at a conference, she responded to a call to service and went to Toccoa Falls College to begin training.

Teresa ministered with Alliance Youth Corps to the Cree Indians in Alberta, Canada during the summer of 1976.

Although Toccoa Falls College was devastated by a flood during her senior year, this didn't interfere with Teresa graduating in 1978 with a Bachelor's degree in Missions.

Teresa then worked part-time at an Alliance church in Baytown, TX while also working part-time in Houston.

She completed graduate school requirements at ATS in 1982 then ministered at the Crestmont Alliance church in Aliquippa, PA.

Dave & Teresa met at his ordination in 1982.
They were married in 1983, continuing to work at the McKeesport Alliance church till 1985 when they went to Albertville, France for language study.

They arrived in Port Gentil, Gabon, Africa October 2nd, 1986. One month later their first child, Jeremy was born.

The BILL family has served in Gabon Africa from 1986-2005. From 2006 - present, they serve in the Republic of Congo, recently in Orality ministries.

Jeremy is married to Melanie (nee) Miner, and MK who grew up in the far east and whose parents are now C&MA missionaries in Bosnia. They are both graduates from TFC. They have two boys and one girl: Mason James (4/24/12) and Keegan Shane (4/16/13) both born within the same year and Skylar Raine (8/4/17). Jeremy and family are dorm parents at the Morrison Academy in Taichung, Taiwan as of August 2018.

Eric is married to Vicki Chapman from the Warren, PA Alliance church. Both are graduates from TFC. Vicki is a nurse. Eric & Vicki are now serving in Senegal as International workers with the Alliance. Keilah Mae (4/12/17) is the newest addition to their family.

Chandra, after graduating from Dakar Academy, took a year off to work while living with her parents during their home assignment in Murrysville, PA.
After attending TFC for one year, boarding at Paradise Mountain Ministries, while her parents serve in Congo, Chandra is married to Chris Thoemke (4/7/18) and are both working in Toccoa.

Dave & Teresa have spent a decade church planting in the Congo Republic. They have most recently built a church ministry center in the President's town of Oyo in central Congo. Giving to this outreach called Northern Congo Outreach is key in helping them finish their mission work for their 2013-2016 term.

Their final term from September 2018 - summer 2021 will be in Pointe Noire working in Orality.

Please email us at: congobiltd@gmail.com or Teresabill55@gmail.com to request our monthly newsletter entitled: Congo Current

Recent Newsletter Congo Current

Congo Current
Gospel Insects
October-November 2018

In our last letter we shared how the our new colleagues have started an Orality ministry among resistant tribal villages along the coast of Congo, north of Madingo Kayes. Many from the Youbi and KM4 villages were baptized.
During the communion service, immediately after the baptismal service at KM4, a Witch Doctor who was attending the service, heard the Bible story about Noah. (This story is associated with baptism: see I Peter 3:18-22). When an invitation was given, his hand shot up and he was adamant about receiving Christ as his savior and promptly gave his heart to God! It’s interesting that the very first person to hear the Bible stories in this area, was another witch doctor named Justin who, after hearing about sin said, “So this is why I’ve been suffering all my life! I want to receive Christ!” Shortly afterwards he passed away, but not before receiving Christ.
In last months newsletter, we said that we would like for each of this term’s 33 months be as effective as each of our former 33 years. Continue to pray as God is at work here in unusual ways:
For example, during the last visit to KM4, the national team was invaded by insects that got into their food and literally drove them out of their sleeping quarters. They went then, from village to village along the road past KM4 in search of food to replace theirs, but without finding any, until they came to the last village on the road. This village had food but reprimanded them for not yet sharing the gospel with them. God can even use insects, to “encourage” us to go into all the world and preach the gospel story. I guess we can call these God- sent insects, “Gospel Insects” as they moved our team to go and tell the story to the furthestmost part of that road.
Another example, was during a recent visit to our village minsitry area to repair a building and to continue Bible storying. If you remember the event in the last Congo Current about the near-dead hunter we brought back from the forest to his formerly resistant village. Well, when our national colleague returned to that village this time, one lady said that her husband was talking about our team that very morning, wondering when we would return! He was well received and was given the time to tell a Bible story in their language. Praise God for His work in opening this resistant village! Thank you for praying!
God is working through Bible storying in the Vili & Loumbou tribes along the coast of Congo. Please continue to pray with us for more opportunities in this area to present the gospel through Bible stories in the native tongues, preferrably without the need of insects !
Thank you for those who prayed &/or gave toward the property in Youbi. We purchased a 1,000 square meter lot with a small cabin on it next to our first property. Our goal is to use these two joined porperties as a center not only for reaching the entire area but as a model for other areas.
Dave and some of our national workers went recently to Youbi to help fix the meeting place on our first lot and continue Bible storying:

Some statistical facts:
Teresa & I are learning our fourth foreign language: Munukibuba, (similar to Lingala.) Please pray for us to learn and communicate well with it .
In Pointe Noire, the city where we live here in Congo, the electricity in our sector is cut for 24 hours every fourth day .
We are 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the USA, 5 hours ahead during daylight savings time.
This is our 150th Congo Current newsletter.
Dave and our colleague Bev Bellamy, both having birhtdays on October 18th, celebrated them this month. Dave is 64. (Bev won’t tell us her age for some reason?)

Your donations toward our BILL-Work-Congo fund greatly help us to accomplish much more in our short time here. Thank you all for your support,
in prayer and in finances. (See end of letter for ways to contribute)


Prayer requests & Praise reports for November are as follows:

Praise the Lord for Chialin Yu, former IW to Congo, who has been recently re-appointed to join our team here in Pointe Noire. She is to join us next summer. Please pray for her preparations in the months to come.
Please pray for the seminar we are being asked to attend in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, with the “Freedom to Lead” organization in March, 2019. Would you help Teresa & I to attend? We’d like to take two national pastors with us. (If you would like to contribute, please see the end of the letter to give to our fund called: BILL-Work-Congo)
Please pray for another Sunday school teacher training seminar for a new Alliance church north of the city sometime in early November. We are featuring 6 lessons on the life of Christ with new songs and Bible verses in French and Kituba.
Please pray for another national worker of God’s choosing to join our team. One who speaks the Vili language well and who is free to visit villages with us once a month.
Please pray for Davy, a single father raising 2 young daughters. He is one of our Vili village team members. His health is very fragile. Please pray for his health to improve and for him to better manage raising his daughters as a single dad so that his work with us is not jepardized.
Please pray for Chancelvie, our Mumukituba language teacher. She passed her tests to become a Pharmacian, and needs a job.
Please pray for a God ordained director for our Bible school in Pointe Noire to free up our colleagues to concentrate more on Orality and church planting .
Please pray for buyers for the old generator at the Bible school center. We purchased a well needed larger one and need to sell this one along with some other things we no longer need.
Please pray for a two summer interns to help us in our village projects. Pray for the right people and for their raising funding to come.
Please pray for 2 French intern gals who are here with a sister mission teaching at our center’s Christian elementary school. Pray for ways they can help us more directly!
Thank you for all your good support for our mission here!
Photo of the month:

Thank you for supporting our ministries:
All checks should be made out to: The C&MA
On the check memo, please indicate one of the following:
•Support Dave & Teresa BILL (Great Commission Fund)

Address envelope: The C&MA
Ex. Bill-Work-Congo
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs. CO 80920

Online: https://www.cmalliance.org/worker/bill-davidw-teresa

Credit card: 719-599-5999. Ask for missionary accounting

Contact us at: congobiltd@gmail.com or teresabill55@gmail.com

For short term mission trips to Congo, contact us at the above e-addresses.

See our newsletter online at: www.cmalliance.org under My C&MA or contact us at: congobiltd@gmail.com to send us e-addresses of other interested people that wish to be added to our e-mailing list.



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