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Our Orality missions team partners with new believers in Youbi

Davy, Firmin, and Pastor Willy left for the Vili villages of Youbi (yoo-bee), Koutou (koo-too), and KM4 (com-cot) on Sept 5 to follow up on July and August trips. In August, they brought one of our latest stories: “Jesus Calms the Storm,” to Koutou. They told it in two days to 87 people, 37 of whom prayed to receive salvation.

“God does great things if you obey His will,” said Davy.
The team had arrived at the center in Youbi on August 1 and stayed for two weeks to work with the young Youbi believers, including the village chief, Didier (dee-dee-ay). Together they planned the trip to the neighboring village of Koutou.

Koutou is one of the five villages Davy and Willy visited on their first trip in August, 2016. A year ago several Koutou villagers came to Christ, now another 37 believe in Him.

“Our method of teaching the Word by stories is exceptional. We do it in the local language. The impact on the population is real, because they easily understand,” said Firmin.

The team held their Koutou assemblies in a circle of benches borrowed from the school. Davy reported that at one of the meetings, 20 of the 60 people in the audience became Christians. One day, the meeting, had to be postponed because a local mining company was recruiting, and most of the would-be audience wanted to apply. It would be a blessing to the villagers to have jobs, so Davy, Firmin, and Willy waited so that more of the Koutou villagers could hear the stories.

The chief of Koutou showed his support by attending and proposing a place for future orality meetings. Unfortunately it is unfurnished.

We visited Youbi and Koutou some months before Davy and Willy’s first mission trip in 2016. When we described orality to the chief of Koutou, he said, “We need this here.” He invited us to use a room in his house for the ministry. “[The chief] has not yet accepted the Lord,” said Firmin. “But we are persuaded that will happen by the grace of God.”

Our team was pleased to see how the believers in Youbi have developed, especially those baptized in March. According to Firmin, it is crucial to ground the leaders in the method of orality early on to ensure that they continue to use it. Firmin is encouraged, because the Vili embrace the method, and are sharing orality with others. “Slowly and surely we will arrive,” he said.

Three mornings a week, before they go to their fields, the Christians in Youbi pray together for growth in their village and evangelism to neighboring villages. They tell one another how and where they have retold the stories.

On Sundays from 9:30 to noon and again on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 4:00-5:30, 37 regulars gather to review a Bible story and answer the observation questions. When the Pointe Noire team is there, they meet to tell stories every night, and people from other villages come to listen.
In the discussions several Youbi villagers stand out as spiritual leaders. One woman, named Brigitte, avoided telling stories during the meetings, but she told, “Creation” to her husband and some of her friends. She brought one of them with her to a meeting, and her friend was saved. Now Davy describes Brigitte as one of the leaders of the prayer meetings along with Didier and two other men: Bedas (bay-das) and Moulele (moo-lel-ay).

On Saturday mornings, the children of Youbi come to learn the stories. In August they studied “Creation.” Firmin says they know and share the story better than the adults. This month they will practice narrating “The Fall.”

In the past two weeks, Davy, Firmin, and Willy revisited the villages of Nkola and KM4—named after a 4 kilometers sign on a nearby road. Last year, the chief of KM4 asked Davy and Willy to return. He said, “This is a village of 435 people, and we don’t have a church.” They were welcomed and spent several days in both villages teaching stories. There is no trained leadership in these villages and they are hard to get to, so please pray for them.

Pray also for God to protect our orality center in Youbi and provide for the repair of the roof. A storm bent the tin roof completely back and it will need to be replaced. In the meantime, it is being held down by cement blocks.

In Him,

Jay and Beverly Bellamy

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Pray for wisdom, health and financial resources for our story bearers, Davy and Firmin and Willy. Both of them make regular village trips to train others to tell stories. They also are very active in our story-crafting team. They both have experienced an increase in physical illnesses for themselves and their families. Pray that God will heal and protect them.

Pray for wisdom as we train “Story Bearers” to tell stories at our Orality center. Pray for their continued commitment to this ministry.

Praise the Lord for the impact of the stories that have been taken to 5 main villages and now several smaller ones in between. Pray for our new Orality story training base in the Village of Youbi. Pray that many more will come to hear and learn to tell stories. Pray for all of the resources necessary to equip the center. Pray, especially, for the replacement of the roof that was damaged in a storm in late September.

Praise the Lord for 90 new people who learned how to use stories to communicate God's word in the village of Nkayi [en-kah-yee] the last week in September. They will be working to bring the stories to the region north-east of the Vili region where we are working.

Please pray for the Lord to supply for all of our workers' children, who need to pay for their schooling.



Updated: October 03, 2017

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