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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


Since January, our orality team has concentrated its visits in the villages of KM4 [kom-kot], Nkola, and Tchionzo; today there are four new story groups in these villages.

Vili story groups serve as nascent home churches where believers gather to review and discuss the accounts from God’s Word. Story groups form naturally and almost instantly when multiple people respond to orality. Our strategy is to create a reproducible church planting model that reflects the New Testament teaching of the church as a growing organism, shaped by its resources and culture.

Though many villagers wish they could meet in official church buildings, the story groups continue to thrive in community hubs, such as schools. When the KM4 story group grew too large to fit in the local bar, we encouraged them to meet as two groups instead. The two groups are growing. The Youbi believers have already raised support beams for their new church, and will continue to build it as they save up more money for lumber.

On a visit—just before Easter—Davy, Willy, and Firmin spent their first day at Youbi. They helped Didier prepare to tell “The Resurrection” to his story group. The next day Willy and Firmin rode on to minister to the two story groups in KM4, while Davy stayed in Youbi to work with the leaders.

The believers in KM4 are learning Cain and Abel, but Willy and Firmin do not feel that they have had enough time during their visits to make sure that all the leaders know the story. In KM4, Firmin also led an orality class for the children. After that, he and Willy went on to Nkola and Tchionzo. They presented the story of The Creation to 25 people from Nkola and Tchionzo and 14 of them prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord. Both villages now have a story group.

There have been two visits since Easter. We were excited to hear that due to their concern about travel difficulties and spending enough time with each group leader, the team stayed at our orality center and leaders from the different villages came to spend three days learning the stories together. This had been our hope for a long time. Pray that they continue to take this time each month to reprovision their leadership with new stories.

The following month, the team planned to remain at the Orality center in Youbi and invite children's teachers to come to learn how to prepare and share stories with their children. We are waiting for a report.

Pray for us as we prepare to return to Congo in July. We are excited to see what God is doing first-hand, and we want to see him do much more.

In Him,

Jay and Beverly Bellamy

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Pray for wisdom, health and financial resources for our story bearers, Davy and Firmin and Willy. Both of them make regular village trips to train others to tell stories. They also are very active in our story-crafting team. They both have experienced an increase in physical illnesses for themselves and their families. Pray that God will heal and protect them.

Pray for wisdom as we train “Story Bearers” to tell stories at our Orality center. Pray for their continued commitment to this ministry.

Praise the Lord for the impact of the stories that have been taken to 5 main villages and now several smaller ones in between. Pray for our new Orality story training base in the Village of Youbi. Pray that many more will come to hear and learn to tell stories. Pray for all of the resources necessary to equip the center. Pray, especially, for the replacement of the roof that was damaged in a storm in late September.

Praise the Lord for 90 new people who learned how to use stories to communicate God's word in the village of Nkayi [en-kah-yee] the last week in September. They will be working to bring the stories to the region north-east of the Vili region where we are working.

Please pray for the Lord to supply for all of our workers' children, who need to pay for their schooling.



Updated: June 16, 2018

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