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Prayer Letter/Ministry Update


We have just returned from our field of service. After the first night here, we woke up to find out that our Guesthouse where we stay while visiting our girls burnt to the ground. We feel a great loss from this event. Pray for our leadership as they work through what this all means and how to proceed ahead. Three residences are now gone.

A week after arriving we were involved in our District Youth Camp where we ministered to elementary and HS youth. At our home base we are still getting many things in place for life here like registering children for school, medical checks, drivers permits and so forth. Pray for these transitions and adjustments.

Although miles away, we think often of our friends and workers in Papua. We pray for the new Chapel at the Dorm Complex we have been involved in. We are praying for good leadership, vision and commitment to make this place a gathering of true worshippers and a place to send out workers too.

We think of our leaders as they have to deal with decisions concerning the break away group. The provincial church split happened in 2006. Much persecution from this body has taken place. This week(June 2014) we heard again of threats against a new church desiring to be built in the villages of Pugima. We pray that our people would stay strong and follow God's commands concerning those who persecute us. We pray that the ministry would move forth in power and grow and not be distracted.

We think of our youth that are receiving education at our Bible Schools and for their growth and preparation for involvement back in Papua. We pray for Noor as he is getting training to become a Pilot. The first Ibele youth to ever attempt this new dream.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please pray for upcoming ministries this summer at Mahaffey Camp & Staunton Alliance Church.

Pray for the ministries that were mentioned above.

Pray for Ebecina, who walked away from a life of sin and has recommitted her life to following God. Pray for many others like her that have chosen Jesus. Pray that our youth would walk in God's ways. Many are sexually active and AIDS is an epidemic now in Papua. Pray that God's people would stand and walk in righteousness and know how to be involved as light and hope to others around them.

Pray for our youth who have walked out of villages where they live in huts and come to the city where we are living in the 21st century with modern technology. Pray for their adjustments and protection against pornography, alcohol, a life of promiscuity and hopelessness. Pray for the church as they help our youth in this transition.

Please pray for the many "cousins" who we have been in contact with this past term that God would provide a new witness, that His WORD that was given to them would be read and God would enlighten them to understand the truth. Pray for a movement over Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world. Pray that the church would wake up and see the great need and get intentionally involved in being a witness for Him.

Pray for a good adjustment for our girls and Beau to life in America.



Updated: September 04, 2018

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