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Pastor – Hope Church of the C&MA Who is Hope Church: Hope Church is a Christian and Missionary Alliance church located on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a church of approximately 40 families and has a uniquely lay driven leadership team and shares its building with other churches for ministry in its community. To complement our giftings and our desire for growth we are pursuing a full time hire to facilitate outreach and work within the existing teaching team. Our vision, mission and values are in the attached document. What is the Position: This position will be the only hired elder on our pastoral ministry team (which consists primarily of elected elders). Your primary responsibilities will be to • Outreach - connect the church with the community via whatever means are most spiritually led and culturally relevant. Ideally, you will design and develop this outreach program from the ground up to meet the needs and circumstances of people on the northside of Indianapolis. This includes everything from advertising, to marketing, to welcome, to integration into ministry. • Teaching – provide teaching from God’s word to the attendees at Hope Church as gifting and opportunities in light of outreach responsibilities allow. Participation in and support of the team teaching that exists with elders and others is desired – that participation being in the pulpit and other ways, but also in helping the giftedness possessed by others in the church in the area of teaching. What is Success: To be successful in this position, you must: • Establish, lead, and enable a volunteer team to reach outside of the four walls to meet needs of those in the community. • Regularly create events, programming or communications/promotion which reach multi-generational communities in Hope Church’s geographic area (northside Indianapolis). • Feel comfortable sharing the gospel or simply carrying conversation with people you have just met. • Be an active participant in Sunday morning ministry. This could include breakfast, worship, or hospitality. • Become an integral part of the team teaching ministry. You need to be prepared to help support and shape and share the direction of this ministry as well as “fill the pulpit” at least 2 Sundays per month within a team teaching schedule. • Function as a member of the church’s pastoral ministry team. As such, you will play a major role in baptisms, communion, weddings, and funerals. • Feel comfortable with technology. You do not have to be a website developer to know that conventional marketing is not sufficient. When reaching out to the community, technology literacy is often necessary. • Support, and be a positive influence for the vision, mission and values of Hope Church. What are Qualifications*: • Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies or related field. • Experience in teaching the Word of God in the pulpit and in other environments (small group, youth group, etc.). • A demonstrated commitment to and experience in outreach and evangelism with positive results/impact. * These are expectations and preferences; other experiences, especially those which would prepare you for outreach ministry, may also be considered. ** Alliance education preferred


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