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CHURCH PROFILE First Alliance Church Erie, PA 2019 DEMOGRAPHICS: Community: Suburban Ethnic percentage: 84.6 % Anglo 7.01% African American 4.11% Hispanic 2.9% Asian 1.38% Mixed Median age 39.2 Median income $48,964 Marital status percentage: 64.3 % Married 20.8% Single 8.2% Divorced 6.7% Widowed Church Data: YEAR 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Total members + adherents 1336 1234 1413 1203 1043 Worship Attendance 760 678 687 667 631 Sunday School Membership 431 381 377 343 335 Conversions 11 31 34 55 36 Baptisms 29 25 4 14 21 Ethnic percentage of congregation: 97.12% Anglo 1.25% African American 0.58% Hispanic 1.05% Asian Median age 44.5 Median income $57,300/annual Marital status percentage: 58.3% Married 34.2% Single 2.9% Divorced 3.8% Widowed DEMOGRAPHICS (cont.) Your average worship attendance 2 years ago (in 2016) was 708. From that average, how many of your worshippers live within the miles shown below. Please note the following average is an estimate. 147 1-2 miles 20 3 miles 99 5 miles 240 6-10 miles 203 11 or more miles 708 What percentage of the people in your community is unchurched? 41% Based upon our church’s unique spiritual gifting and location, what specific people groups does the Lord desire our church to target and reach with the Good News of Jesus? Primary people group: Our primary people group is families with children mostly in the suburban and rural sections of Erie County. Typically, these are families that are seeking a safe environment to instill religious values in their children and to strengthen their marriages and families. The economic and social make up of this group is diverse but common to this group is that they seem to be seeking a stable and safe environment to instill religious values in their children and strengthen their marriages and family. Secondary people groups: • Men and women seeking connection through relevant cultural interest and needs. • People needing physical and relational healing. • Seniors -we have many senior citizens who attend FAC. What are some of the necessary steps in effectively reaching these people groups? • Identify individuals with the gift of recruiting to find people gifted in reaching these groups. • Recruit Champions and mentors to support ministry team leaders and workers to care for and disciple these reached folks. • Equipping, training and teaching recruiters, mentors, champions, team leaders and workers in a biblical manner of mutual support, advocacy, growth and bilateral communication with church leadership. • Continue to do what we do well with a culture of growth and transparency. Examples Primary group Families with children- there are many facets of ministry and penetrations into this target group. Focused excellence on extended families and friends during key life transition events- weddings, child dedication, and funeral ministries. Well-staffed and safe nursery facilities. Community promoted programs that are solidly kid focused, and family supported: Upward basketball, VBS, AWANA, Lay-led youth and children small groups. Family lifestyle support: HomeBuilders SS class, small groups, Financial Peace Univ., MOPS, FAC-PRESCHOOL, and events. Robust network of pastoral care: counseling, visitation, mentors, benevolence, food pantry. The youth ministry is spiritually effective and challenging to teens in the community. It focuses on real life issues and healthy Christian attitudes and relationships in order to make these youth disciples of Jesus Christ. Secondary Groups • Men and women: In a matrix approach both the facWOMEN and facMEN have healthy and aggressive outreach initiatives throughout the year. The focus is to seek entry, present the gospel through cultural interest, and meet needs by building vital relationships. • Women: Promoted events directed to a renewed image, for example, Christian relationship in the marketplace, Ladies Tea and Holiday Blessings celebrations. Regular meetings for equipping, worship, and fellowship promoted to encourage visitors to attend: Women to Women, Precept, MOPS and Moms Next studies. Short term mission trips help to build relationships between individuals and with partner churches to do evangelism work overseas. • Men: Promoted events directed to show Christ in male oriented activities and fellowship, such as outreaches like having men’s breakfasts with guest speakers, golf outings and sports ministries, retreats and conferences that are digging deeper into disciplines of faith, discipleship, and leadership. • Physical and relational healing: This is a grass roots ministry that promotes a portfolio of healing ministries to the many that are hurting in our community and our church: James 5 Elder prayer, DivorceCare, DC4K, Food Pantry, Mercy Team visitation, GriefShare, chronic pain and diseases. • MINISTRY: What do you see as the specific purpose/vision/mission of your church? Is it in written form? The written FAC mission is “Transforming Erie by introducing people to a transformational relationship with Jesus.” Our L4 Framework of Learn from, Live for, Love as, and Lead to Jesus is our discipleship framework. It’s how we plan to fulfill our vision. It’s not a Sunday school class or a sermon series; it’s a lifestyle devoted to following Jesus. It’s so important to us, we based our logo around it. The box is made up of four “L” s, each standing for one of the main catch phrases. We hope each time you see it; you’re reminded of what we stand for. LEARN from Jesus: We must constantly be renewing our minds with the wisdom and love of Jesus. LIVE for Jesus: A perfect life is impossible, but if we are living for Jesus, our lives can be meaningful and fruitful. LOVE as Jesus: Love as Jesus loved – in community! We must share life together in order to grow together and reflect the love of Jesus. LEAD to Jesus: How can we keep quiet? Jesus called us to go and make disciples. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to lead people to Jesus instead of away from Him. To what degree has the congregation adopted (bought into) the purpose/vision mission statement of First Alliance Church? No Impact 1------2------3------4------5------6------7---X---8------9------10 Guides Decisions Give examples: The L4 framework has modified our FAC logo and is a center piece for all communications and promotions within and without the church. The Vison/Mission statement is prominently displayed in a large wall decoration in the hallway leading from the office wing towards the worship complex. A sermon series reinforced the biblical foundation and casting the vision in theological and application methods. To personalize the concept, vehicle window stickers were widely distributed to the congregation. Again, a sermon series was preached that identified each “L” and its biblical foundation, theological relevance and practical lifestyle application. What are your church’s regular meetings/ministries and what is each meeting’s/ministry’s primary function and average attendance? Functions: 1-Winning the Lost, 2-Building the Believer, 3-Equipping the Worker, 4-Multiplying the Leader Men’s Ministries Monday PM Study Thursday AM Study facMEN Breakfasts Golf Outing Men’s retreat Fantasy Football Chili Cook Off Senior 55+ Shuffleboard Social events Singspiration Summer picnic Youth Small Groups (Sunday) (Youth group) Adults Financial Peace University DEEP (Mark’s classes) Anna’s Sisters MINISTRY (cont.) Prioritize the following ministries in light of how your congregation invests financial and personnel resources. (1=most important to 11=least important) Investment of Resources Priority Financial Paid Personnel Volunteer Personnel Youth 1 27,500 1 16 Children 2 13,155 3 138 Worship Service & Music 3 14,700 1 35 Small Groups 8 450 1 Hospitality 6 3,300 0 20 Women’s ministry 5 5,000 1 75 Men’s Ministry 7 2,000 0 6 Prayer meeting 9 0 0 0 Singles 10 0 0 0 Senior Adults 4 5,850 1 10 Sports Ministries 11 0 0 1 MINISTRY (cont.) List 5 things Leadership would like to achieve, preserve, and avoid at this time: ACHIEVE PRESERVE AVOID Clarity of worship identity Preserve C&MA core values Divisiveness Numeric growth Strong Biblical Preaching/Teaching False teaching Staff stability/retention Staff competency Negative image in the community Facility updates Effective ministries Financial/ethical and moral misdealings Systematic measurement of goal achievement Multigenerational congregation Staff and volunteer burnout Transparency Pastoral & congregational care NOTE: Not listed in priority. Describe your worship services. The worship director works closely with the Senior pastor and/or the pastor preaching/speaking to ensure the music portion of worship is aligned using the principles of: (1) theologically accuracy and depth; (2) encouraging and seeking to maximize congregational participation; (3) multi-generational music with sound and lyrics; (4) reflecting creativity and diversity. We have two identical worship services at 9 & 10:45 am, around 70 minutes each. Preaching time is usually 35 minutes in length. Worship style is a mix of modernized hymns & contemporary songs, with typically a 4 song setlist & closing song post sermon. Main artists/worship bands we pull from are Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United, Bethel, Phil Wickham, Shane & Shane, Lauren Daigle, and Elevation Worship. We also sing songs that are written by worship team members—cultivating a culture of creativity with solid biblical theology and depth. We are focused on a more modern sound with guitar driven instrumentation (acoustic, electric, bass, ukulele). Band members include a vocal team, about 3-4 singers per service, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, piano, keys/pad, drums, Cajon, and violin. Band members use Aviom in ear monitor system for stage sound control and clicks & loops. Sunday music ranges from full band with all instruments listed above to acoustic Sundays with a very small band sometimes with just one instrument and vocalist. Sunday services use multiple areas of media—announcement video, sermon bumper videos, PowerPoint, ProPresenter5, Church Motion Graphics, preservice & post service music tracks (iTunes), and stage lighting. The first Sunday of each month is communion Sunday, with a dedicated time to celebrate the Lord’s supper as a church. Softer, simplified songs are typically played during communion to have a time of reflection. We devote specific Sundays toward baptisms, Child dedications & new members welcome. For stage design, usually based on the series, we have a dedicated design for the stage, bulletin graphic, and sermon graphic to reflect the theme. This typically incorporates LED light bars and spotlights. Describe the style of preaching and subjects of the messages during the past year. Overview of 2018 6 Sermon series Sinister (Seven Deadly Sins) John 17 Heroes (of the Bible) Summer in the Psalms Fool’s Gold Proverbs Emmanuel 3 Mission related Sundays Carl Ralston Remember Nhu Dr. David Thompson C&MA Missions Dr Campbell and Interview with Steve and Christy Volstad C&MA Missions Rev. Robert (Joy) Brougham, C&MA Missionaries to Paraguay 6 Special Guests (especially during Sr. Pastor’s sabbatical) Seasonal topics Palm Sunday Easter Mother’s Day Father’s Day Seniors Day Veteran’s Day Thanksgiving Advent Christmas Eve Fire Away (submitted questions answered from the pulpit) The predominant preaching style has been expositional Please list the results of your discussions on preferences, convictions and absolutes below: PREFERENCES CONVICTIONS ABSOLUTES 20/20 Vision Effective communal ministries: Seniors, Adults, Women, Men, Children and Youth Biblical Preaching/Teaching Blended Intergenerational Communication: Relevant, Current and Bilateral We are a C&MA Church A Center of Community Life Missionary Outreach Solid Biblical Theology International Ministries in Erie. (E.g. Refugees & Students) Doing Community- Within the Church Engaged in Corporate and Individual Prayer Fiscal Responsibility. Good Cash Flow Community Outreach Heart to Reach the Lost Multi-generational Leadership Relevant Methods Biblical Eldership Edinboro Camp Inclusion Internal /External Word of God Engage in Biblical Social Justice Expository Preaching Love for God/Others Future Focused Debt Free Discipleship Attractive/Safe Facility Worship Servant Leaders Mission Emphasis: Praying, Giving, Sending & Going Great Commission Adaptability Ordinances Church Membership Good Stewardship Collaboration with Other Churches Spirit Led Worship Laity Is Engaged Service Opportunities Employment of Spiritual Gifts NOTE: Not listed in priority List the ways your church disciples’ believers. People are being discipled through a variety of means. First is Sunday morning messages by our Pastor; second is the numerous Bible studies Sunday morning and throughout the week. Discipleship occurs in communities, so people in the various ministries such as Life Groups, Support Groups, Women’s and Men’s ministries, children’s programs, Senior, Youth and Adult programs are being disciples as the Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens Iron, so one person sharpens another.” Please also see our answer to question on page 9 “What are your church’s regular meetings/ministries?” How many people are currently being discipled? From our Dashboard report: 761 average on weekends + 169 average during the week = 930 people on average per week What is being done to train/equip people for ministry? Practical application of doing ministries with experienced mentors. We would like to have formal classes to train/equip people. What percentage of adult members and adherents are actively involved in your church’s ministry? 33% List the current, active ministries of the church and the name of the leader who is responsible. Community Life Groups led by Jeanette Paradis Small Groups led by Jeanette Paradis Women’s Ministries led by Jeanette Paradis Men’s Ministries led by _Wes Palmer Children’s ministries led by John Csir Senior Ministries led by Pastor Scott Shuffield Youth Ministries led by Pastor Kaczorowski Adult ministries led by Jeanette Paradis Describe the role of elders and their relationship with the pastor. First Alliance Church is an elder-led church. As such it has chosen to elect a single board composed of elders as its governance authority. Under Bylaw 6, the Board of Elders (BOE) is to in part do the following: • Receive from and approve Senior Pastor’s goals and to hold the senior pastor accountable for said goals. • To conduct an annual review of the Senior Pastor. The relationship between the Senior Pastor and the BOE can be described as servant-leadership with the shared goal of honoring Jesus Christ and serving each other to accomplish God inspired goals for First Alliance Church. The Elders assist the Senior Pastor in teaching the Word of God, protecting the church from false teachers, assisting in caring for the sick and needy, and judging on doctrinal issues. How many people have been sent from your church into full-time ministry? 98 Describe your vision for the church over the next five years. We believe the next five years in the life of First Alliance Church will be viewed as an integral and significant time in our history – where we as a body of believers prayerfully sought God’s direction for our church – and boldly heeded His call. The period will begin with the hiring of God’s newly appointed Senior Pastor. We envision that through the partnership and collaboration between this God-elected man and the Board of Elders we will lay down the foundation for our future – creating a new vision for First Alliance Church in accordance with God’s will. It is our vision that in the next five years we also witness the following: • A church on mission – fulfilling the great commission of making disciples and equipping the saints. Not only to the confines of our walls – but with an intentional focus on our community. • A spiritually growing and engaged congregation that is evident by our LOVE – loving God, loving each other, and loving our neighbors. • Becoming debt-free by 2020 through the completion of our 2020 Vision generosity initiative. • The continued strengthening of our ministries – children, youth, young adults, women, men, and senior adults – to introduce, foster, and deepen relationships with God and each other. • Caring for, supporting, and sheltering those who are hurting, lost, and in need – families and individuals dealing with divorce, those in grief through loss, and our widows. Encouraging and recognizing the hands that minister to these souls. • A growing investment in family-focused ministry. • Effective and transparent communication within our church and to our community. • Equipping people to be servant leaders throughout our ministries so they can create direction, alignment, and commitment to our shared goals in their teams. OUTREACH: List the ways your congregation is involved in evangelism. Sermons often include God’s plan of salvation, with opportunities for new believers to pray with pastors and elders afterwards. During outreach events throughout the year, we also include a presentation of the Gospel and an opportunity to respond and receive Christ as their Savior. Examples are closing ceremonies for Upwards, VBS, AWANA and concerts held at the church. If evangelism is part of other ministries, what evidence do you have that it is working? Testimony stories of people sharing their faith with others about coming to Christ. Baptisms, emails, cards, notes, letters, affirming their salvation and lives touched by one another. Your church reported 36 conversions 2 years ago. How many of those people are now attending your church? Of the 36 new believers, 27 are still attending FAC. Outreach events last year include the following: • Upwards Basketball • Quarterly Men’s Breakfasts • Fantasy Football League • Open gym basketball • Golf Outing • Short-term mission’s trips with Meeting God in Missions • MOPS for teens as well as traditional moms • Biannual large-scale women’s events • Youth activities including bonfires, movie night, game night, Fall and Spring retreats, and weekly youth group meetings • Children outreaches include AWANA, Upward Basketball, and Summer movie nights. What training in personal evangelism is provided for your people? • The Youth Pastor has taught and modeled the Dare 2 Share method of personal evangelism. The youth have embraced this program and intentionally applied it during inner city visits to Chicago and Washington, D.C.,and Erie (Lead the Cause). As part of the Franklin Graham’s “Rock the Lakes” campaign many in the church were instructed in the Billy Graham Association’s methods of personal evangelism. • The Women’s ministries practice many relational methods of personal evangelism that has resulted in a significant number of women and families coming to Christ. The “Care Ministries” have provided opportunities of personal evangelism and discipleship. We also have several people who are extremely gifted to lead people to the Lord. One has a nickname “Poppa” who doesn’t hesitate to take strangers out to a meal and share the love of Christ. • MOPS International does have materials which that ministry uses in their leadership training. List the key reasons why visitors come to your church. 1. Personal invitation and witnessing 2. Specific events/programs 3. Word of mouth from friends 4. Our Website “FACERIE.ORG” List the top three reasons why visitors return. 1. Friendliness 2. Solid Biblical teaching 3. Children’s and youth’s programs List the most common reasons/excuses why regular attendees stop coming. 1. Failure to maintain a connection with people and classes 2. Changes in ministry structure 3. Not being engaged in serving others and not growing in their faith. 4. A disagreement with leadership decisions 5. Lack of recognition and utilization of spiritual gifts PROPERTY/FACILITIES: Dates of Construction: 1976; 1979; 1986, 1999- 2000 Seating capacity for worship: 1100 worship center with a secondary worship center with a seating capacity of about 300. We also have a dedicated prayer room which can seat about 12 people. Number of off-street parking spaces: 494 Size of property: 33 acres Are the facilities adequate for present ministry? Although we have a gymnasium and numerous small classrooms, we need some larger classroom spaces and we need to upgrade our children’s facilities. What is the general condition of the property/facilities? Facilities are dated and some general maintenance has been deferred; however, overall appearance is good. In addition, 30 acres of undeveloped land would allow for expansion of facilities. Describe the visibility and accessibility of your property. Access is adequate with 2 drives onto a main road which is close to main thru ways 79 and 90. Visibility is excellent with the tower being nearly centered on the approach from the East. What is the total church indebtedness? $500,000; NOTE: Congregation has committed to eliminating this debt by the end of 2020 through the “2020 Vision” campaign launched in early 2019. Does the church have a parsonage? No If “Yes,” how would you describe the condition of the parsonage? N/A What percentage of time do the Elder Board and/or the Governing Board spend on? 30% Financial Considerations 20% Building & Property Considerations 30% Spiritual Considerations 20% Vision, Missions, Planning ATTITUDE TOWARD CHANGE: How open are the leaders of the church to embrace change? • No 1--------2--------3--------4--------5--------6--------7----X----8--------9--------10 Yes Give examples: The creation of the 2020 Vision and the response to it. The good response to our ongoing worship initiative. And the congregational care initiative that we just started. How open are the members & adherents of the church to embrace change? X---------------------X • No 1--------2--------3--------4--------5--------6--------7--------8--------9--------10 Yes Give examples: The church body is tired of the personnel changes over the last ten years. They would like to see a stable church staff. However, they are supportive of the initiatives like the 2020 Vision noted above. How many new Elders and Governing Board members took office? last year? 4 2 years ago? 4 PASTORAL EXPECTATIONS: Prioritize the way you want your pastor to spend his time and energy. (1=most important to 9=least important) 1 Prayer and Bible Study 2 Preaching 3 Mentoring lay leaders/volunteers and staff 4 Shepherding 5 Disciple-making 6 Evangelism 7 Counseling 8 World missions 9 Administration How many years of ministerial experience do you feel the next Senior Pastor should have before coming to your church? 7 years minimum and licensed and ordained or able to be licensed and ordained in the C&MA. What style of pastoral leadership is needed for your church at this time? Apostle Barnabas--------------------------------------X--------------------------------------Apostle Paul Explain: A shepherd who leads like Jesus, a servant-leader. What are three important personality characteristics for the next Senior Pastor? 1. Spirit-filled 2. A leader with a vision 3. A shepherd’s heart What criteria would you use to measure a good work week for your pastor? Averaging 45 to 50 work hours per week, which allows for time for his family so that he can achieve a healthy balance between work and his personal life. Also including time to prepare a weekly sermon and time to invest in the staff. What advice would you give a pastor in his first year of ministry at your church? Take time to learn the local culture and to win the hearts of the attenders’ and staff, and neighbors of First Alliance Church. Be transparent with the Board of Elders so that they can help you with the many challenges that come from being a Senior Pastor. Describe your current pastoral staff situation. Lead Associate Pastor Mike Kaczorowski Associate Pastor Scott Shuffield Describe the current support staff provided for your pastors. Please see FAC Organizational Chart FINANCES: Who makes the financial decisions for the church? Overall direction and budget are recommended by the finance team and approved by the BOE. Execution of the budget is the responsibility of the Director of Operations with oversight by the Board of Elders. What would most likely be the first issue to limit your future ministry? Finances and church attendance When was the last time an appeal was made because the General Fund’s expense was exceeding income? A special appeal was made in 2015. Currently when our income is less than budgeted expenses, we cut expenses. Our monthly income and expenses are shown in our weekly Sunday bulletin and presented at our Annual Meeting. What is the pattern of giving for the last six years? Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 General Fund 1,445,167 1,442,947 1,520,599 1,467,963 1,330,000 1,286,000 Building Fund 235,251 208,581 151,951 139,342 98,149 136,638 Missions 247,720 197,690 190,191 256,160 237,130 167,320 What percentage of giving units contribute to the Great Commission Fund? 27% What percentage of giving units make a Faith Promise Pledge? NA SENIOR PASTOR’S COMPENSATION PACKAGE: Annually Base Salary Commensurate with education, experience and C&MA credentials. Position includes health, dental, vision, FSA and HRA. Provider is Highmark BC/BS. Employee pays 10% of annual premium (withdrawn from pay bimonthly), which is determined by age and family size. Amount for families ranges between $55 through $110 per pay. Housing Allowance Included in base salary; determined by senior pastor and BOE at time of hire Retirement Account 403(b). Church matches 50% of employee’s contribution up to 4% of base salary Life Insurance 100,000 Education Fund 3,000 Car Allowance NA Vacation 6 months = 3 days, 1 year = 2 weeks, 5 years = 3 weeks, 11 years = 4 weeks and 21+ years = 5 weeks Comments: Base salary will be equivalent to the salary of senior pastors with similar pastoral experience serving in churches about the size of First Alliance Church. Assessment of Pastoral Leadership Needs First Alliance Church Erie, PA In order to match a candidate to your church, please indicate the top three natural talents that you most desire in your next pastor. Mark “1” to indicate most desired natural talent, “2” for second highest, and “3” for the third most important. Mark only 3 from the list of 10! 2 Providing Leadership Vision 1 Communicating the Word of God [Inspiration, instruction, exhortation and correctness] _____ Directing Evangelistic Outreach _____ Guiding/Counseling Congregational Members _____ Personal Study and Research _____ Overseeing Projects, Ministry Programs ____3_ Mentoring and Supervising Volunteers and Staff _____ Overseeing Church Budgets and Finances _____ Performing Visitation, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, and participating in Community and National Events Applications: Based upon the above Church Profile what are some next steps for the following groups/individuals? Governance Authority – Prayerfully seek God’s direction for First Alliance Church (FAC) with the next senior pastor. Provide servant leadership in support of the Senior Pastor to achieve God’s direction for FAC. - New Senior Pastor – Prayer fully seek God’s will regarding the future direction of FAC. Work with the BOE to create annual goals and objectives. Spend time getting to know the people of FAC and win their hearts by being a good shepherd. Also spend some time studying and enjoying the culture and benefits of living in Erie, PA. - Congregation – Welcome the next senior pastor and provide support and encouragement to him and his family. Pray for the senior pastor and his family and for FAC. Continue to do those ministries that we currently have in place until God shows us to move in a different direction.


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