Youth/Student Ministries


Northeastern District C&MA

Youth Pastor (Full-time) at Pineview Community Church Ministry Summary: Coordinate and oversee activities for youth and their parents (guardians) that promote a deeper spiritual walk, fun, fellowship, and ministry involvement at PCC and the C&MA. A main goal for the Youth Pastor is to develop genuine disciples of Jesus Christ. • Oversee relational, engaging ministries to youth to build them up in living a Courageous Faith, developing Real Relationships, and resting on a Certain Hope. • Plan, direct, and conduct weekly youth meetings. • Coach youth individually on specific issues in their family. Maintain child safety protocols adopted by the C&MA in the Safe Place manual. • Prepare a schedule of visitation of youth and their parents and keep a pastoral care record. • Organize youth and their families to participate in Work Days and other helps ministries at the church. • Welcome, disciple, encourage, care for, and communicate with 12-18 year old’s and their parents (or caregivers) o Work with the senior pastor and other ministry teams to ensure that there are opportunities for all generations to worship, learn and serve together. • Develop gifts of youth and offer plenty of opportunities for them to lead in ministry. Examples include a puppet ministry for our Kid’s Church or skits during the morning worship service. • Direct a limited number of intentional events to provide outreach to new youth and further development of spiritual growth and relationships. o Examples include: * Family Fun Nights * Holiday Celebrations i.e. Christmas Party, New Year’s Eve Party * Youth Camps * Youth Mission Trips * Serving Meals at the City Mission • Plan, promote, and attend local, District, and National youth events. It is expected that the Youth Pastor will take youth to LIFE and other events regularly. • Serve as the primary youth speaker, teaching God’s word in a way that is both relevant to the age and culture of a teen and produces a lasting life change. • Organize and involve youth in special events for study and growth, such as youth camps, retreats, conventions, banquets, parties, recreation, outreaches, LIFE, etc. • Set up annual youth mission trips. • Motivate youth in doing evangelism both through lifestyle and through planned outreach. • Project, submit, and track a youth ministries budget. • Work with District on and locally promote major youth events such as Delta Lake camps & retreats, Youth Events, Concerts, etc. • Communicate and promote activities (dates, times, etc.) to youth, congregation, and community through announcements, meetings, church bulletin, church sign, social media, mailings, posters, etc. at least two weeks in advance. • Establish and maintain healthy relationships with local schools both public and Christian. • In order to be an example to youth to participate in other church activities, it is expected for the Youth Pastor to attend regular and special church services and functions such as Christmas Eve, Good Friday, work nights/days, Men’s Ministry events, Preschool events (i.e. Open houses, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas program, graduation, family fun night, movie nights) and encourage youth to do so. • Participate in bi-weekly (twice per month) staff meeting with Sr. Pastor and other leadership for ministry planning, vision casting, evaluation, and spiritual development. • Plan and implement SAFE PLACE training for PCC with the District Ministry team. Competencies for Youth Pastor 1. Integrity, humility, and service - It is expected that a person who is pursuing full-time compensated ministry will live a life of integrity, humility, and service. These characteristics are not optional. 2. Conflict Management – Understands natural forces of conflict and acts to prevent or soften them. Effectively works through conflicts to optimize outcome. Does not suppress, ignore, or deny conflicts. 3. Drive – Exhibits energy, a strong desire to achieve, and a high dedication level. 4. First Impression – Professional in demeanor, creates favorable first impression – body, language, eye contact, posture. 5. Pragmatic – Must be able to generate sensible, realistic, and practical solutions to problems. 6. Relational – Must be able to relate to, connect, and engage youth and their parents. 7. Resourceful – Passionately finds ways over, around, or through barriers to success. Achieves results despite lack of resources. Goes beyond the call of duty. A “doer.” 8. Risk taking – Willing to take a faith-based risks 9. Self-Motivated – The Senior Pastor believes in his staff. He is not looking to micro-manage a ministry. He is looking for someone that has an intrinsic motivation to give and do his best. 10. Team Player – Reaches out to peers. Approachable. Leads peers to do what is best for God’s will at Pineview. 11. Technology – Sees culture trends and technology as tools to reach people.


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