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Fri Sep 01 00:00:00 MDT 2017

Western PA District C&MA

SOUTHWEST REGIONAL TEAM LEADER Pittsburgh Area Western Pennsylvania District Ministry Description MINISTRY POSITION OBJECTIVE: Through Spirit-filled Christ-like Servant Leadership, come alongside official workers, governance authorities and local churches assisting them to realize their full kingdom potential. MINISTRY RESPONSIBILITIES: Overseeing District Churches Assisting and coming alongside approximately fifty district churches with the goal of each church realizing its full kingdom potential. Casting Vision Exhibits understanding of denominational philosophy and goals and the relationship of district goals or projects to the “big picture.” Developing Leaders and Coaching Assisting official workers and lay leaders to grow as Spirit-filled, Christ-like, Servant Leaders through participation in coaching clusters, ongoing learning communities and various levels of coaching. Thinking Strategically Role modeling strategic thinking as well as equipping others through posing questions, defining realities, identifying issues, providing direction, developing effective strategies, and facilitating action. Assessing Churches and Placing Pastors Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, working with church boards in assessing their church’s health, vitality, systems, direction, etc. Also interviewing potential pastoral candidates and sending resumes where there appear to be ministry fits. Resolving Conflict Applying Biblical principles of peacemaking at various levels throughout the district. Supporting and Participating in the Camping Ministries of the District Utilizing the camping ministry of the district to cast vision, coach individuals, shepherd pastors, etc. Other Responsibilities As mutually negotiated between the District Superintendent and Regional Team Leader WORKING RELATIONSHIPS The Regional Team Leader will serve under the authority of the District Superintendent and will assist the District Superintendent in the following areas: vision casting, leadership development, strategic planning, pastoral transition (the District Superintendent will make pastoral appointments), church health, church multiplication, conflict resolution, coaching, ceremonial ministries, etc. Works alongside other District Leadership Team members. MINISTRY EXPERIENCE and REQUIREMENTS: Requirements Licensed for Alliance ministry or capable for being licensed for ministry with The Alliance. Successful completion of criminal record (PA and Federal) and child abuse check. Willing to sign and follow confidentiality procedure. Willing to sign and follow Alliance Peacemaking mediation. Strong Pastoral Experience Prior local church ministry that has evidenced strong pastoral leadership through local church vitality, solid leadership development, people being called into God’s service, effective discipleship ministries, strong community outreach, conversion growth, baptisms, and experience in planting a daughter church. Should also have experience in working with multiple staff and have some district level experience by service on a district elected/appointed committee. Leadership Development Has had experience in the identification and encouragement of laity to serve in leadership roles. Has developed necessary materials for leadership training to bring these persons to maturity in leadership ministries. Has been an encouragement to young people considering missionary service. Service on a district License, Ordination, and Consecration Council is a plus. Evangelistic Heart One who has consistently done the work of an evangelist by intentionally befriending non-Christians, being salt and light and has regularly invited individuals to receive Jesus Christ as Savior personally and from the pulpit, and has incorporated “Winning the Lost” into the life of the local churches he has led. Innovator in Ministries Has led both district-level ministries and local church initiatives through new and creative approaches to ministry that have proven effectiveness. Expresses a willingness to share these innovations with others and assist in development of training materials. Passion for Church Planting and Growing Healthy Great Commission Churches Has led or been a part of a church-planting team in a nearby community or has attended Growing a Healthy Church Seminars I, II, and III, and has implemented the lessons learned in a district or local church. CORE COMPETENCIES: A C&MA Servant Leader A Commitment to Mission, Vision and Core Values of The Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Western PA District Is strongly supportive of the mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance and the vision God has given through our president to fulfill the Great Commission. On a consistent basis, demonstrates support through public and individual ministry opportunities throughout the district. Will work to produce our District’s three primary end-products: 1) Growing, Spirit-filled, Christ-like Servant Leaders at every level in the District, 2) Growing, Christ-centered churches that are Biblically sound and culturally relevant and 3) a District Living the Call Together. A Team Player Excels at working synergistically with others to accomplish the greater good. Understands his strengths and non-strengths so that he can add to and receive value from the team. A Vision Caster/Communicator Able to address a wide variety of audiences from young to old, pastors and laity, saved and unsaved, in large meetings and small groups. Comfortable in one-on-one sharing is also a must. Should be able to express himself in written media as well as in public speaking. One Who Values Indirect Ministry Success Finds joy, ministry fulfillment, and prioritizes assisting others to succeed above and beyond deriving fulfillment from his own hands-on ministry success. A Coach/Mentor Able to come alongside individuals assisting them to achieve what God has called them to accomplish. A willingness to be coached and mentored. One Who Understands Ethnic/Urban Ministries Understands and is able to articulate the needs of ethnic/urban America, is experienced in cross-cultural ministry, and is willing to superintend ministry in inner cities as well as other specialized settings. Will cooperate with any ethnic leadership living in or overseeing ministry in the district. A Peacemaker/Negotiator Able to articulate and lead in basic peacemaking principles as outlined in Scripture. Experienced in negotiating settlements of differences among various levels of leadership and/or congregational membership. An Administrator Has adequate administrative skills and is experienced in establishing goals, leading measures, lagging measures, score cards as well as other skills related to executing a strategy. One Who Protects and Prioritizes the Family Family understands and is willing to accept the position requirements of frequent travel both within and without the district. Although not a requirement, it is desirable that the wife of the Regional Team Leader be able to accompany her husband when traveling in district ministry and be able to interact with pastors’ wives. PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Modeling Christ Demonstrates a Christ-like attitude and approach to responsibilities and relationships. Attitude of Servanthood Demonstrates outstanding attitude and servant’s heart. Integrity Maintains confidentiality, keeps his word and is responsible in dealing honestly and fairly with others. Loyalty Supports the goals and objectives of the denomination, district, and district superintendent and expresses that support in every arena of ministry and life. Flexibility Able to alter activities to meet the demands of new situations and to respond positively to direction or counsel from CM vice president, District Conference mandates, and advice of DEXCOM. Creativity Demonstrates originality, imagination, and the capacity to envision new and innovative approaches. Emotional Stability Withstands pressure and remains calm in conflict management and other difficult situations. Interpersonal Skills Demonstrates ability to communicate and work effectively with National and District Leadership, staff, church boards and pastors. Life-long Learner Has a hunger for ongoing learning and applying new principles as well as a track record of passing on new learning to others in their sphere of influence. Team Builder Has a proven track record of identifying natural talents and spiritual gifts in others and releasing them for ministry. Strong Work Ethic Has demonstrated industry, perseverance, handling of setbacks, and going the extra mile to see things through. Sound Judgment Makes timely decisions by sound reasoning and reaching logical conclusions. Initiative Initiates and maintains the energy and focus needed to reach a goal or accomplish a task or project. REMUNERATION Competitive with similar roles in The C&MA. The WPA District provides a benefits program and retirement program through The Alliance. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The Western PA District website is www.cmawpa.org This assignment will be based in the Pittsburgh area. Inquiries are to be directed to David Nagel at nageld@cmawpa.org The following assessments may be used in the candidate selection process: IDAK combined with 16PF & TJTA and SDI


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