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Tue Aug 01 00:00:00 MDT 2017

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Main Objective: To implement the Mission and Vision of Westwood Church within the Student Ministry Department. This includes various aspects of administration, supervision, leadership and oversight of volunteer staff and student leaders, as well as direct interaction with, and teaching students. Mission - Learning to be and do like Jesus. Vision - Multiplying disciples where they live work and play so that every man, woman and child can have repeated opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a salaried position for approximately 45 hours per week to include: staff meeting, Wednesday evening program, Sunday morning student small group, Sunday service, special events, and presence in schools in community. In Westwood Student Ministries (RED), our desire is to create environments that provide for the spiritual development of students. We believe these are the key areas off opportunity: spiritual environment, student environment and family environment. Spiritual Environment: Goals (after a 3 year involvement at RED, we desire these objectives for each student) - A personal relationship with Christ, not dependent on the group dynamic - Bible awareness - ability to use God's word - The ability to talk/share faith with others - The ability to think/rethink the challenges/issues of life through the lens of faith - Experience service through a missions experience - Involvement in weekly service to the Westwood Body Connection Points: - Midweek RED: Provide an introduction to Christ through open dialog and questions; faith application through Biblical concepts and interaction. - Sunday RED: Provide study and application of Biblical principles through focused groups. - Schools and Community: Build relationships with students at area Middle and High Schools and other community events. - Events: Plan and implement periodic student small events (movie night, beach trip, etc.) and large events(retreats). Team Environment: Objective: To develop a team of caring individuals reaching students with Christ's love; helping students navigate the faith journey. Collaboration: Participate as a staff member through collaborative team efforts to express Christ through worship, service, and teaching within and outside the church. This includes collaboration with other youth leaders in the community. Training: Continue to coach, encourage and connect spiritually as a team. Empower students to become agents of change - becoming ministers rather than chaperones. MAT (Ministry Action Team): Develop a great understanding of Westwood's vision, and implement it in student ministry. What does "learning to be and do like Jesus" look like to a student? Identity: To be seen as a leader of students and a parent advocate; to help the greater church taste student ministry. Commitment: Raising the bar of leadership - redefining connection, responsibility and initiative. Student Environment Objective: To create safe places where students gather; create a sense of community for the students and communicate their presence and value to the greater church. - Lead in the implementation and communication of proper risk management - Manage the student lounge, student hallway - creating a clean, friendly and professional atmosphere - Create opportunities to experience students in their world (attend sporting events, play, lunch on campus, etc.) - Develop a system to evaluate individual spiritual growth and group growth Family Environment Objective: To seek opportunities to become an ally to each student's family. We want to join the parents in their students' journey, not replace them. - Seek to understand the unique family dynamics of each student - Create opportunities to share relevant student culture information with families - Welcome dialog with parents - Provide encouragement for the parents of students Contact Name: Dan Daly Contact Email: Contact Phone: 407-295-4381


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