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Wed Feb 15 00:00:00 MST 2017

Alliance Northwest District C&MA

We are looking for a lover of God, called to lead others into his presence in worship, and ready to work together with leadership teams, both staff and volunteers. This person will demonstrate love for God and people, a sensitivity to the Spirit, working biblical grounded-ness and theological discernment. We are not looking for a veteran who has it ‘all figured out’, but rather someone who is eager to grow and learn with a community of leaders who share that eagerness and are committed to it, and who has a clear sense of God’s calling to lead his people into worship. So teachability is more important than experience and commitment to growing with the community is more important than knowing how the community needs to grow. We need someone who will be sensitive to the culture of Crossroads as it is but capable of helping shape the culture of who God is calling Crossroads to be. This position reports to and receives mentoring, coaching, and support from the lead pastor , who is himself committed to remaining teachable and growing together with his team and the congregation. Crossroads Neighborhood Church is a church in transition. We have been under the leadership of an interim pastor for two years and have just hired a new lead pastor who began in January. God has taken us through a significant season of repentance and renewal, and we believe he is now moving us into a new season of growth and revitalization. At present, we average around 250 people in weekly attendance and the music ministry currently is run by a rotation of faithful volunteers. We have identified as a primary need consistent leadership in worship by the same person week after week, both for the worship team and the congregation. Our prayerful but cautious expectation is that within a year we will be able to include in the budget a permanent salary for a full-time worship pastor, but at this point we are only prepared to offer this full-time position as a one-year internship with no expectations of long-term employment. That said, our lead pastor has four years of experience as a mentor with Asbury Theological Seminary’s mentored ministry program and is committed to seeing this internship as an opportunity to build and equip an intern for a lifelong calling of vocational ministry. Requisites and Responsibilities • Understands the difference between performing songs and leading people into the presence of God in worship. This is perhaps the most intangible, but most important, quality we are looking for. That distinction will be understood as a burden for anyone truly called to worship ministry, so if you understand that difference then you already demonstrate signs of being a good candidate! • Work alongside lead pastor for weekly Gospel-centered service planning • Help develop a culture of worshiping God ‘in Spirit and in truth’ • Work alongside lead pastor in thinking through how to best translate the Gospel to culture through our worship service in general, and music/songs in particular (so as to not simply reflect or neglect culture, but to utilize cultural forms in a way that preserves and communicates Gospel content) • Work with a church beginning a season of transition (new pastor, developing new discipleship model, new ministry objectives, etc.) with commitment to patience and the pursuit of wisdom • Work with lead pastor in developing an model of discipleship that places worship at the center of an integrated network of ministries, church-wide and intergenerational (as opposed to a silo approach), toward the goal of being built up in “the unity of faith and the knowledge of the Son of God” (cf. Eph. 4:12-13) • Build into current music team both spiritually and musically • Help recruit others to the team and tech crew • Lead weekly in the service and at rehearsals (except for allotted days off) • Ensure sound/tech is properly functioning prior to each service (in cooperation with sound/tech crew) • Weekly staff meetings and occasional retreats • Regular office hours (TBD based on hours spent working outside of the office, rehearsals, prep work, etc.) • All of the administration and communication involved in making all of the above happen with clarity and consistency Contact: Jeremy Spainhour


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