Senior Pastor, who can work with one or two full-time staff

Wed Feb 15 00:00:00 MST 2017

Alliance Northwest District C&MA

We seek a man of deep spiritual maturity who is focused on prayer and knows, understands, and continually studies the Word. It’s vital that we have a man who understands the purpose of the church to evangelize and disciple the world both home and abroad. We need a man who supports the current three-part mission of Valley church: Loving Jesus and People Living with Mission Mindedness Lasting Relationships Toward Transformation and Encouragement The next Pastor at Valley Church will be a gifted communicator of God’s Word and a learner himself. He will highly value both strong biblical exposition as well as practical application in his teaching. He will have a passion and ability to make the truths of the Scripture relevant to those exploring the faith, as well as challenging devoted followers of Jesus, leading people to experience and follow Jesus. He will have received a biblical education that has prepared him for pastoral ministry, have a clear spiritual calling to the role of Lead Pastor, and meet the biblical qualification for eldership expressed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The next Pastor at Valley Church will not only be an excellent communicator of God’s Word but also pastor the congregation and cast inspirational and actionable vision for the future. He will possess a proven track record of developing others and working with lay leaders on the team. A man who understands the unique leadership needs of a smaller church to not only facilitate others, but who is personally active in the church. We desire a person of integrity who is personable, approachable, and caring. Essential Qualities 1. All doctrinal beliefs must be in harmony with the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. (Our governing articles of faith can be found at the following link: 2. A person who is skilled at preaching a Bible-centered expository style with CMA endorsed doctrine. 3. A leader able to organize and implement the church vision, mission, and goals through a collaborative leadership style and empowers people for ministry. 4. A person who is Spirit led and filled and possesses Spiritual discernment. 5. A mature Christian of integrity, deep Biblical knowledge, and a dynamic personal prayer life. 6. A person with the spirit of humility and a servant’s heart and a passion for people in their leadership, teaching, and interactions. A leader who is teachable and able to adapt to change, to learn, and to grow with us. 7. A person who in personality and communication is relational, compassionate, and encouraging and engages people with grace seasoned with truth. A person who is a good listener and conveys a sense of humor. 8. A person who is called specifically to, and focused on, the ministry at Valley church. An understanding that a small church Pastor is a fellow worker and participant, not merely a delegator. 9. A person with a balanced life between Spiritual, family, work, and personal health and one who models a loving relationship with their wife who supports and serves the church. 10. A person who focuses on community outreach and evangelism, and with a heart for missions and the Great Commission both at home and abroad. 11. A belief in the inerrancy, authority, and exclusiveness of the scriptures. 12. A person with a love for worship and praise and a belief in Spirit-led worship. 13. A wise leader who can sustain unity within the church body by facilitating reconciliation, repentance, and spiritual growth. 14. A principled leader who can hold fast to Biblical truth and grace, and actively protect against the intrusion of culturally-constructed and relativistic ideologies or teachings into the church. Preferred Attributes 1. Possess a Bible college degree or applicable experience and a thirst for Bible knowledge. 2. Experience as a Senior or Associate pastor with previously demonstrated ability in preaching, educational/youth ministry, or small group development. 3. Has pastored in urban/suburban settings. Unique Strengths As a CMA church that has always emphasized missions, we need a pastor with a heart for the Great Commission both at home and abroad. We need a pastor who will continue to encourage church-wide involvement in missions, support our current partnerships, and lead in developing more outreach partnerships into the future. As a Spiritually-growing church, the pastor needs to be adept at developing and encouraging ministries in the church that focus on discipleship and spiritual maturity within the body, including sound Biblical teaching, accountability, and deepening fellowship through small group ministries. As a church that has been in the Valley for many years, we need a pastor who can balance the best of Biblically-sound tradition while bringing fresh ideas to ministry. A smaller church like ours needs a pastor who understands how to model through personally serving in the church while working to empower people for ministry by collaboratively seeking and casting God’s vision for Valley Church, identifying people’s unique gifts and abilities, inspiring people to become involved, and equipping people to move toward our vision. As a church that has been through recent challenges including congregational health issues, job loss, unexpected pastoral turnover, cultural challenges to our doctrine, and transitional attendance decline, we desire a leader who preaches, practices, and communicates with compassion, humility, and grace seasoned with truth. Contact: James Ross


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