Senior Pastor, who can work with one or two full-time staff

Tue Feb 23 00:00:00 MST 2016

Central Pacific District C&MA

Reports to: Kapahulu Bible Church Elders and Governing Board Reporting to this position: Associate Pastor, All Ministerial and Support Staff I. Position Summary: The Senior Pastor of Kapahulu Bible Church is responsible for the spiritual welfare, overall program, growth, and life of the church. It is understood that prayer will be the foundation of all of the Senior Pastor's ministry endeavors. The Senior Pastor provides spiritual leadership in all areas of evangelism and discipleship. This requires, developing, communicating, and coordinating vision with the Church’s Elders, Governing Board, Staff, and Ministry Leaders as they minister and serve the church family and community. The Senior Pastor is responsible for the oversight and leadership of worship services and special events. Below are listed the responsibilities and duties for the Senior Pastor at Kapahulu Bible Church. II. Reporting Relationships: The Senior Pastor reports directly to the Elders and Governing Board and is accountable to the District Superintendent of The Central Pacific District. III. Major Duties And Responsibilities: A. Preaching and Worship Leadership 1. Prepares and delivers Biblical sermons that are relevant and that challenge members and un-churched alike to become fully devoted followers of Christ. This includes seeking regular feedback from elders or members of the congregation on prior sermons. 2. Ensures that overall weekly worship services are effective and on target regarding content, style, structure, and design. - Meets weekly with the Associate Pastor, Worship Director and Administrative Secretary to evaluate prior worship services and to plan future worship services. - Meets with other worship support teams (hula, dance, children, youth, missions, etc.) as needed to explain future sermon series and themes, as well as to select supporting elements to be used. 3. Oversees planning of special worship services such as Christmas Eve, Easter, Missions Conference, and Concert of Prayer, and other special programs such as Vacation Bible School, Light Up the Night, and 4th of July picnic. - Works with staff to ensure timely and proper advertising and publicity. 4. Works with the Associate Pastor and the preschool director to determine the direction of the weekly preschool chapel messages that they will be delivering. Participates in the preschool’s Open House, Christmas and graduation programs. B. Vision, Mission, Creativity, and Strategic Planning 1. Takes initiative and exhibits creativity in recommending and implementing a clear vision for Kapahulu Bible Church. 2. Leads elders, governing board, staff and ministry leaders in developing a strategic plan and vision for the future of Kapahulu Bible Church. - Work with elders and governing board to determine best opportunities for growth (such as building intergenerational relationships) - Anticipates future staff requirements and recommends what positions should be filled, changed, and deleted, and in what sequence. - Monitors church growth and recommends optimum timing and approach regarding relocation and building. 3. Effectively communicates with the congregation on the vision of the church and all its strategic planning. 4. Takes the initiative to identify problems or challenges and offers creative solutions for resolution. C. Leadership Development and Discipleship 1. Takes the initiative in working with and assisting others to implement actions that fulfill the vision and mission of Kapahulu Bible Church. 2. As Elder Board Chair and member of the Governing Board, leads, teaches, and trains the boards in their duties as board members, spiritual leaders of the congregation, and witnesses to the community. - Ensures proper preparation of meeting agendas. 3. Provides for overall training, discipleship, inspiration and motivation of Kapahulu Bible Church staff and leadership to ensure that they are maturing in their faith, growing in their relationships with each other, and expanding their skills. 4. Meets with leadership team on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to hear how each ministry is doing, to provide guidance and support, and to pray for their needs. Organizes and coalesces all ministries to ensure organizational unity. 5. If needed, schedules and leads a retreat that educates and motivates Elders and other leaders of the church regarding vision, mission, strategy, and other key matters. D. Congregational Teaching and Training 1. Organizes and leads a weekly Bible study and/or small group. 2. Organizes and helps teach New Members Class with the Elders. E. Congregational Relations and Pastoral Care 1. Partners with staff and elders to maintain a relational ministry. - Hospital calling. - Responds promptly and appropriately to emergency/crisis situations. - Conducts baptisms, weddings, and funerals as requested and needed. - Promotes small groups to bridge the generational groups and those at different spiritual maturity. 2. Greets and converses with people in sanctuary before and after worship services; intentionally builds relationships with people around the church. 3. Schedules meetings with members and new people. 4. Circulates at various church events, such as the high school youth group and young adult ministry. 5. Places phone calls and sends thank you letters as needed. 6. Participates in the weekly prayer meetings. 7. Counsels as requested and refers to professional counselors for more extensive counseling as needed. F. Other Miscellaneous Duties and Responsibilities 1. Conducts job evaluations of staff members. 2. Organizes and advises the elected Nominating Committee and convenes the annual church business meeting every fall. 3. Provides leadership and direction regarding development, approval, and implementation of annual Kapahulu Bible Church budget. 4. Provides leadership and input regarding special projects and events, such as building committees and congregational meetings. 5. Devotes time to spiritual, mental, and physical health and well-being. 6. If and when time permits, participates in organized community events to foster community relations and outreach. This ministry description can be changed or modified by the Governing Board when it is appropriate. Looking for: Personal Character and Competency We would like to see in our senior pastor a man whose life is marked by prayer, whose love for Jesus is obvious and infectious, and whose heart resonates for both missions and the lost. Not only should his doctrine be sound and Christ-centered, his sermons and lifestyle should also demonstrate utmost faithfulness to God’s Word. This man should be led by the Holy Spirit, evidenced clearly by moral excellence and the fruit of the spirit in his life. He should be continually experiencing God’s grace in his life, while extending that grace to others. He should be humble and teachable. Finally, he should possess effective managerial and administrative skills (including basic computer competency), practice good time management, and steward finances well. A Relational Pastor Our new senior pastor should be relational on all levels: he should connect well with all generations (including children), relate well to people of all levels of spiritual maturity (including non-believers), assimilate well with both local and various ethnic cultures, and exhibit a special empathy toward families. Our pastor should have meaningful experience in the following areas: in spiritual counseling, in bridging together generations, and in leading his own household. Finally, he should possess the following relational skills: listening and communicating well, being approachable, and above all, loving the people unconditionally. An Equipping Pastor Our pastor should have the ability to equip the congregation for the purpose of furthering God’s kingdom. He should be able to motivate the church in the areas of spiritual growth, service, and ministry. He should understand that a healthy church body is essential for ministry outside of the body. He should effectively mentor leaders in the church, as well as identify and develop the unique skills, giftings, and callings of others in the body. In order to equip the body in such a purposeful manner, our pastor should be a servant leader, who understands the importance of having a clear vision for KBC, and who has the ability to work with the body to develop and implement that vision. Preaching-wise, our pastor should be an expositor of the Bible, engage the hearts and minds of all generations, competently articulate Biblical knowledge and Alliance theology, and preach through personal experience (not only in the abstract sense). Finally, we would like our senior pastor to have had a successful track record in church ministry as well as a significant level of church leadership experience in the past.


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