Alliance Missions Emphasis Options

The Alliance currently provides five different Missions Emphasis formats.

District Missions Emphasis

The international workers who make up the missions emphasis team are assigned to the districts for missions emphasis events by the Global Link office.

  • The district superintendent or the district missions mobilizer (DMM), working with the local pastors, establishes the missions emphasis schedule, dates, and travel plans. This represents the IW’s specific missions emphasis assignment within that district. While on assignment, IWs are under the authority of the district superintendent.
  • Soon after being assigned missions emphasis events, the IW should hear from the district superintendent or the DMM. If the IW is not notified within a month of assignment, please contact the DS/DMM.
  • We ask the district office to orient the IWs to the churches on the involved in missions emphasis.


The district is responsible for the following with regards to travel arrangements, expenses, and reimbursements:

  • All travel costs for district missions emphasis events from home to the first church and from the last church back home (including round trip flights and ground transportation to and from the airport or within the district).
  • Each IW will be reimbursed by the district for one piece of luggage up to 50 pounds. Additional luggage expenses are considered a personal expense and will not be reimbursed.
  • If Global Link invites international workers from overseas to speak on a mid-term district missions emphasis assignment, Global Link will cover the overseas travel expenses.
  • Transportation of missions emphasis team members between engagements is the responsibility of the churches on that schedule. The pastors or missions leadership of these churches should make the arrangements for transporting the team members from church to church.
  • In the event that an IW has been authorized to use a car for missions emphasis events, the churches need to reimburse the worker for scheduled related transportation costs i.e., gas or mileage and tolls (from submitted receipts). IWs are reimbursed for receipted expenses only.
  • IWs traveling in personally-owned vehicles are reimbursed at a mileage rate determined by the district.
  • In the event of an IW being given a district or church-loaned vehicle, clear guidelines must be given the worker on the policies for use and reimbursement.

Handling Expenses


  • Districts should be attentive to ask about and reimburse for any appropriate, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred while the IW serves in the district.
  • The IW should be informed of the reimbursement policy at the beginning of the district missions emphasis.
  • Workers on a district missions emphasis are to be given a $5/day per diem by the district.

Churches should be attentive to ask about and reimburse the international worker for any appropriate out-of-pocket expenses while serving the church.

Love Offerings/Honorarium

While this is not mandatory, churches are encouraged to be generous with extending a love offering or honorarium to the international workers in recognition of their missions ministry in the local church. We encourage the churches to clearly designate the honorarium or love offering portion from the reimbursement portion of the check, or to write separate checks.

Additional Personnel: If a church desires to use additional international worker personnel during their missions emphasis, the expenses and honorarium are the church’s responsibility.

Missions Emphasis Cancellations: If a local church cancels a missions event, the expenses for travel, food, and lodging due to the cancellation will be assumed by that church.

Interdistrict Missions Emphasis

Interdistrict (ID) Missions Emphasis events are administered by Global Link in consultation with district leadership and ID-qualified churches. The Interdistrict missions emphasis team will consist of two proven IW communicators, who will be ministering concurrently in a primary church and with a designated nearby/partner church.


To be considered for ID missions emphasis the primary church must:

  • Give $40,000 or more annually to the Great Commission Fund
  • Average 200 or more in Sunday morning attendance
  • Agree to share two international workers with a nearby/partner church
  • Agree to use the IW team extensively in conjunction with the partner church in a multiple-day event (generally 6-8 days)
  • Promote the missions event through the local news media (as appropriate - depending on security concerns)
  • Understand that ID missions emphasis churches will be evaluated periodically in order to determine their adherence to criteria and procedures. In the event that a church does not comply with the program, it may be removed from the ID missions emphasis at the discretion of the Global Link office and in consultation with the district office.


  • Generally each ID missions emphasis will follow a 6-8 day format, e.g. Sunday through Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • The missions emphasis programming for each church will be established by the pastor and/or the missions committee. The primary church is to take the lead in negotiating a mutually agreeable schedule with the partner church so as to maximize the exposure and gifts of the IWs on the team.
  • The travel and speaking rotation of team members will be handled by the participating churches.
    • Generally the lead IW will be present on the first Sunday of the event, with the other team member being available from Monday through the rest of the week.
    • Generally the lead IW must be relieved of all responsibilities after the Friday evening service or Saturday morning event in order to allow time for travel and preparation for opening the next missions emphasis in another location.
  • The missions emphasis team is to be used creatively throughout the week.


  • Travel arrangements will be made by Global Link.
  • Each international worker will be reimbursed by Global Link for one piece of luggage up to 50 pounds. Additional luggage expenses are considered the worker’s personal responsibility and will not be reimbursed.
  • All requests for reimbursement must be submitted to Global Link, along with appropriate receipts, within 30 days following the ID missions emphasis event.
  • Transportation of ID international workers between churches is the responsibility of the ID churches. Where ground travel is needed, the pastors or local missions team leaders will arrange for transporting the IWs from church to church.
  • In the event that the IW has been authorized to use a car while on ID missions emphasis, the churches will reimburse the worker for all missions emphasis related expenses e.g. gas or mileage and tolls (from receipts supplied by the IW).
  • If air travel is required to the next church, Global Link will purchase the ticket(s) needed; the church will assist in ground transportation to and from the airport.


  • The host church is responsible for housing and missions emphasis related expenses associated with the missions event, ministry-related travel during the week, as well as ground transportation to/from the airport or to the next church as appropriate.
  • Regarding other expenses: the IW should document all other missions emphasis related expenses, keep all receipts, and submit reimbursable expenses to the Global Link office within 30 days following their fall or winter/spring missions emphasis.
  • Global Link invoices ID missions emphasis churches a set fee to cover travel expenses, but ID churches are not charged expenses related to traditional district missions emphasis.
  • While love offerings/honorarium are not mandatory, churches are encouraged to be generous with extending a love offering or honorarium to the international workers in recognition of their missions ministry in the local church. We encourage the churches to clearly designate the honorarium or love offering portion from the reimbursement portion of the check or to write separate checks.

Antioch Alliance Missions Emphasis

The Antioch Alliance Missions Emphasis model requires that an international worker reside in the district in which he/she will speak. The IW will serve primarily on weekends. A district hosting an IW or IW family should be welcomed to the district as soon as notification is received regarding their home assignment. Inquiry should be made about any specific needs they may have.


  • The most successful Antioch Alliance Missions Emphasis events are arranged in concert with the international worker and the district office. While churches can be proactive, the district office is encouraged to work with churches in scheduling missions emphasis event weeks/weekends.
  • Where possible, it’s best to cluster churches in appropriate geographic locations.
  • A three-day format, Friday through Sunday, is encouraged.
  • It is unlikely that an IW family will be able to attend every weekend missions empahsis event. However, in the Antioch model it is hoped that the spouse and children will often be able to participate in scheduled missions emphasis events. (Please negotiate this individually with the IW at the time of scheduling.)


  • The district office and involved churches should carefully explain the reimbursement policy to the IW at the beginning of their home assignment ministry.
  • A church participating in the Antioch Alliance Missions Emphasis is responsible for all event expenses (meals, gas or mileage, etc.) and should reimburse the international worker for any appropriate, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred. The worker should document and provide receipts for these expenses.
  • Workers on Antioch Alliance Missions Emphasis events are to be given a $5/day per diem by the district for each day of ministry. (Districts are free to set their own policy regarding this.)

Freedom Church Missions Emphasis

A church can request permission from the district superintendent to be removed from the district or ID missions emphasis and have the freedom to plan its own missions emphasis event(s). The church makes its own arrangements directly with the Alliance IWs to speak at a mutually agreed upon time.

  • In some cases the church may request to bring workers directly from their overseas assignment (after obtaining permission from International Ministries at the National Office).
    • After receiving IM approval, the church then contacts the international worker’s regional director and field director for approval. An invitation can then be extended to the IW to participate in this Freedom church event.
  • Freedom churches may also arrange speaking dates with IW’s on home assignment that do not conflict with their scheduled missions emphasis assignments.
    • IWs should not accept any speaking engagements that occur during regular missions emphasis seasons until official missions emphasis assignments have been released.
  • Freedom churches, or an IW contacted by a Freedom church, are encouraged to notify other Freedom churches or churches which might have similar interests. Global Link can help arrange “shoulder date” speaking opportunities so as to share expenses with other involved churches.
  • The Freedom church is responsible to cover all financial expenses including travel.

Partnership Missions Emphasis

The Partnership missions emphasis is a custom event designed to connect IW’s and churches with which they or their field/team are actively involved in partnership.

  • Custom scheduling is negotiated between the worker, the partner churches and the Global Link office.
  • It generally requires willingness on the part of the church to share expenses and to be flexible in their scheduling.
  • Current realities allow for this style missions emphasis only in special circumstances and when more traditional missions emphasis assignments are covered by other IW personnel. Contact Global Link for further details (
  • District leadership will be informed of the scheduling of a Partnership missions emphasis.


If you have any questions about Missions Emphasis or would like more information about missions resources, contact the Global Link office at (719) 265-2177 or


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