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April 16, 2018

April 17 Update: Western Pennsylvania District: Rev. Carl Smith, pastor at Fayette City Alliance Church, recently passed way after sustaining a neck injury in a fall. Pray for God's comfort for Rev. Smith's family and members of his church.

Creative-Access Countries

God, turn Your ear to Your workers in creative-access countries; come quickly to their rescue. Since You are their rock and fortress, lead and guide them. Help them love one another, for You live in them and Your love is made complete in them. Let them be still and know that You are God so You will be exalted among the nations (Psalm 31:2–3; 1 John 4:12; Psalm 46:10).


Lord, when the souls of Your workers in Africa are weary with sorrow, strengthen them according to Your Word. Give them all power according to Your glorious might so they will have great endurance and patience and joyfully give thanks to You, who have qualified them to share in the inheritance of the saints in Your Kingdom of light (Psalm 119:28; Colossians 1:11–12).

Burkina Faso

A cult has been aggressively pursuing young people in the deaf community. Five young women have left their jobs to go door-to-door with this group passing out brochures. Pray that parents and community leaders can act quickly and that the cult's hold on these young people can be broken.

Pray for a women's Bible study in the village of Peni. Several new believers have joined the group but are being persecuted because of their decision to follow Christ. Pray that they will stay strong in their commitment to Him.

Several women's conferences will take place next week. Pray for a Holy-Spirit anointing on these events, for revival, and for protection of those gathering.

Pray for Craig and Marilyn Hanscome as they conduct orality seminars amid a rigorous ministry season. Pray for the Hanscomes' strength and for students to apply the material well.

Côte d'Ivoire (FATEAC Seminary)

FATEAC presents an annual public colloquium on a theological subject. This year the seminar will be held May 17–19, and the theme is "1517–2017: The Protestant Reformation as Our Heritage: Its Influence on Contemporary Africa." These colloquiums have traditionally drawn participants from other seminaries, Bible institutes, religious organizations, and church communities in French-speaking Africa; speakers are invited from various countries and backgrounds. Intercede for those who are hosting this event, which requires a great amount of work; for the logistics and details; and for safe travel for participants coming in from across Africa and parts of Europe. May this year's colloquium be a blessing to all involved.


Intercede for Wendy Hofman as she consults with surgeons on April 19 to determine if minor surgery is needed to repair nerve damage in her neck. If she has the operation, it will be scheduled for April 24. Pray for God's guidance for the surgeons and for Wendy's complete restoration.

Senegal (Regional Office)

Pray for Alliance international worker Jaynee Walker, currently in the United States to be with her mom, whose health is in decline. Jaynee will return to Africa April 25. Pray for her during this busy time; intercede as well for her husband, Stan; and son, Caleb, while she is away.

West Africa

Intercede for divine healing for a young woman recently diagnosed with untreatable colon cancer. Specifically, pray for good understanding of the diagnosis and that she will accept Jesus, the source of true life.

Praise God for a good start for a visiting physician specializing in high-risk obstetrics at the hospital; pray that her time there will be fruitful.

Pray for hospital staffing issues this summer. There will be no expat physicians, and one national doctor recently left to work at another facility. Also, intercede for a good transition in the role of nursing director.

Pray for a storytelling seminar at a local Bible school this Friday and Saturday. May the students learn to apply this evangelistic tool in their ministries.

Intercede for the family members of a cancer patient whose child died recently. May God console them and redeem this situation.

Pray for a worker returning to the field after home assignment, specifically for her readjustment and continued progress in language study.

An English center has introduced many seekers to the Truth; pray for a good harvest. Also, ask God to provide teachers for this outreach during May–August and September–December.

Pray for a team of international workers to find respite from oppressively hot weather during their break from teaching.

Intercede for a team member who will have knee replacement surgery on May 9.

About 85 students participated in a recent Easter event where they were invited to discuss the question "Where Is He?" in reference to the empty tomb. Clips from the movie The Son of God were shown. At the end of the evening, many students asked to see the whole film. Later in the week 22 of them came to view it and remained for discussion groups. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue working in their lives.

A weekly group of seekers meets at an international worker's home; they are asking deep, significant questions about the Lord and choosing to follow Him.


Father, there is no God like You. Keep Your covenant of love with Your servants in Asia/Pacific, for they continue wholeheartedly in Your way. Save more people in this region for Your name's sake, to make Your mighty power known. Show them that if they walk in the light, as You are in the light, they will have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Your Son, Jesus, will purify them from all sin (1 Kings 8:23; Psalm 106:8; 1 John 1:7).


Pray for Alliance international worker Todd Adams and local church leaders in Wamena as they help navigate tensions between Alliance workers in Papua's interior and a breakaway group that is trying to intimidate these colleagues. Pray for wisdom and God's peace in this situation.

Intercede for M, a Canadian worker whose father passed away; pray for comfort and peace as the family returns to Canada during this time of mourning.

Pray for Lisa, a Canadian teammate, as she adjusts to life and ministry after language school.

Pray for the Lord's anointing on a new Sunday school outreach south of Makassar; pray that many will attend and put their faith in Christ.


Mary Dang, an Alliance international worker who is a Canadian citizen, requests prayer for her U.S. naturalization process to be completed quickly. Mary and her husband, Charlie, an American citizen, plan to return to Taiwan in June after home assignment; they are currently waiting for immigration proceedings to move forward. Pray for this process to be finalized quickly so the Dangs can return as scheduled.

Europe/Middle East

God of Israel, You are awesome in Your sanctuary. Give power and strength to Your workers in Europe/Middle East. Praise be to You, God our Savior, for You daily bear their burdens. Strengthen them in You, for in Your name they walk. Help more people in this region be born again through Your living and enduring Word (Psalm 68:35, 19; Zechariah 10:12; 1 Peter 1:23).


Continue to pray for the Kids' Club at the Ilidza church, which meets every other weekend. Pray that the children's hearts will be like good soil, ready and willing to receive God's Word.

Pray for members of the Sarajevo team as they pack and move Petula Myers' apartment while she is on home assignment. Pray for her relationship with her new landlord and that the situation with her former landlord can be wrapped up quickly and easily.

The pastor's wife from the West Mostar Church has prayed for 32 years (since she was saved) for her father's salvation. Rejoice that he gave his heart to Christ recently! Pray that he will grow strong in his faith.


Pray for a team member to secure new rental housing after returning from home assignment. Also, intercede for a worker couple as they fly back to Spain April 16 after concluding their speaking ministry at U.S. churches.

Pray for final preparations for the upcoming Field Forum in Spain, April 23–28.

Latin America

Lord, all Your saints in Latin America love You. Preserve the faithful. Help them to be strong and take heart, for they hope in You. Remind them that they are more than conquerors through You who love them. You are the God who gives endurance and encouragement, so give them a spirit of unity among themselves as they follow Your Son, Jesus Christ (Psalm 31:23a, 24; Romans 8:37; Romans 15:5).


Rich and Elisa Brown of Inca Link praise God for the miraculous recovery of a theological student who was hit by a car while riding a bike. Pray for him as he continues to heal. Also, pray for good health for Inca Link's staff, some of whom are struggling with health issues.

North and Central Asia

Great are You, God. You are exalted over all the nations. Let more people in north and central Asia praise Your awesome name, for You are holy. As Your workers in these countries walk in the way of Your laws, they wait for You; Your name and renown are the desires of their hearts. Help them persevere so that when they have done Your will, they will receive what You have promised (Psalm 99:2–3; Isaiah 26:8; Hebrews 10:36).

United States

Father, let us run in the path of Your commands, for You have set our hearts free. Remind us that creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. We eagerly expect and hope that we will have sufficient courage so that now, as always, Your Son will be exalted in our bodies (Psalm 119:32; Romans 8:21; Philippians 1:20).

Central District

Pray for effective evangelism at Restoration Church in Amherst, Ohio, and that relationships with spiritual seekers will have lasting Kingdom impact.

Hmong District

Pray for Rev. Jerry Soung, district superintendent, as he ministers to pastors and churches in the United States. Pray that the district can promote church health and equip congregations to establish discipleship programs.

MidAmerica District

Rejoice with Mr. Myron Pierce, pastor at Mission Church in Omaha, Nebraska, whose members are taking evangelism and discipleship seriously. They have 14 discipleship groups where people are discipling others. Consequently, many are catching the vision of unleashing unprecedented hope through a relationship with Jesus.

Native American Association

Intercede for Mr. Zane M. Williams, president, as he ministers to pastors and churches in the United States. Specifically, pray for godly wisdom in his leadership.

Ohio Valley District

Pray for God's perfect will to be accomplished in the business sessions and other meetings at the District Conference in Dayton, Ohio, April 16–18.

South Atlantic District

Pray for an anointed Great Commission Women's retreat, April 20–22.

Western Great Lakes District

Pray for the District Conference in Germantown, Wisconsin, April 16–18. May it be an excellent time of ministry and fellowship in conjunction with district business.

Western Pennsylvania District

Rev. Carl Smith, pastor at Fayette City Alliance Church, recently sustained a neck injury in a fall. He was life-flighted to Allegheny General Hospital and had emergency surgery, which went as hoped for. Carl is now on a ventilator in the hospital's trauma center. Intercede for complete healing and divine intervention in this serious situation.

Empowering Alliance Ministries

God is calling The Alliance to be part of His plan to complete His Great Commission. We are doing it together—your prayers and support help to reach people in every segment of society, demonstrating God's love and proclaiming the hope of the gospel in word and deed. Please pray that Alliance people will give generously to support the greatest cause on earth: making disciples of all nations. Also, ask the Lord for broad participation and for a generous response to the Great Commission Day Offering this May and June.

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