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November 12, 2018

Urgent Prayer Request: The Camp Fire

Ray Van Gilst, superintendent of the Central Pacific District, reports the following:

Having spent much of the day in Chico [Friday], we are a little overwhelmed—we have never seen the level of heartache and hopelessness we saw today. People wandering aimlessly, trying desperately to find out any news about homes and loved ones. Pastor Andrew Burchett said that he has never dealt with the level of grief in people that he has over the past couple of days.

The Paradise Alliance Church campus has survived! But almost no one in the church has a home or job to go back to. At least 8 families from Neighborhood Church of Chico have lost their homes as well, and part of the city had to evacuate, including Pastor Burchett and his family. There was even the possibility everyone would have to evacuate from the church, which is currently housing nearly 400 evacuees. Thankfully, for the moment, things have calmed down on the fire front facing the city of Chico.

Neighborhood Church of Chico is serving with excellence and has become the focal point of the community. Every time I see the news, they are broadcasting from our campus there. Hundreds of people are staying there, being fed there, and receiving medical care. They are pretty much maxed out with facilities and people.

Please pray God pours out His Holy Spirit like nothing we have ever seen. We know how He uses events for His glory and His purposes, and where there is great loss and suffering, there is also much room for Him to work.

Pray specifically

  • For the winds to die down and for swift containment of the fire
  • For those who have lost their homes and possessions, suffered injury, or lost loved ones
  • For the safety and protection of the firefighters battling the blaze


Lord, may Your unfailing love rest upon Your workers in Asia/Pacific as they put their hope in You. They will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before them and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Remind them that You, who called them into Your eternal glory, will restore them and make them strong, firm, and steadfast (Psalm 33:22; Isaiah 55:12; 1 Peter 5:10).


Pray for JP and Judy Schultz, who serve with Envision and are in the United States for meetings with this Alliance ministry. They will also speak at several churches and enjoy Christmas with family; pray for a refreshing time.

Intercede for Susan and Kelly, who will oversee the Bandung team’s ministries in the Schultzes’ absence. Pray for safety, wisdom, and energy. Both are in language school and involved in various ministries.

Lois Belsey, a Canadian C&MA colleague in Papua, praises God that a runway used for mission planes passed inspection and is now open. She requests prayer for a ministry trip November 12–28 to five villages. Pray especially for good weather and safe travel.


Pray for Alliance pastors and international works as they celebrate Thanksgiving this Friday, November 16. May it be a good time of fellowship.

Pray for an encouraging mission retreat November 23–25 in the outskirts of Tokyo. Pray that it will be a time of renewal and deepening relationships.

Thanks to all who prayed for Kelly, a pastor’s wife who had been diagnosed with a rare brain disease and was anticipating surgery. The brain surgeon determined that she doesn’t need the operation; this is a huge cause for praise. “We know that God touched Kelly,” field leaders Hazel and Don Schaefer write. Pray for a good follow-up visit with the doctor this week and continued good health.

Intercede for members of the new church plant in Ishinomaki as they gather for Bible studies twice monthly. Praise God for new visitors coming!

Pray for Alliance churches throughout Japan as they prepare for Christmas outreaches, including concerts, kids’ meetings, ladies’ teas, and other events. Pray that these gatherings will be a strong gospel witness. May hearts that are more tender to God during this season find peace and joy in Christ.

Europe/Middle East

God our King, great are You and most worthy of praise; Your greatness no one can fathom. Your workers in Europe/Middle East exalt You and praise Your name forever and ever. Every word of Yours is flawless; You are a shield to those who take refuge in You. Fill them with all joy and peace as they trust in You so they will overflow with hope by the power of Your Spirit (Psalm 145:3, 1; Proverbs 30:5; Romans 15:13).


Ben and Sarah Carey praise God for a wonderful outreach brunch last Saturday. “We had more 33 people, and we’re encouraged by their engagement and interactions, especially considering several of them were there for the first time,” the Careys write. “Pray with us that God’s Word will continue to work in their hearts.”


Pray for an international worker who is traveling to Greece this week to observe and participate in a project like hers. Her team is seeking to collaborate with a foundation, and the next three weeks at a site they supervise will be helpful.

Pray for Marilyn Westergren as she begins teaching a parenting class at the LIFE International School this month; the first session is November 17. This is a vital need for some of the parents whose children attend this Christian school. Praise God for blessing Marilyn with the wisdom and experience to teach and guide them; ask Him to give her sufficient time to prepare well.

God willing, retired international workers and former field leaders Raymond and Mary Ebbett will minister this weekend at the Alliance Bible Church in Hillsboro, Oregon, which partners with the Spain field. The following weekend, they will be at Woodinville (Washington) Alliance, the home church of the Spain field’s pastoral care couple, Robin and Marcia Hadfield. Pray for good health, anointed ministry, and safe travel.

Latin America

Lord, You are gracious, righteous, and full of compassion. Let the souls of Your workers in Latin America be at rest once more, for You have been good to them. Rescue them from the hands of their enemies and enable them to serve You without fear in holiness and righteousness before You all their days. As they sow in peace, help them raise a harvest of righteousness (Psalm 116:5, 7; Luke 1:74–75; James 3:18).

North and Central Asia

Father, Your workers in north and central Asia have sought Your face with all their hearts; be gracious to them according to Your promise. Thank You that You will bless them in all their harvest and in all the work of their hands, and their joy will be complete. They will go before the Lord to prepare the way for Him, to give people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins. Because of Your tender mercy, let the rising sun come to them from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and guide their feet into the path of peace (Psalm 119:58; Deuteronomy 16:15b; Luke 1:76–79).

Creative-Access Countries

God Most High, Your workers in creative-access countries give thanks to You and sing praise to Your name. You are their shield, for You save the upright in heart. They take refuge in You; deliver them from all who pursue them. Let their souls glorify You and their spirits rejoice in You. Remind them that You are with them and will watch over them wherever they go (Psalm 7:17, 10, 1; Genesis 28:15a).

Intercede for two workers experiencing severe back pain. Pray for their healing and strength, especially as they will be traveling frequently this month.

Pray for leaders of an Alliance church partner as they address some challenging situations, including damage from flooding at a camp and leadership crises at two churches. Ask God to give church leaders wisdom and provision in dealing with these problems.


Father, Your workers in Africa sing of Your ways, for Your glory is great. Though they walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve their lives. You will fulfill Your purpose for them; Your love, O Lord, endures forever. You will heal them, guide them, and restore comfort to them. Thank You that they who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint (Psalm 138:5, 7a, 8a; Isaiah 57:18; Isaiah 40:31).

Burkina Faso

Pray for a new church plant on the outskirts of Bobo-Dioulasso. Alliance women will be going door to door in the neighborhood, sharing their testimonies and inviting people to church. Pray for open doors to the gospel.

Intercede for Esther Schaeffer as she works with students at Maranatha High School. Pray for many opportunities to tell them about Jesus. Pray also for students arriving this week at Poundou Bible School. Nearly 200 men and women are enrolled for this year. Pray for them to fully engage in their studies.

Pray for two students at the school for the deaf who need surgery. Ask God to provide a way for Alliance workers to help in this situation.


An Alliance worker couple on staff at Bongolo Hospital request prayer for a physician they recently trained through the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons. He has begun working at a Christian mission hospital in another country, serving alongside a medical missionary team. In this nation of more than 10 million people where there are a little over a dozen surgeons, he may be the first to work in a rural location. Intercede for him and his wife as they adjust to their new life and seek a school for their young daughter. May God use this family to further the Kingdom!

West Africa

Praise God that CAMA received permission from authorities to begin a nutrition program in an informal settlement. “Praise the Lord for Alliance medical colleagues who are partnering with us in this ministry initiative,” a CAMA worker writes. Continue to pray for God’s anointing and blessing on this program.

Intercede for a worker as he travels to Côte d'Ivoire to visit communities that received relief funds from CAMA after massive flooding destroyed their homes and businesses. Pray for a good visit and that CAMA’s partnership with local Alliance colleagues will strengthen.

Praise the Lord that a ministry to young teenage domestic workers in a West African city is growing! It started last year with three girls and now has nine. The class meets at 9 p.m. when their work is done for the day and their employers allow them to participate. Pray for Mariam, who teaches the class, as she gets to know the girls and their employers.

Pray for an evangelistic outreach November 12–17 in a town where Alliance workers serve. Four evangelism teams will cover the entire town, showing the JESUS film nightly. Similar efforts last year saw a strong response. Intercede for God’s anointing and for lasting Kingdom impact.

Intercede for team members who are resuming ministries after their annual retreat. Pray that they will return refreshed and ready to serve.

Pray for regional, organizational, and team development leaders on an Alliance team in West Africa. Those in these three positions do much to serve the team and many others, and the responsibility weighs heavily on them. Pray for wisdom in all they do and for times of rest and refreshment from the Lord.

Continue to pray for language students, including those studying French or the local language. Ask God to encourage them and give them minds that are fresh and ready to absorb the language.

Rejoice that an OB/GYN practitioner who desires to join an Alliance team was recently accepted by Project MedSend, a ministry that funds qualified health-care professionals to serve in the mission field, which will help pay off her student loans. Pray that the remaining process for sending medical workers to language study in 2019 will go smoothly.

Pray for complete healing for two workers who are experiencing ongoing health issues.

United States

Lord our Rock, You are a loving God and our fortress, our stronghold and deliverer, our shield in whom we take refuge. Reveal to us the deep things of darkness and bring deep shadows into the light. You love us, have freed us from our sins by Your blood, and have made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve You—to You be glory and power forever and ever! (Psalm 144:2; Job 12:22; Revelation 1:5b–6).

Central District

Pray for Rev. Alan Brown and his wife, Phyllis, the ministry couple at Painesville (Ohio) Hispanic Church. They are traveling to Texas to visit Phyllis’s 94-year-old dad, George, and her stepmom, Ida. George’s health is failing, and neither of them are believers. Pray for their salvation and for George’s healing.

Pray for the team at Refugee Impact Collaborative, a ministry of local churches in Northeast Ohio, to have wisdom in how to help and comfort a girl at their house church who is experiencing a difficult family situation.

Every Thursday evening, Reclaim Church sponsors an outreach program at Parma (Ohio) High School, attracting great interest and participation from the students. Pray for many to find new life in Christ during these times. Pray also for Christmas outreach events at the school, which have been planned by the teens and kids at Reclaim Church.

Thanks to all who prayed for the Church Planters Basics Training last week. Participants sensed the Lord’s presence and guidance, and many walked away with clarity and a deeper heart for advancing the Kingdom.

Central Pacific District

Pray for those who have lost loved ones, homes, and possessions in the Camp Fire near Paradise, California. Rejoice that despite the massive devastation caused by the blaze, the Paradise Alliance Church is still standing. For more information, see the Urgent Prayer Request at the top of the prayer page.

MidAmerica District

Rejoice with members of Mission Church Village Two, a plant in Omaha, Nebraska. During their first Sunday morning service, eight people came forward for prayer, and five surrendered their lives to Jesus. Also, the mother of one church leader attended, received Christ, and is considering being baptized soon. Intercede for these new believers as they are discipled.

Native American Association

Pray for Zane Williams, president, as he ministers to pastors and churches throughout the United States. Pray specifically for godly wisdom in his leadership.

Northeastern District

Pray for a church-planting effort being planned for New York in or near Albany, the state capital. A planting couple is in the preparation process. Recently, Albany was rated as one of the least spiritually responsive cities in America.

Intercede for a church plant near Buffalo, New York, in a suburb with hundreds of thousands of people and few evangelical churches. Progress has been slow after a long period of core team formation and the initial launch this January. Ask for God’s blessing, anointing, and empowerment on this congregation and the core team as they seek to reach this large community with the good news.

Pray for a Greenhouse church-planting effort in a multiethnic community in the greater Binghamton, New York area. A planting couple has been on the ground building relationships since the first of this year. Plans are in the works for public services to begin in the next few months.

Ohio Valley District

Intercede for Rev. Ed Mangham, district superintendent, as he ministers to pastors and churches in Kentucky and Ohio. Pray for the district as it gives renewed focus to building a community of churches with a shared mission and values by creating opportunities for collaboration and relationship building.

Puerto Rico District

Intercede for Pastor Ricky Cruz, who will need surgery for an injured knee. Pray also for Pastor Javier Pérez, who will have disc surgery on his spine at the end of the month. Pray for successful procedures and a full recovery for both men.

Empowering Alliance Ministries

God is calling The Alliance to be part of His plan to complete His Great Commission. We are doing it together—your prayers and support help to reach people in every segment of society, demonstrating God’s love and proclaiming the hope of the gospel in word and deed. Please pray that Alliance people will give faithfully to support the greatest cause on earth: making disciples of all nations. Also, pray for a generous response to the Alliance Year-End Offering so that 60 new prepared, equipped workers can be sent to some of the least-reached corners of our world.

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