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August 13, 2017


O Lord our God, Your workers in Africa praise You with all their hearts; they glorify Your name forever. Give them a sign of Your goodness so their enemies will see it, for You have helped and comforted them. Let all these nations clap their hands and shout to You with cries of joy. How awesome are You, the Lord Most High, the great King over all the earth! (Psalm 86:12, 17; Psalm 47:1–2).

Burkina Faso

Pray for complete healing for international worker Maria Howard as she continues to recover from the effects of a motorcycle accident. Praise the Lord for the progress she has made.

Pray for the expansion project of the Tougan church clinic. Ask God to give wisdom to those overseeing the project and to provide what is needed.

Pray that the Lord will call workers to reach the deaf community in this nation.

Intercede for Andrew and Esther Schaeffer and their home assignment ministries. Pray that God will fill them with His Spirit and that they will be an encouragement to all they meet.

West Africa

Continue to pray that an international worker recovering from knee surgery will improve daily. Getting a good night's sleep has been particularly difficult; ask God for good rest.

Thanks to those who prayed for recent presidential elections in a West African country. Run-off elections were held August 12 between the incumbent and the second runner up. Pray that the results to be released on August 17 will not be disputed and that the situation will remain calm.

Intercede for students taking exams this week at an English center Alliance workers operate. Pray for the students to study and do well and for staff to enjoy their two-week break before registration begins the first week of September for the new term.

Praise God for a good response to a movie night at the English center last Friday. Although it was late, about 30 students stayed to discuss the film. Pray for lasting spiritual impact.

Intercede for students who recently completed an "Experiencing God" study. Pray that they will continue to reflect on what they have learned and desire to know Jesus.

Ask God to provide teachers at the English center for September–December 2018 and May–August 2019 when several teachers will be on home assignment.

Pray for Miss A and Miss K, new believers in a women's prison, and for the international worker visiting weekly to disciple them. The prison authorities have become more stringent in what this worker is permitted to do. She has helped to develop two projects that would enable the women to learn to sew and style hair so they can have gainful employment after their release. Pray for loosening of the prison's restrictions.

Intercede for five faithful participants of a study group that meets Tuesdays; ask the Holy Spirit to continue to work in their lives. Four are from the majority religion, and one is a Jesus follower. Recently, they had a lengthy discussion about various faith issues and made some amazing connections to the truth. Pray that these participants will continue to come to Spirit-led conclusions. Praise God for working in the hearts and lives of these men.

There is a legal dispute holding up development of an Alliance office building. Pray that this can be resolved quickly. International workers have also learned that the same person has brought legal complaints against several other church organizations.

Continue to pray for good rains so there will be a plentiful harvest this year.


Father, You are the God of Your workers in Asia/Pacific forever and ever; remind them that You will be their guide even to the end. Show them that You are a high priest who sympathizes with their weaknesses. Let them approach Your throne of grace with confidence, so that they will receive mercy and find grace to help them in their time of need (Psalm 48:14; Hebrews 4:15–16).


Continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones in the earthquake in Lombok, an island east of Bali. Pray for the Alliance mission to know how to respond and that the hearts of the local people there, long closed to the gospel, may be opened to knowing Jesus.

An Alliance worker couple is grateful for a rewarding month-long tour for coaches/players who traveled to various locations in the country teaching soccer skills and respect for girls. Their focus was schools, prisons, and impoverished communities. Ask for God's continued anointing on this sports ministry.

Intercede for an Alliance international worker and his family as they settle into a new location. Pray specifically for a smooth transition for the children. Intercede also for healing for the worker, who has suffered an infection and is undergoing tests.


School begins next week for the children of Alliance international workers. Please pray for new Alliance dorm parents and families. Also, pray for international workers who will live in rural areas of Taiwan to reach peoples with little access to the gospel. Pray for good adjustments for teachers and students.

Pray for the regional director couple, Tim and Vi Steinert, as they visit Taiwan soon. Pray for meaningful, helpful communications with all International Ministries personnel.

Europe/Middle East

Lord, You sit enthroned as King forever. Give strength to Your workers in Europe/Middle East and bless them with peace. Let them share in Your Son, Jesus Christ, as they hold firmly till the end the confidence they had at first. For their sake do not keep silent, do not remain quiet, till their righteousness shines out like the dawn, their salvation like a blazing torch (Psalm 29:10–11; Hebrews 3:14; Isaiah 62:1).


Rejoice for progress in outreaches to northern Bosnia! Pray for Rosie and Micki, a young couple in a border town with no gospel witness, who are open to visits and conversations about spiritual matters. Pray that they will soon trust in Jesus and open their home for Bible study.

Pray for God's favor for Petula, an international worker who has applied for a permanent residency permit. She will submit the paperwork on Monday and hopes to receive an answer in the next few months.


International worker Beth Lund has been assigned a ministry to utilize her gifts in administrative work and research for Alliance diaspora leaders. She is on staff at the International Church of Barcelona, heading up ICB Cares, one of the compassion ministries of this dynamic, growing church. Pray for her as she moves into the city and assumes these roles.

An Envision intern from Canada, R.S., will move to Terrassa to join the team there on August 17. Pray for a smooth incorporation of this new member.

Elijah and Shannon Layfield and José and Sonia Martinez await their initial residency visas. The Layfields hope to arrive by the end of the month and the Martinezes in early September—both have housing options available. Please pray for visas to come in the mail soon and contracts to be signed on arrival.

Latin America

Father, remind Your workers in Latin America that Your salvation is near them, so Your glory may dwell in their land. Revive them again that they will rejoice in You. Guide them always; satisfy their needs in a sun-scorched land and strengthen their frame, so they will be like well-watered gardens, like springs whose waters never fail (Psalm 85:9, 6; Isaiah 58:11).

North and Central Asia

Lord, You are the strength of Your workers in north and central Asia, a fortress of salvation for Your anointed ones. Save them, bless them, be their shepherd, and carry them forever. As You have compassion on them, guide them and lead them beside springs of water. Let them rejoice in the hope of Your glory (Psalm 29:8–9; Isaiah 49:10; Romans 5:2b).

Creative-Access Countries

God, Your workers in creative-access countries give thanks, for Your name is near. They tell of Your wonderful deeds. Let them be encouraged in heart and united in love, so they will have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that more people in their nations will know the mystery of You, namely, Your Son, Jesus Christ (Psalm 75:1; Colossians 2:2).

Pray for an Envision intern as she seeks ministry opportunities in a new city during her final months with an Alliance team. She is planning English movie nights to build friendships and is praying for opportunities for one-on-one discipleship with girls in the local church.

Intercede for outreaches to internally displaced people (IDPs), especially food distribution and clothing giveaways. Last month over 3,000 pounds of used clothing and shoes were given to IDPs and other folks in need. Pray that their spiritual needs will also be met and that they will develop a hunger for a relationship with the God who loves them.

United States

O Shepherd of Israel, You who lead us like a flock and sit enthroned between the cherubim, shine forth. Awaken Your might and save us. Remind us that You reached down from on high and took hold of us; You drew us out of deep waters. We shout for joy and burst into song, for You comfort us and have compassion on Your afflicted ones (Psalm 80:1–2; Psalm 18:16; Isaiah 49:13).

Church Ministries

Intercede for Resonate, a conference for new official workers, August 13–16 in Colorado Springs. Pray for safe travel for the 170 workers attending. May their time at this event give them a better understanding of what it means to be a part of The Alliance—a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family.

Alliance Northwest

Restore Church, in Poulsbo, Washington, led by Rev. Jim Walter, finally has a facility for Sunday services. The church now meets in the new location that members have been renovating. This is a major answer to prayer almost a year after their search began.

Association of African-American Pastors

Pray for Kelvin Walker, president, as he ministers to pastors and churches in the United States. Specifically, pray for godly wisdom in his leadership.

Central Pacific District

Intercede for Rev. J. Spurling, pastor at Kapahulu Bible Church in Hawaii. Pray for God's favor and blessing on the congregation and that He will lead the church to become a Body known for its focus on discipling, equipping, and commissioning.

MidAmerica District

Intercede for Citylight Kansas City Church, a new plant that is being a light to its community. Pray for Rev. Jason Wilson and Eric Carpenter, lead pastors, as they connect with new people and meet with new church leaders to facilitate the plant.

Midwest District

Intercede for Rev. Jon Rich, district superintendent, as he ministers to pastors and churches in Illinois and Indiana. The district desires to plant up to three new expressions of the church in the district, with the goal of at least one non-Anglo congregation—please pray!

Western Great Lakes District

Rejoice that two women accepted Christ and seven people were baptized at Plymouth (Wisconsin) Alliance Church. Pray for their ongoing discipleship.

Empowering Alliance Ministries

Your prayers are making a difference in our world today! In addition, support of Alliance workers worldwide equips our global family to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who are longing for the love and mercy only Jesus can provide. Please pray for a spirit of generosity among Alliance people so these vital ministries can strengthen and expand.

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