Nathaniel Robert Ziemer

Vietnam, 1947-1968

Nathaniel Robert Ziemer born September 26, 1918, in Mansfield, Ohio, was a son of the manse. He had the wonderful heritage of a deeply spiritual home and the wise counsel, training and prayers of godly parents. His father, the late Rev. L. H. Ziemer, was one of the leading theologians and preachers of his day.

Bob was converted as a child. During his senior year in high school he sensed a deep longing for the fullness of the Holy Spirit. One night he awakened his parents and together they prayed, an experience he marked as one of the most significant in his life.

During his junior year at Asbury College he answered the call to serve the Lord overseas, saying an eternal yes to the will of God. Shortly afterwards he was miraculously saved from drowning and this confirmed his call. Later he learned that his parents had dedicated him to the Lord for missionary service in their prayers even before he was born.

Bob graduated from Asbury College in 1940 and then went to Nyack College for missionary training.

Nathaniel Robert ZiemerOn June 30, 1943, he was married to Marie Ford and three years later, after pastoring two Alliance churches, they began to serve the tribes-people in Vietnam. In addition to Bob’s teaching ministry in the Banmethuot Bible school his outstanding contribution was pioneering the translation of the New Testament into Raday. This was completed and printed in 1965.

Bob was killed January 31, 1968 when the Viet Cong attacked Banmethuot. This “Tet Massacre” also claimed the lives of five other missionaries and injured his wife in the raid.

Bob and Marie had three children together: Timothy, Beth, and Miriam.

Taken in part from The Alliance Witness — March 13, 1968, and other C&MA resources.


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